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  2. I had to move Prepar3d 5 to a new computer. Before I did, I copied the FLAI folder which was in my appdata/roaming folder onto a thumbdrive. In the new computer, I transferred the FLAI folder onto my new computer into my appdata/roaming folder. Then I also added the FLAi_Model_Matching.vmr into documents/vPilot files/FLAI. The problem is, vpilot is not recognizing the models, even though I add FLAi_Model_Matching.vmr to Custom rules in vpilot. Is there any way I can use that on my new computer in P3D 5? If it is permissible, can anyone give me some advice?
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  4. India vACC presents another Friday Night Live event on 29th of January 2021. We welcome you all to join this weekly event and fly between "Mini India" (Delhi, VIDP) and the commercial capital of India (Mumbai, VABB). If COVID-19 has cancelled you plans to visit Delhi or Mumbai, we have kept you covered. Feel free to pilot an aircraft between Mumbai (VABB) and Delhi(VIDP) or vice versa (Bi Directional Event) Event Date: 29-01-2021 Event Time: 1330Z-1530Z ATC Service will be available during the above mentioned time period Scenery: VIDP: https://library.avsi
  5. If I fly trans Atlantic and ATC is online, is the use of Nattrack expected or was that only in use for the CTP event ? Andrew
  6. Hello all and happy new year! I updated yesterday and I encountered an issue. Xpilot is not receiving audio from my microphone which is connected to my external sound card. It was working perfectly fine until I updated. Microphone is working properly to all other apps and windows system, it's been recognised and there is a solid signal . Only happens in xpilot. Output is working on my xpilot . I can hear the radio but my mic is not going through. Restarted several times , nothing. Any help appreciated. Thank you!~
  7. Steven don't forget everyone here are volunteers and do addons etc for free in their own time. The MSFS SDK is still not fit for purpose so thats another reason things take time.
  8. It takes about 24 hours for new additions/resets etc to circulate around the network as has been mentioned many times before.
  9. Did you wait 24 hours after changing your password? Which server are you trying to connect to? Maybe try a different one? Sometimes the password contains characters that are hard to recognize (lower-case "L" vs upper-case "i" for example). Try a copy and paste but make sure to exclude the whitespace...
  10. I am using FSX: Steam edition for the moment. I have XPlane and MSFS but I need to learn how to use them. I also have FS9 on a PC that is giving me problems.
  11. Short answer - yes! On VATSIM we have Topdown controlling, so a controlled airport should be controlled by CTR. However, uncontrolled airports might not. There you monitor and announce your intentions on Unicom. When airborne AND about to enter controlled airpace you contact CTR for clearence to enter controlled airspace. If you remain in uncontrolled airspace (class G) there is no need to contact CTR at all, unless you want flight following. regards
  12. Hi I tried this morning and it worked... didnt changed anything... maybe there is a time to have the VATSIM account validated? Thanks for your help anyway! Brgds
  13. Hi Adhiraj, I think you should post this in Support> ATC Software, may they can help you there?
  14. Can I contact CTR control if my towered airport is offline and I want ATC to another airport.
  15. Published on the #VATSIMEVENTS calendar and myVATSIM. https://www.vatsim.net/events/perú-and-bolivia´s-vatsim-event-inca´s-path
  16. Hello, Throughout my past few ATC sessions, my standalone AfV client has randomly gotten stuck in a reconnecting loop after about 20 minutes of use. Restarting AfV does nothing, nor does reconnecting on my client. I have tried re-installing AfV and even rebooting my PC, and nothing works to fix it. Does anyone have any solutions to this?
  17. I've waited 24 hours, I took the orientation exam, and I have typed out both my CID and Password accurately. Ive even changed my password twice. Yet I'm continuously getting an invalid CID/Password error. Are there any settings that I am neglecting to check? WHat am i doing incorrectly? please help
  18. The Canadian Xpress® USA Capitals Tour consists of 50 legs that must be flown in alphabetical order from Alabama to Wyoming where you will explore the capital cities of the 50 United States of America. The USA Capitals tour is a 50,000 nautical miles journey where you will visit airports with runways as short as 2,500 ft and legs that consist of distances as far as 3,900 nautical miles requiring you to carefully choose the aircraft you will fly and the amount of fuel to take on board. Join Canadian Xpress today by visiting http://CanadianXpress.ca and fly the USA Capitals Tour!
  19. Great stuff thanks for clearing that up! I’ll have a bit of a study of that chart tomorrow to get my head around it. Cheers for the help Cathal! Seamus
  20. Good! Yeah, it was a bit crazy tonight for sure. Weston (EIWT) is its own airfield with its own TWR controller as you know. This means that the only controllers that will control aircraft in it are EIDW_X_CTR or EIWT_TWR. If you were to fly out you wouldn't need to contact EIDW_TWR/GND etc. as they have their own airspace, but as you seem to point at, if you needed to enter the zone you would call EIDW_TWR. Similarly, if you were doing circuits at Weston there is no need to call EIDW_TWR if they are the only ones online providing you stay clear of the Dublin zone. This is a good
  21. Hi Cathal, what’re the chances haha!! Thanks very much! I never usually flew VFR on vatsim until I got MSFS but now since the scenery is 1:1 I’m getting really into it for practice but I’m not all that confident yet. I was just confused with so many services online I didn’t know who was most appropriate to tune into first and with a busy event on I didn’t want to be pestering controllers over chat lol. Had a few enjoyable flights thereafter! Thanks! Just one question, say if Dublin tower control was the only one online, or GND even, and no other controllers were online i
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  23. If you are having issues with vPilot in FS2020 I would recommend posting in the vPilot section of the forum with a detailed description why you cannot use it - in English please!
  24. Hi Seamus, I just happened to see your post and recognised you from flying out earlier. In the Dublin TMA, all airports are covered top-down by one of the Dublin Control sectors (EIDW_X_CTR). These can come online/offline every 30 minutes so it is confusing to keep up with. You can PM one of the controllers or call on voice to ask or double-check, voice is probably better. In this particular case, Weston is covered top-down for circuits as you asked, however, in an event controllers might be too busy to offer anything other than an "advisory" service. TL;DR Always best to ask b
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