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  2. VATCA would like to invite all pilots to come join us on June 22nd for our crossfire between MROC, San Jose Cosa Rica and MHTG, Toncontin Honduras. This event will take place from 22:00z until 01:00z. Our division will have Central America fully staffed so that we can all have a great time! This crossfire includes various challenges such as: weather, short runways and high terrain in both of our airports. We hope to see you on June 22nd!
  3. Join us during our weekend event from the metropolitian city of Surabaya to the beautiful getaway destination in the Komodo with challenging approach featuring Captain Vincent Raditya. Event Detail : Departure WARR (Juanda Surabaya International Airport) Arrival WATO (Labuan Bajo Komodo International Airport) Time : 08.00z-11.00z Route : ENTAS W34 AGUNG HUMAI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV0fVPVgUsM&list=PLZqWrJZ85_4GrfO1UEMIr9gc43F2152O0&index=106 The approach in Labuan Bajo is notoriusly known for the "nose dive" manuever during final so be aware! Labuan Bajo Scenery https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/55380-wato-komodo-airport/ Scenery for X Plane Users http://flightsimindonesia.blogspot.com/2018/12/komodo-labuan-bajo-wato.html Scenery for P3D/FSX Surabaya Juanda International http://www.bdoaviation.com/ Scenery for FS9/FSX/P3D https://gateway.x-plane.com/scenery/page/WARR Scenery for X Plane Users
  4. This is for feedback, if I'm wrong I want ta make corrections... but I do feel the extended vectors was a attempt to get me to disconnect again this time I keep flying and realize now looking back I had hit , instead of . for the wallop. Btw the screenshot was at 5000 I had a lot better visibility before I descended in the haze. I will go look for the ARTCC website.
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  6. I understand this, but not sure posting a post like this on the forums is beneficial to any party. Instead, try submitting feedback at the facility (Division/vACC/ARTCC) where this happened, and they'll be able to deal with this in an appropriate way.
  7. Just had a look at mine again, and it looks like forward slashes are the way to go.
  8. Thank You Tom, The version I installed was a Beta ver. ………I will uninstall that version and reinstall with Alpha version 1.3.14 and see what happens. With all of xplane and xPilot updates going it is difficult for me to understand which xPilot version goes with the latest xplane update. I will report back later. Also, would anybody know if the CSL paths are suppose to be forward slash like the picture above? When I look at the xPilot documents the example they are shown as back slashes. I not sure what I have is correct. If someone could tell me if this okay I would appreciate it. As always, Thank you
  9. Right, so I didn't pay attention to this for a while, but still, with the auto-generated model-matching by vPilot, using FLAI, SHT, EJU and EJZ aircraft show as plain white, not their correct BA or EZY livery. Swift does do this correctly though...
  10. Hi there, Today I had to reinstall vPilot due to sound issues. I was already running 2.5.2 with the FLAI package for displaying traffic. This combination has worked in a stable manner for a very long time, but since the reinstall I get extremely low fps even when there are just a few aircraft around me. I have installed Swift as a test, and using the exact same models by FLAI, I do not see the same fps drop down to single digits from 20 average. What can be the cause of this fps drop? Thanks in advance! Renzo
  11. Hi Edward, Though I can't answer your second question (I'm guessing you mean that the uninstaller in AppData\Local\xPilot isn't removing all of the files), I believe only the Alpha version (1.3.14 right now) supports X-Plane 11.50 with full functionality. You can download it on the xPilot website, selecting the "Alpha" branch under the download button. Regarding your CSL paths, they look good to me! Those are how I have mine setup and I have no issues with those. If you're using an older version of xPilot with XP11.50 then you won't be able to see any aircraft other than yourself due to a change of the way that aircraft are injected into the simulator in the new X-Plane version, and the way the older versions of xPilot do this is not supported from XP11.50.
  12. Hi Maks, You can find all of your stats in the VATSIM Statistics Centre. Go to your profile, and you'll be able to see a summary of your hours. For a more detailed view, scroll all to the bottom where it will show you when and on what callsign you gained those hours.
  13. Like with all the CSL questions before, I am having issues with not seeing aircraft and their labels on Vatsim using xPilot version and Xplane 11.50 beta 9. I am getting full voice with ATC so audio is fine. I have used xPilot before in Xplane 11.41 and worked fine. I decided to wait until now to install it for 11.50 beta 9 My first question is Xplane 11.50 b9 compatible with ver. and do I have the correct path for xPilot to see my Bluebird CSL's? My second question is: does the xPilot program have a uninstall feature that completely removes ALL the files in xPilot ? I have removed and installed your program a few times in troubleshooting my problem and it does not appear to remove all the files. Attached are two screenshots. One of xPilot CSL Path when first loaded and one of where my CSL's are located on my computer. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you for a wonderful product. Thank you for a wonderful product. Ed
  14. My VACC require at least 30h spent as an observer to become an ATC. How to check the spent time or I have to count it myself?
