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  2. I have to close and reopen xpilot about 12 or 15 times for it to finally recognize Xplane is running and it connects. This started recently; for years I never had this issue.
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  4. Also announced in the forums, of which I found on page 2 of the announcements section.
  5. It was communicated throughout all our channels months in advance. 🙂
  6. Thank you for all the work you have committed to VATWA, @Alex Metcalfe! I wish you the best in your future endeavours.
  7. Emirates vACC and India vACC would like to welcome you to "The Odyssey" connecting the major hubs of United Arab Emirates and India. Take advantage of the continuous ATC Coverage between Dubai (OMDB) and New Delhi (VIDP) and fly your favorite aircraft. ATC services will be available at OMDB between 1100Z - 1330Z and between 1330 - 1630Z at New Delhi on Sunday, May 30th 2021. We look forward to welcoming you in our skies! Event Date: 30-05-2021 Event Time: Departures (OMDB): 1100Z - 1330Z Arrivals (VIDP): 1330Z - 1630Z Route IVURO M677 LALDO B50
  8. Nah, it's specific for that app. But perhaps you can convince the developers to add the support. regards, Alexander
  9. In 1981 the Concorde came to Austria, where it flew a short hop from Graz to Linz (arguably a very costly hop). I have the concorde in my flight sim inventory, however I don't use it a lot. If some of you are interested in this, we could fix a date and I could ask for ATC coverage (since I am part of vACC Austria) :). I would love it if some of you would join me, best regards, Joseph L.
  10. You should have received a personal email when the rating was changed. VATSIM usually send out emails whenever a rating change is processed.
  11. How does a member find that page by browsing? It obviously exists, but clearly Will was unable to find it, and I had no luck either.
  12. https://www.vatsim.net/news/restructuring-pilot-rating-system
  13. Hello, All: I tried searching but wasn't able to find anything on pilot ratings with regard to the change. Some time ago I had earned a "P1" rating with VATSIM, but now I see "No Pilot Rating" when I'm online. However, I notice some other pilots have Commercial or Multi-Engine ratings as part of their online ID. What happened? Did the policy change? I don't remember seeing any notice (doesn't mean VATSIM didn't send one out - I just don't recall seeing it if they did). And where are the new ratings coming from? R,
  14. ..which you will be, because you're a member. :)
  15. All, Thanks for all the responses. I just wanted to be sure that I haven't missed anything. We have all these great tools, links, and procedures and it seems it is up to the individual controller or pilot and their preference. Thank Andreas
  16. Hello Andreas, To your question with the NATTRAK system, you can always drop the controller with a private message saying "Hey, I have submitted a clearence request via the website.". Then either the controller will issue the clearence or he will say that he is, for several reasons, unable to do the website clearence right now and that you should call him on voice/text for clearence. To your other thing, I never use acars when I control or fly across the Atlantic myself. Since the implementation of ADS-B coverage over the Atlantic on VATSIM, everything have become more simple i.e.
  17. ..so you'll need to be at least 13 years old.
  18. Last week
  19. I am not trying to justify, just saying what I have seen happen and has happened to me. I ask on freq if there is no response on the ACARS, usually gets acknowledged and get a reply or controller takes care on freq. unlike events, when traffic is very few and with ADSB, there is hardly any active communication going on, so might only be a slip up. Similarly for the nattrack website, the page doesn’t auto refresh, so we refresh/monitor it, only when we see acft coming up on scopes. Remember we are not watching the world, just a few 100nm outside the gander airspace. Once we see the ac
  20. All members of VATSIM can perform either as Pilots or as Air Traffic Controllers, no matter what age
  21. How old is it possible to become a dispatcher in Watsim?
  22. Hello everybody. I have upgraded Euroscope to r29 and it happens to me that when I log out, the "ON THE GROUND: FILTER ALTITUDE" changes by itself to 2000 ft. and, although I do not accept the change, Euroscope is closed and it goes to 2000 ft. In the next session, this filter remains at 2000 ft, and although I try to change it to a higher level, it remains at 2000 ft. As a consequence of this, all LEMD traffics that are on the ground, appear as if they were in the air (LEMD is at 2200 ft. Altitude) I am using CCAMS plugin, MODE S plugin and RDF plugin. The correlation mode for
  23. I would say it is a bug. I do not know if FBW have their own FMGS software or using MSFS one. Selecting NONE as VIA and getting ROMMM sounds also strange.
  24. Fyi. When mentioned my profile I meant my.vatsim.net. At the bottom of the page there is an item that shows your flight hours as a pilot and as a controller. When I originally asked the flight hours in my.vatsim.net didn't match the ones in stats.vatsim.net but don't worry now is updated. Time Online (Total) Time Online as a Pilot - 35.29 Hours Time Online as a Controller (ATC) - 0 Hours
  25. Do you think this registry editor will work with WinSplit? I had WinSplit working with Euroscope but after a major update of our scope in my region it stopped working. I can't quite figure out why, but wondering if this will work.
  26. Thanks! I got it under regions. Thanks again, Pepijn
  27. As long as you are using the same version of sector file I would expect you can find the additional layers in display settings under GEO / Regions. Might be a specific .asr file set up for it as well.
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