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  2. Also, disable the sim's built-in ATC, automatic copilot and ATIS if any, for similar reasons.
  3. Ross, thanks, my design assumption is that vPilot serves a different purpose to this app. This app is a simply a presentation layer over the top of the VATSIM API and SimConnect, there we lots of additional features i could have added like messaging (which is handled by sim notifcations) and airspace data. This simply serves the purpose of helping pilots know what VATSIM ATC resources are online in their vicinity during flight and helps them tune to the right freqeuncy when required.
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  5. I guess the 1500 hours I've logged flying General Aviation, both VFR and IFR, has been against the CoC? I'm sorry, Tim, but I think your assertion is patently ridiculous.
  6. I think you are BOTH missing the point. VATSIM is neither a network of controllers nor a network of pilots. It is a network of BOTH. And the ratings we issue to either do NOT need to indicate the equivalent of real-world proficiency. They need to instill a reasonable amount of faith that the person is good enough to perform the indicated role ON VATSIM. My S2, which I've held for three and a half years and logged 568 hours on, is BY NO MEANS an indication that I could walk right into the Tower cab at Reagan National Airport and perform the job at a level which wouldn't get me fired or someone hurt within the first half-hour. Nor is my P3 an indication that if I were piloting a twin-piston and lost an engine mid-flight, I'd be able to save the lives of everyone on board. My controller rating is simply an indication to pilots flying into whatever airport I'm staffing on VATSIM that they should have a reasonable expectation that I'm proficient enough to provide a decent virtual ATC experience for them. Likewise, all that a pilot holding a VATSIM P2 (Instrument Rating) needs to be able to do, in my opinion, is make their blip on the controller's scope move in a reasonably predictable manner when given a clearance by ATC. I said in the other thread that the rating doesn't indicate whether someone is a good pilot -- just an educated one. And while I was being a little whimsical in saying so, I was indeed making a point that the standards for a VATSIM Pilot Rating checkride should be MUCH, MUCH lower than its equivalent real-world rating. For that matter, back when Boston Virtual ARTCC's Pilot Ratings Program (modeled after Keith Smith's ZLA Pilot Certs) were around and could be converted to VATSIM Pilot Ratings, the controllers never even looked in the cockpit of the pilot performing them. If their blip went where it was supposed to, they passed! And yes, Mark, yes -- I ABSOLUTELY have faith that a real-world commercial air carrier Dispatcher, fully certified as such, is MORE than capable of taking a single-engine piston plane on the network and performing an instrument approach, precision and non-precision, to the level of proficiency required by VATSIM. (In the agreed equivalency they are awarded a P2, not a P3 or 4.) Only in the extreme edge-case of a VATSIM controller with 0.0 Pilot Hours would I doubt that in the least. THIS IS NOT THE REAL WORLD and we do NOT need to try to hold pilots OR controllers to real-world standards. Each side simply needs to be good enough to provide a pleasant, cooperative experience for the other on VATSIM. We are deluding ourselves if we think the ratings we issue go ANY further than that.
  7. New routes added:Glasgow to HamburgGlasgow to BelfastGlasgow to GenevaGlasgow to Birmingham http://www.freshjetva.co.uk
  8. Hello, Just happened to me today. I rebooted the router, and it is now working fine. If that can help.
  9. Hi, I'm using Euroscope 3.2 with UK controller pack and AFV V1.9.7 on Windows. I'm logged in to Vatsim as an observer and trying to monitor GND and TWR at various airports. When I add (for example) EGPH_GND in AFV, it adds that transceiver and other related EGPH and Scottish transceivers. However, the first transceiver frequency is always 0.000 and I get no audio from it. The other transceivers show the correct frequencies and I can hear the traffic on them. As a workaround, if I disconnect AFV, reconnect and add EGPH_F_APP (for example) as my first transceiver, then EGPH_GND appears further down the list and works OK. Is this a known problem or (very likley) am I doing something wrong? Many thanks Ray
  10. No, that's not what I wrote. I fly for a living (ATP stuff...) and of course we are more than lever-pulling monkeys. Actually, we are monkeys trying to think a few steps ahead to keep our situational awareness. But it is not as tiring as being an ATCO in a busy and complex piece of airspace. In the very old days top-ratings were assigned to realworld pilots and ATCOs. It still happens, but you don't get catapulted to the top anymore, as we used to. In conclusion there's nothing anti-pilot here. It's rather "anti-unknowledgeable" and VATSIM is trying to find a way to steer people into the right direction: "do not connect just yet as long as you have no idea about your aircraft".