  15. This is an unrelated issue happening on all servers. The tech team is working hard to figure out the cause but it's not one that seems to have any rhyme or reason to it, thus making it a bit more difficult to solve.
  16. good I have problems with the new update of xplane 11.5 b that I do not hear the ocntroladores nor I see the airplanes on line
  17. Details on Cross the Ditch 18 are available in this forum and at the Cross the Ditch 18 website. If you're flying for Virtual United Airlines (or any other VA), make sure to mention them when you book your flights so that your support will show up in the Virtual Airline Leaderboard. Look forward to seeing you all on the day: we've got a great series of flights lined up for this edition of the event.
  18. Cross the Ditch 18 is just over two weeks away! Check out the details at the official Cross the Ditch website Apply to provide ATC Book your Flights now! View the Full Event Schedule Check out the Virtual Airline Leaderboard Grab the recommended add-on scenery for each of the event airports Get the official promotional material and promote Cross the Ditch within your community/organisation/contact list! Pilots: Bookings are running ahead of where they usually are at this point in the lead up to a Cross the Ditch, so it looks like we're on track for a record turn-out. Move quickly to book your flights and make sure you get slots that suit your plans. Your bookings help us better allocate ATC and as a reminder, they also ensure that you'll receive all of the briefing material for your intended flights in the days before the event. ATC: The initial cut of ATC Roster will be getting drawn up next weekend so please be sure to apply to provide ATC as soon as you can. We try to cater to everyone's preferences as best we can, but all else being equal, the early applicants will get first preference. Mark your calendars, book your flights, and join us as we celebrate the shortest day of the longest year by taking to the skies to CROSS THE DITCH!
  19. The initial installation doesn't ask if I want to save settings. I've used swiftDATA several times now. Upon opening, it shows 0 in the Active Set, and 7000+ in stored. I copy the stored to Own Model Set, it then shows the same number as stored, and save it. Exit the program, open it again, and it's back to 0 in Active.
  20. Knock Knock! Do you want to test your flying skills in IFR or VFR? Come and join us in another CPT in VATAdria Region. This time Dominic will attempt to earn his S2 rating at Sarajevo (LQSA). Fly visual departure from runway 11, visual approach to runway 29, and have some fun while supporting Dominic in his S2 attempt. CPT will start at 18z and will last until 20z. Scenery & Charts
  21. Welcome to the network! You need something called "Model Matching" where the pilot client will be able to recognise what airline a certain aircraft is, and then place a livery from your files onto it. I'd recommend FLAi, which can be found here. They have a brilliant installation guide which can be found here. If you want to play about with your model matching rules or get an explanation as to how this work, checkout the vPilot documentation.
  22. Hello all, I am new to VATSIM and have downloaded vPILOT for FSX Steam Edition, i am able to connect to the network and connect to the ATC and hear the ATC correspondence, however I am not able to see other online traffic, they all appear as default A321s in blank livery. I am also seeing the default FSX aircraft in the default liveries (Orbit, pacifica etc). Is there a way that i can disable this so i can see the other VATSIM users correctly? Thank you
  23. the last version work good but fps disconect every time now, i dont understand why because the was not so big problem earlie
  24. VHF signal degradation! See the AFV guide here (section 5.3.2) that explains it, and section 5.3.3 gives you some scenarios and explains them using nice diagrams and graphics.
  25. In the UK AIP (ENR1.6, the conspicuity codes are defined as such; *7000 – VFR conspicuity code: when operating within United Kingdom airspace in accordance with VFR and have not received a specific instruction from ATS concerning the setting of the transponder. *2000 – IFR conspicuity code: when operating within United Kingdom airspace in accordance with IFR and have not received a specific instruction from ATS concerning the setting of the transponder. The UK differentiates between the conspicuity codes (something which, as far as I am aware, wasn't the case before February this year). The new revision of CAP413 (Radio Telephony Manual; effective 8th June 2020) includes a change to the phraseology too for leaving controlled airspace. Old: "BAW123, squawk 7000" New: "BAW123, squawk conspicuity" I think that with the changes, especially that the UK now differentiates between the two, then it is unfair to say that it shouldn't be used especially if we have the chance to simulate slightly more realism, without any difficulty whatsoever.
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