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  2. Google how to run as administrator for at least two options of how to do it....
  3. Hello. For a couple of days now, I am disconnected from any server with the following messages: > [10:45:59] Connected to voice server. > [10:46:09] Network error: The server has failed to respond to the authentication challenge. > [10:46:09] Disconnected from network. > [10:46:09] Disconnected from voice server. Can someone help me to resolve this ? 🤔
  4. i have the same problem with altitude display
  5. one more question: since my sim is of semi-professional use, I need a fall back concept. When I backup the directory "xPilot" inside X-Plane 11 and the directory "Ressources/Plugins/xPilot" and put them back in case my attempt to update fails, will it work ? copy//paste ?
  6. thank you very much for this information. As my two computers don´t have a fixed IP in the network, I guess I have to get this done first. The reason why any later version past 27 does not connect with XP11 (only on the master) is the wrong plugin port ? correct ? OK, will fix this the config line "UseTcpSocket" does not exist in older versions, for example 27, correct ? referring 3) all these settings are made only at the xPilot on my master, xPilot on the slave will not be turned on, it is just installed and properly configurated, correct?? Thank you for taking time to help me
  7. I do not see any effect on command .simip. Except with .simip set to real ip xpilot did not connect with x-plane...
  8. Hi, For KZAK, we're working on a small script that fetches the current SIGMETs and creates a new XML map depicting applicable SIGMETs; the idea being that a controller working that airspace would run the script before launching vatSys. We've got it working as described, but one issue is that SIGMETs might expire during a controller's session. A few questions: Am I right that maps are loaded only at startup, so any changes to the XML while vatSys is running would have no effect? This seems to be the case from my testing. Is there any way to edit the maps via the plugin interface? I looked through the code of the example plugins I could find but they seemed limited customizing data labels and other scope elements, not the base maps. Thanks!
  9. Hello and welcome to VATSIM! My suggestion would be that once you have decided which simulator you wish to use, you might consider having a look at the list of VATSIM Authorised Training Organisations (ATOs) which can be found at https://my.vatsim.net/pilots/atos These are organisations approved to provide training toward the VATSIM Pilot Ratings. It is not required to hold a rating (other than to complete the New Member Orientation Course, as Alistair says) to fly on the network, but I would recommend them to anybody in your position. The first rating, the PPL, is structured along the lines of the real-world Private Pilot Licence syllabus and covers the fundamentals of flying, visual navigation and how this fits in with VATSIM and Air Traffic Control, which would be an excellent place to start -- in many respects, being completely fresh to aviation and flight simulation is a great advantage in this regard because you will not come to the course with any 'baggage' or bad habits. Training toward the VATSIM pilot rating is completely free; all that is required is your time and dedication to the cause. As you will discover, aviation is an enormous topic and there is a lot to learn, but the basics can be picked up relatively quickly. One thing which I think is worth pointing out that I think perhaps people who are not familiar with aviation don't necessarily recognise is that there is significant variance in procedures and regulations from country to country (and, indeed, even different airfields within a country can have different procedures) and this is reflected on VATSIM. With that in mind, my advice to all new VATSIM pilots is to pick a 'base' and stick to that area to start with because although it can be tempting to 'jump' around the world looking for ATC, for instance, this can very quickly lead to confusion if you don't fully understand the principles to start with. So start with the basics, get comfortable with how things work in one place, then gradually start expanding. Nobody in history has yet 'completed' aviation, there is always somebody who is more experienced/knowledgeable/has expertise in a particular area or subject and a good pilot is always looking to learn and improve no matter how experienced or qualfied, so welcome to the start of your journey and I look forward to seeing you in the virtual skies as you continue along that journey -- and hopefully to your real-world licence as well!
  10. ....or at least do your training online in a light aircraft (C152, C172 and similar) at a small back-country airfield where it is unlikely that you will encounter much or any traffic.
  12. And once you can fly the plane or planes of your choice, VATSIM requires that you study the New Member Orientation Course then pass the test. After that, you can fly on VATSIM
  13. Hi, I am using X Plane with XP Noaa weather. I found out that the Metar provided by XP Noaa weather is most of the time 1 or 2 hours older then the when used by VATSIM (which is very close to the current time). For example if I select NOAA as a source for the metar at 7.00 PM I am getting following metar recorded at 1500Z which is 4 hours late and 1-2 hours late compared t what Vatsim is using... But if I select VATSIM I am getting a metar recorded at 1730z which is same or close to what VATSIM is using. any idea why when I select NOAA I am getting a metar which is 4 hours old compared to the current time but when I select VATSIM I am getting a metar which is 1,5 hour old... Thanks!!
  14. Not currently. I plan to support it with vatSysServer
  15. Hello Mike If you're a total beginner, who doesn't even know how to fly a plane, then my advise is simply - Don't connect to VATSIM. Vatsim is not a training platform for you to learn basic flying skills. As you're aware of, these are a prerequisite for connecting to the network for a reason. How to handle to planes in your sim - there are tonnes of info on the internet (and in the simulators themselfes). Use some months to learn to handle you plane - then you can consider connecting to VATSIM.
