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  2. Today we celebrate 20 years of VATSIM! An incredible feat, and one which would not have been possible without all our members, past and present. You have contributed to our community by flying, providing air traffic services, and serving as supervisors or in administrative positions to ensure that our network continues to grow and be successful. To celebrate, we are starting a month-long celebration with events on the network, interviews with some of our staff members, distributing over $2,500 of prizes, and some other surprises! During the next few weeks, we will be visiting all th
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  4. Ah. Now there's the rub. Will we soon be taking about the state of Denmark? (Sorry, I have an education which includes Shakespeare, and I can't seem to shake it off)
  5. There are some key basics which are not too well positioned in the VATSIM web hierarchy. All I can say is that we're working on that! Eventually, regarding pilot training, under VP Simon Kelsey's direction we will get there! As far as being "that guy," we were all there at one time, and some members are still there which is why the forums exits, I think. Forums are of course never enough, so see my above comment re. "working on that." Anyway, it seems to me that you will have no problems due to your independent search for information which fully answers your concerns in the meantime.
  6. Hey im having the same problem i passed the test reset my password and ive wated 24+ hours please help
  7. My vARTCC already does this for all ratings through S2. Minimum of 2 students if not more per training session.
  8. Technical problems (internet down, power outage) or servicemen (firemen) may be in this situation. No, it won't happen often, but it usually happens at the most inconvenient time 🙂
  9. The Region and Division can drill down on what the prescribed phraseology is. Some things in the Policy are not vague to be vague, but are broad to allow for localization. Yes I know, this is suppose to be a "GLOBAL" Policy, but we need to give the broad strokes and let the local policies dictate for local flavor where practical.
  10. I don't know about everyone else, but to me, the term "utilizes prescribed phraseology", as a whole without much further context seems a little vague.
  11. No offense, but half the planet has been issuing S1 ratings without touching the network. Works fine for us, and it can absolutely work fine for anyone else. The notion that someone trying to get minor ground couldn't possibly be cut loose without seeing "how they handle bad pilots" is, frankly, bananas. If they can issue the clearances and taxi instructions correctly, and hold up under a reasonable workload, then cert them. Unless at a major, they won't see enough workload to validate the concern. And like I said, dozens of divisions, including VATUSA, have lived without network evaluati
  12. Of course, hence my explanation in the sentence following that quote. But I think "airport/airspace owner" would work well! As long as it doesn't say "division", that resolves Dan's concern.
  13. Yes, they presumably would provide top-down service to the minor airports outside of A80, but I don't know for sure. And if they "surprisingly disconnect", they'd be in trouble anyway for a violation of SOP. You obviously have to coordinate prior to opening/closing any position to ensure operational continuity. Nobody just disconnects quietly when they're involved in a top-down structure. At ZMA, we have a fake center "sector" which is just "all unopened approach controls and towers". So if I opened MIA_LO_CTR instead of MIA_APP, I would be doing all of the top-down stuff, leaving ce
  14. Hi, At the airport I was working earlier there was a METAR that came out that had no wind information in it. When trying to connect vATIS, it was crashing once it pulled the METAR (after I click connect and before I could click transmit). On the next METAR update the wind information was present again and vATIS was able to connect and transmit with no problem. Note that during this time, I couldn't even get a METAR from Vatsim (using .wx), but I tried several different random airports and they all displayed a METAR. Pictures attached. Thanks, Dustin
  15. Hey Michael, please open a ticet with your Membership Regional Team at https://support.vatsim.net! Cheers,
  16. How about "iii. Demonstrates ability to correctly set up, interpret, and use relevant controller software and tools" or "ATC client" or whatever. No need to be overly specific.
  17. Would you all just be fine with: "Utilizes prescribed phraseology"?
  18. The Region and Division are suppose to set what they think meets the requirements -- I like @Matthew Wurzbach's re-write a lot to cover just that in much clearer language. @Dylan Lundberg 1118012the accepting facility is responsible for continuing the RMP, and always should have/be. You took the controller on, you are responsible for ensuring it is completed as required by the overseeing authority (Division/Region). Now if the accepting facility had no idea that they were accepting someone with a RMP, then thats a bigger issue.
  19. Practical examinations for S1 online are only good for determining how a student can handle "bad pilots"/weird situations. Unless you get a lot of traffic you can never test to the level that you can on Sweatbox. I purposefully simulate "bad pilots"/weird situations in sweatbox sessions and major delivery/ground OTSes just for that reason. Really have not noticed any issues with the controllers who went up this way.
  20. Hi all I created a Vatsim user for the first time about two hours ago, but I accidently wrote the wrong email upon registration. It is now fixed. After creating the user, it is required to confirm your email address via a sent email, but for obvious reasons, I was not able to do that. How do I fix it? Many thanks! :)
  21. Not everywhere has sub-divisions. I think the better language is "VAs in agreement with the airport/airspace owner" or something like that.
  22. As you mentioned, PHL has no pilot-nav SIDs. Note that whether a SID is pilot-nav or radar vector or hybrid (combination of the two) is independent of whether it's RNAV or conventional. You can have RNAV radar vector SIDs and conventional pilot-nav SIDs. It is more likely that a pilot-nav SID Is also RNAV, but not a rule. That said, PHL has no RNAV SIDs so I'm not sure if something was lost in translation in the original post. Every aircraft taking off from PHL gets radar vectors to their first fix.
  23. And of course, after looking for 2 hours last night, I find the page with this EXACT information and clarification this morning during my first cup of coffee. I guess in my tiredness, I skipped the very last section of VatSim Basics "How To Know If An Airport or Airspace is Currently Controlled On VATSIM".
  24. @David Kirchner (I am moving this to this topic, as it concerns minor airfields only, not restricted airfields/airspace) In the original topic, you described a training flow on a major airfield. Nothing new there. However, what about the following flow: Training up to S2 CPT at minor airport --> practical exam to achieve S2 at minor airport --> Training up to S3 CPT at minor airport --> practical exam to achieve S3 at minor airport. I am calling this a 'minor-career'. Looking forward to your response! Martijn
  25. Thank you Torben for the quick answer. Yea, I fully understood about top down coverage, but my confusion was whether the Controller for Atlanta was controlling Atlanta specifically or the entire Atlanta ARTCC. I couldn't find information on whether the Controller online was ground, Tower, Center, etc. I watched a few videos on Vatsim to see what other people were doing, but everyone was flying out of the specific city the Controller was located at. ATL, DC, LAX, so they never provided the "what to do" when you're not directly where the Controllers are. Additionally, thank you for not
  26. So just made a new aviation and VATSIM discord, we do group flights, events, and I would really appreciate if you checked it out and joined. https://discord.gg/KxDRNZqpjg
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