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  2. I know vPilot has a "kneeboard" on one of the tabs for typing out notes if you have a way of accessing it while in VR
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  4. Pranshu and Giovanni, I have assigned each of you the P0 exam. Please visit https://my.vatsim.net to take it. Good luck!
  5. So if this part is done, as you say, then one part is done. Which client are you using and what is the response when you try to login?
  6. Dear Kirk Thank you for your response, Sir. "I'm not sure of the relevance of this,..., but I am still not online with VATSIM. Is someone keeping me from getting online with VATSIM? You say that each flight is deleted automatically after 2 hours. Well, I still have not been able to get online with VATSIM. It has been over 24 hours since this has happened. I have never "(Pre-filed by CID....) a Flight Plan with VATSIM accept back in 2007 with Kyle Ramsey's help. Looking at VAT-Spy, under "Flights" Tab, looking at my "Callsign", the "Font Color" is still gray. My friends online cannot see me but I can see them at the same location. I have (with my Friends help) double checked my "Settings" within vPilot and cannot figure this out, Sir. Don Smith
  7. Yeah, I've thought about expanding the debug info that's available in the aircraft window. Another thing I've considered is a window where you can select any of your installed models and create one in the sim, and raise/lower the gear/flaps, turn lights on/off etc. as a way of testing models.
  8. i have also this problem right now, what now?
  9. G'day; Not important, but when troubleshooting online model matching it might be helpful to be able to see the lights / flaps / spoiler values as seen by vPilot in the .aircraft debug window. Reading the .debug when busy hurts my brain... 😛 i.e. is that a bad model I should replace, or does the pilot need to call the tower? Cheers!
  10. FWIW as one of the mostly silent majority I think your suggested approach is great with liveries, and anything that simplifies the model matching process ongoing for both the devs and the users is great.
  11. Just to check, MSFS users are still showing up at wrong altitudes on the VATSIM controllers' radar scopes? And are they just 'dealing with it' at the moment now, as I haven't heard this from the controllers all these months? Or did they apply some workaround in those clients?
  12. Honestly speaking, you're right. Yes, I use VAT-Spy as a moving map containing ATC info. Because I had compared all of the many programs and found out that I personally liked VAT-Spy most. Please foregive me 🙂
  13. You can use the VATSIM Community Discord as well for such chat, but any radio frequency on the network itself is not for personal communications.
  14. I'm just suggesting disabling all add-ons because it's an easy way to quickly check if one of the add-ons is causing the issue. If that's the case, you can re-enable your add-ons one-by-one to see which one is the culprit. Again, I'm suggesting disabling the add-ons, not uninstalling them.
  15. Not home but late last night it also happened after departing in another area as I approached Orbx Bilbao and continued all through Spain as I cruised south. so am I supposed to disable all my scenery not flying to and sode also?
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  17. Did you open the port in the firewall on the host?
  18. You cannot. Flight plans are automatically deleted, 2 hours after being prefiled if no connection made. After you arrive at your destination and then disconnect. A period of time after disconnecting with out a reconnection, if you were in the air. Stats.vatsim.net will show all your connections and previous flights. There isnt anything else you can try. I'm not sure of the relevance of this, you can ask questions with out adding this info just seems like an unnecessary flex.
  19. Thanks for your help! I have read through all the documentation. Host is: Connected to Simulator YES Connected to remote NO Connected to Network NO Host message window says: Listening for remote connections on IP (s) Remote keeps trying to connect to Host but message says: Host Connection Failed If I try to connect to the VATSIM network, I get Not connected to host I have the correct IP address and port for the Host computer entered in Client settings
  20. Well, vPilot is certainly involved, but the fact that it worked fine in every other version of P3D (and in FSX and MSFS) suggests that it's "caused" by something that they changed in P3D v5.3. Have you tried disabling the add-ons yet?
  21. I had a couple minutes to quickly setup a flight before I left and the same problem, departed and pausing and stuttering started, then disconnected and closed vpilot and the sim returned to normal. I do not see this as any issue except caused by vpilot?
  22. West Africa vACC is currently accepting applications for ATC Training Manager (ACCWAF4) to operate as the oversight for ATC training within the vACC under the guidance of West Africa vACC Director (ACCWAF1) and VATSIM Sub-Sahara Africa ATC Training Manager (VATSSA3). Responsibilities West Africa vACC ATC Training Manager is responsible for the creation and enforcement of training programs as well as highlighting any competency issues to West Africa vACC Director. Even though this position reports to West Africa vACC, they also operate under guidance of Sub-Sahara Africa ATC Training Manager (VATSSA3). Requirements Active VATSIM membership with no serious disciplinary or membership issues within the past two (2) years Member of West Africa vACC or eligible for transfer upon appointment Holding a minimum rating of S3 or higher Good communication skills as well as engaging others Excellent knowledge of the VATSIM Sub-Sahara Africa Data Protection and Handling policy as well as Staff policy as well as the West Africa vACC ATC Training Policy Preferred skills Have previous staff experience within the VATSIM environment Have experience in training and mentoring controllers Be familiar with the creation of sweatbox scenarios and the use of Sweatbox within Euroscope To apply for the position, please send your VATSIM CV/Resume to [email protected] together with a covering email/letter describing why you would be suitable for the role. The closing date for applications is open ended, until the right person for the role is selected. Interviews will take place on the VATSSA Discord Server.
  23. It worked perfectly two days ago but i had to install a razor update for my headset even though Vpilot can find my microphone and headset I only hear the clicks when ATC is typing too me or other pilots are typing I've tried everything at this point the microphone works for everything else i've checked my firewall etc nothing is working
  24. Simbrief throws routes based on popularity. If a stupid routing will get somewhere to the top, it is suggested to more and more pilots - and it peaks it's popularity. It's a vicious cycle.
  25. Dear Sirs Where are the OLD Flight Plans within VATSIM and can I delete them, Sir? I know how to file a Flight Plan within VATSIM. I have over 10,000 hrs with VATSIM and I have my R/W PPL, but I do not know everthing! Please, I would appreciate any help. If this does not work, then I will try something else! Thank You for your time, Sirs! Don Smith ASO455
  26. As said, use the .chat function in your pilot client (for text conversation), or external sources like Teamspeak or Discord.
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