  16. If you enable debug logging in the xPilot plugin settings, xPilot will log the CSL model matching results to the X-Plane log.txt file. Enable debug logging (then restart X-Plane before flying) and upload the log after your next flight if you're still experiencing anomalies with AAL aircraft. Details on how to enable debugging logging can be found here: https://beta.xpilot-project.org/#/xplane?id=advanced-options You can read about how the CSL model matching algorithm works here (this is the library that xPilot uses to render VATSIM traffic): https://twinfan.github.io/XPMP2/Matching.html
  17. Nader Moniri

    CSL issue

    I've had the bluebell package installed for a while now (XP11) and notice that AAL aircraft are almost always displaying the incorrect livery, Finnair, Iran Air, Concord, Avianca, all kinds of carriers except AAL. Any advice on what may be going on?
  18. Last week
  19. You should only have one instance of the xPilot client running and connected to the network. Each X-Plane machine must have the same version of xPilot installed. Try these steps: Upgrade to the latest version (beta 39 as of writing) on each of your X-Plane machines. You'll need to launch X-Plane and load a flight to update the configuration file in preparation for the next step. On each your X-Plane machines (including the master), edit the xPilot plugin configuration file to enable xPilot to work over a network (X-Plane must be closed before making this change). Locate the xPilot plugin configuration file and open it in a text editor (X-Plane/Resources/plugins/xPilot/Resources/Config.json). Change the UseTcpSocket option to true. Also make sure the PluginPort is the same across all your X-Plane instances (the default value is 53100). Save and close the config file. It should look something like this: 3. Launch the xPilot client. Type the command .simip followed by the IP address of your master X-Plane machine's IP (e.g. .simip Next, configure the IP addresses of your visual machines: .visualip 4. Close and reopen the xPilot client and start your X-Plane instances and see if it connects.
  20. Known issue. It will be fixed in the next release.
  21. NEED HELP, Hi, I am also dealing with the connection problem of xpilot with XP11, but only versions past 27. Version 27 has no issues. BUT there is another problem: My simulator cockpit with three super wide monitors plus several small screens of navigation insruments is operated by two networking computer. The slave delivers the scenery for the side visuals. I need to the vatsim-generated traffic there as well, particular on busy airports. I am unable to make this working. On the slave computer there is also xPilot installed, version 33, which connects with xp11 on that machine without any problem. It also connects with vatsim, but it then kicks out xPilot from vatsim network at the master computer (when using the same call sign). Here is what I have already tried: 1) connecting xPilot on the master with my regular call sign and on the slave with call sign plus "A". This works, I see vatsim-generated traffic on all three screens, but it is obviously forbidden. 2) typing into the xPilot at the master .visualip (IP of the slave), not doing anything on the slave (no xPilot idling). Result NEGATIVE, xPilot at the master connected. 3) typing into the xPilot at the master .visualip (IP of the slave), xPilot at the slave in idle but not connected. Result NEGATIVE, xPilot at the master connected. 4) typing into the xPilot at the slave .visualip (IP of the slave), xPilot at the slave in idle but not connected. Result NEGATIVE, xPilot at the master connected. 5) typing into the xPilot at the slave .visualip (IP of the master), xPilot at the slave in idle but not connected. Result NEGATIVE, xPilot at the master connected. My questions: 1) does anybody know the correct procedure ? 2) is it necessary that both xPilot have to be the same version, do I have to downgrade 33 on the slave to 27 3) does someone know, why 27 works and all later versions cannot connect with xp11 4) is it true, that my attempt #1 is illegal ? I would very much appreciate any help, thank you in advance
  22. After upgrading from 2.0.0 b38 to b39 mic is no longer recognized by xpilot in Mac OS. All permissions are ok, all settings are fine, other programs recognize mic so it’s a b39 issue. Reverting to b38 solves the issue btw. thanks for looking into this…
  23. Hello everyone--I found out about VATSIM a few days ago and would be interested in getting to play with it. I am a complete noob who's toying with getting a PPL sometime in the future, but want to try it out with simulators before investing in it--I have heard that VATSIM is a very close simulation to flying in real life, and my research so far bears that out. However, the research I've done (looking up beginner's guides and such) also tells me that even new pilots on VATSIM are expected at least to know basic ATC and how to fly their chosen aircraft. So my question is, how does someone with absolutely, completely zero aviation experience or knowledge gain the prerequisite knowledge to use VATSIM? I have read about a few solutions that people have suggested in the past. Most people seem to suggest just following along full VATSIM flights on YouTube or listening to ATC.net and slowly muddling it out (I am wondering if there isn't a more efficient, more beginner friendly approach to this?); some people suggest actually flying with a friend (not an option at the moment); others suggest taking a course offered by VATSIM, but after some poking around I am unclear if this course is suitable for a total beginner who doesn't even know how to fly a plane--I was hoping someone would be so kind as to clarify? Some suggest playing with just Microsoft Flight Simulator or X-Plane first and learning from the AI ATC. I'm not clear if that's sufficient to cover the basics expected by VATSIM; I currently don't have a PC that can handle running either game, and thought it wouldn't hurt to ask someone before really investing in it. Everyone was a total noob once--how and where did you guys learn enough to start using VATSIM? Surely not everyone did a full PPL or proper ATC training first... I'd really, really love to be able to get to a point where I can try out VATSIM whilst minimizing any noob mistakes, so I don't annoy controllers too much. I'm aware you all have busy lives, I respect VATSIM controllers enormously for what they do, and appreciate that this has probably been asked by many a noob already (I'm sorry guys!), but I must be googling the wrong things, because my research hasn't been very fruitful. Thanks all in advance!
  24. Hi all I'm facing the same issue I live in UAE any hope to get this sorted? Currently I'm able to use both VPILOT/Euroscope only through my VPN.
  25. Just wondering, does vatSys support more than one ATIS connection?
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