  11. ok, I better disable AI traffic, so nobody gets confused...
  12. ATC wont see the AI planes, so atc might give you instructions, which might make you colllide with the AI traffic. Also, if you hold on ground for taxi to let an AI plane pass, atc might wonder why you don't move, as the taxiway is clear of traffic from his/her perspective. So all in all I wouldn't recommend it.
  13. Until now I was flying offline , and using UTL2 to have AI traffic on the airports and in the air. Wenn I want to fly online, do I have to disable UTL2? Will it be a problem, mixing UTL2 traffic with VATSIM traffic?
  14. @Jonas Kuster I am getting multiple incorrect coordinate convertions now - here are two examples: 594700N 0080917E gets translated as N059.46.60.000 E008.09.17.000 595349N 0090000E gets translated as N059.53.49.000 E900000000001.00.00.000
  15. India vACC invites you to our "Sunday Night Ops" event between "New Delhi" (VIDP) and "Lucknow" (VILK) on June 26, 2022. Whether IFR or VFR, cargo or passenger flight, expect full staffing and friendly ATC service for your flight. We can't wait to see you in our skies. #DiscoverIndiaDiscoverVATSIM Event Date: 26-06-2022 Event Time: 1330Z-1530Z Scenery: VIDP: P3D Freeware: Link P3D Payware: Link X-Plane Freeware: Link VILK: P3D Freeware: Link Charts: Refer Navigraph / Jeppesen Thanks, Sriram Hariharan Events Director - India vACC https://indiavacc.org
  16. India vACC invites you to our "Sunday Night Ops" event between "Mumbai" (VABB) and "Bhopal" (VABP) on June 5, 2022. Whether IFR or VFR, cargo or passenger flight, expect full staffing and friendly ATC service for your flight. We can't wait to see you in our skies. #DiscoverIndiaDiscoverVATSIM Event Date: 05-06-2022 Event Time: 1330Z-1530Z Scenery: VABB: P3D Freeware: Link P3D Payware: Link X-Plane Freeware: Link Charts: Refer Navigraph / Jeppesen Thanks, Sriram Hariharan Events Director - India vACC https://indiavacc.org
  17. Felicitaciones juancho, bien merecido,existo en la gestion.
  18. Ok it seemingly has decided to just start working normally again, Thanks for the help.
  19. I don't know how AIG works fine if the sim is throwing errors when vPilot tries to create aircraft using the models. vPilot doesn't care where the models are installed. All vPilot does is tell the sim (through a SimConnect function call) to create an aircraft using a specified model. If that returns an error, then that means the sim can't find the model or it's corrupt, or some other cause. (Unfortunately, SimConnect doesn't give specific errors as to why it fails to create a model.) In other words, there is no place for you to define a custom path. As long as the AIG model files are in the correct place in your community folder, it should work.
  20. Can I not define a custom path to the models, AIG itself works fine in the simulator.
  21. Sounds like the models aren't installed correctly.
  22. Using vPilot 3.4.0, I get an issue where it finds no models, I have AIG installed in my community folder and a VMR in use. If I connect to Vatsim, I get a ton of model missing errors and not a single plane from Vatsim renders into the sim, same happens on stable branch of vPilot Any solutions?
  23. Mark, not sure why you’re being so hostile. Being a real life ATCO teaches you the concepts needed and expected by the respective pilot ratings, however that is absolutely not applicable the other way around, and if you have an ATP I would assume you are aware of that. That’s not even mentioning knowledge of radar scopes, LOP, coordination etc. that you are required to know when you get a controller rating. Pilot ratings exist to give an expectation of knowledge and abilities for controllers, but a controller rating is far more than that. This isn’t about «discrimination», and I have a feeling from this and your previous posts that the point of bringing this up is to incentivize to heated debates or arguments about «double standards» or «pilot/atc segregation», but that is not the case or the topic here at all, so I’d ask you to refrain from that please.
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  25. Very anti pilot, hmm I thought in another thread that VATSIM was not being anti-pilot. However, you just basically called pilots a bunch of lever pulling monkeys. So ATC smart, pilots dumb. Got it.
  26. Got it. So, there is no real reason, just a bunch of opinions and feelings, which is how the current system came into place.
  27. Because you have to be really, really good and clever to be an air traffic controller, while operating a plane is rather simple. I can tell you. I'm a pilot and I have total respect to ATCOs. Especially those who I know personally and have visited their ATC-facilities. 3 hours of virtual ATC drain me much more than 12 hours of operating my IRL aircraft. Believe me.
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