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  2. Additional information: ************** Text of exception ************** System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Cannot find module. (Uitzondering van HRESULT: 0x8007007E) at NAudio.CoreAudioApi.Interfaces.IAudioClient.GetMixFormat(IntPtr& deviceFormatPointer) at NAudio.CoreAudioApi.AudioClient.get_MixFormat() at NAudio.Wave.WasapiOut..ctor(MMDevice device, AudioClientShareMode shareMode, Boolean useEventSync, Int32 latency) at GeoVR.Client.Output.Start(String outputDevice, ISampleProvider sampleProvider) at GeoVR.Client.UserClient.Start(String inputAudioDevice, Strin
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  4. Hi, where exactly did you install your BB CSL ? Did you do it according to our suggestions? https://docs.swift-project.org/doku.php?id=xplane_models#recommended_installation_practices How did you build your "Active Model Set"? Through swiftData (Mapping Editor) as described in the tutorial video linked above?
  5. Hey everyone, so just to confirm: I have not received a mail about any CPT bookings and the CPT website under bookings doesn't list any booking for me, which means that I did not get a slot? Correct? If that is the case, I am truly stunned because last time it was said that those who participated during the last lotteries will get preferential treatment during selection. This is like - I think - the third time that I try to get lucky and - with all due respect to those organizing these events - it makes it harder to stick to the request of not participating. To be clear, I di
  6. Hello!! Before when I pass my message trought the mic, I can hear immedialtely right after the '' voice radio effect ''; but now I can hear this special sound just when others are talking or when the ATC speaks to me is it normal ? ... so I can't hear this '' effect '' while I m talking .. I try to see my setting and this '' radio effect '' is ON ! Any advice ?? Tks a lot
  7. I downloaded Swift on my Mac for X-Plane and installed BB CSL. It works great but some planes I can’t see particularly A333? any ideas why I don’t see the A333? I did verify that I have the BB CSL.
  8. Have You Ever Flown the most Famous route VNKT-ZUUU\ZUUU-VNKT? If not it's your opportunity to Fly online with VATSIM in the event "Swagatam China" hosted by VATSIM Nepal vACC & VATPRC. Choose your route between VNKT-ZUUU OR ZUUU-VNKT and enjoy the event! ZUUU Charts & Scenery [VATPRC-Pilot Center] (Needs login via VATSIM Connect) - VNKT Charts & Scenery Charts: Click Here OR AIP - Click Here! Scenery -Click Here! To Stay Tuned about Event, Join the Nepal vACC Discord Server Now! Date: 21st May 2021 Time: 12:00z-16:00z ATC & Flight Booking: Book Now!
  9. Picked up the briefing guides for my booking (LIMC-KORD) and they are impressive. In the past, we were able to access all event briefing guides, which provide a wealth of info for future flights. You might consider re-instituting this practice. Many thanks for your efforts.
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  11. Hello Miguel! is there a possibility to test your plugin? I have the same problem when using X-plane with the euroscope FsdServer since it is only intended for FSX. From already thank you very much
  12. Thanks very much!! I will try that tonight. Really appreciate your help.
  13. They get assigned by standard, but most likely pilots will be vectored off them at an early-stage to shorten their way to final approach. During events you can expect to follow transitions for a bit longer.
  14. It seems like swift is your only option for use with Metal. The symptom that you have described looks like the xsquawkbox plugin is still active in X-Plane's Plugins directory. Move it out of there or deactivate it through xOrganizer. Deactivating it through X-Plane's built-in Plugins Manager is not sufficient. https://docs.swift-project.org/doku.php?id=xplane_gear_always_up_animations_not_working If this does not resolve your problem, make sure you build your "Active Model Set" correctly:
  15. XSquawkBox is not currently compatible with Metal. You need to use OpenGL rendering to see other aircraft. If you don't currently have any CSL packages like @Mats Edvin Aaro referred to (the aircraft models that appear for other users' aircraft), the Bluebell package is available on the X-Plane.org forum.
  16. Hi Mats, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I only have a Mac and not PC. xPilot only operates on PC from what I can see. So is my only option swift? I have great trouble understanding the Swift GUI and installing it! Do you have any advice regarding installation of swift? Also where do I download Bluebell csl?
  17. Because people still want to know where center controllers are located. That's right, hence my question.
  18. VATSIM West Asia Division is seeking potential candidates for the following position: India vACC Director [ACCIND1] Position Duties The following duties are a summarized description of the position which may be limited to the following. Overseas the day to day operations of the vACC. Overseas all vACC departments and ensures smooth operations. Appoints staff members according to the vACC Staff Structure. Reviews monitors and develops vACC Policies for the vACC. Conducts and reports a vACC Quarterly Report for the Division. Other duties assigned b
  19. Yes.. So why ask about center controllers? Obviously you would not look up a center position in an airport DB?
  20. P3D v4.5 - PMDG B737-800NGXu
  21. You need to install model matching (Bluebell CSL). If I were to give you some advice, download the xPilot pilot client instead. During the setup, it will automatically install the model matching for you. Additionally it has a new EQ upgrade and a much nicer GUI.
  22. I am a Mac user, X-Plane (metal) and can’t see any live traffic when logged onto Vatsim using xSquawkBox. I tried Swift but I only see tail labels and no actual physical planes. can anyone help? thanks
  23. The visual center of the polygon? This thread is about controller location being missing from the data feed. The data feed does not include polygons. The answer to that question varies by application. Just one example would be an application that shows a list of nearby controllers, as the OP mentioned. Having some sort of location reference in the data feed would be helpful here, so that applications wouldn't have to also consume some other data source such as the VAT-Spy data or the transceiver data. Since we're using JSON now, it would be great if an array of vis cente
  24. What simulator, what aircraft? Next time it happens, take note of the approximate range. In vPilot, type ".aircraft" and look for an aircraft matching that range.
  25. In Qutescoop the label-position is provided directly, no calculation needed: LON_N:London ACC(North):GB:53.4:-1:902
  26. Anyone else experiencing TCAS in your aircraft going off with a Traffic warning and a -99 return coming up? It's happening every 15/20 minutes recently.
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