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Take a deep dive behind the scenes of VATSIM with the VATSIM Development Team! From important developer news and updates, to an in-depth look into what's under the hood, we're inviting you to get the inside scoop from our Development Team.

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VATSIM Tech Blog, Q1 2021

Continuing Tech Blogs Q1 2021 Continuing with our desire to utilize the technical team blogs more, we have some updates to give regarding our services and upcoming network changes. As we look forward to 2021, and back over the first quarter of the year, we have many exciting things coming, and many old services that are being retired to make way for the future of VATSIM technology!   Infrastructure We have refreshed our load balancing layer to give us better insight into traf


VATSIM in Tech blog

VATSIM Tech Blog, Q4 2020

Welcome back to the re-ignited Technical Team Posts This is a long-overdue posting, and we will be aiming to do this more regularly as things go forward into 2021!  There are many exciting plans for the network. We hope that by writing these posts, we can be more transparent with the network's membership about what has happened, what is currently happening, and where we can say what will be happening! We’ll split these posts out into secti


VATSIM in Tech blog

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