By Norman Blackburn 870575
#182096 The servers and their IPs can change over time.

Below you will see a snippet of code. You can either save it all as sb3.reg and then run this file once only (it can be saved anywhere on your SB3 machine) or you can simply enter in one of the IP addresses manually.

Note that the latest version is always available at

Code: Select all[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Level 27 Technologies\SquawkBox\3\Networks\VATSIM]
"Description0"="Center Europe Server"
"Description1"="Center Europe Server Two"
"Description2"="Center West Europe Server2 "
"Description3"="CenterEast Europe Server - sponsored by VACC-CZ"
"Description6"="USA East"
"Description7"="USA North"
"Description8"="West USA"

Updated 01 DEC 2013