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  2. Basically you can map anything into WordPress from what Vatsim gives you: The CID is used as unique WordPress username, then you have some 'metadata' which is firstname and lastname. Maybe you need some plugins to show Fullname/lastname instead of Username in Posts/Forum etc, but that's secondary. Return Array: Array ( [data] => Array ( [cid] => 859396 [personal] => Array ( [name_first] => Jamie [name_last] => Janssen [name_full] => Jamie Janssen [email] => [email protected] [country] => Array ( [id] => NL [name] => Netherlands ) ) [vatsim] => Ar
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  4. @James Pudney 1000702 I went over to the VATCAR website to see how your auth was working and after authentication I noticed it did autopopulate most of my information in the 'Application' section of the website including rating, country, name etc. How are you managing to do that if you aren't using the payware version of miniOrange? Essentially if I have to make it a manual process I will but i'm curious how you are importing all the information manually into your users database when miniOrange won't automatically do it. Is there a page which is providing you all the rest of the information
  5. @Jamie Janssen I would be interested in checking out your plugin. I am still building my website and I was able to get miniOrange oAuth to work with VATSIM auth but unless I'm going to shell out $350 for unlimited registrations and correct information and profile field mapping, I'd like to find an alternate solution. I know enough about working with php to be able to google my way around situations and make it work but by no means am a master at it. I view myself as more the 'make it work' and rely on stackOverflow to give you answers.
  6. I too make the mistake of clicking and holding the left mouse button to move the map extremely frequently, so being able to re-assign or even disable the left mouse button zoom functionality would be quite a time saver for me. Unfortunately, just about every other software I'm in regular contact with uses LMB for drag and RMB for zoom and object selection functionality. Obviously this is something that is a very personal requirement, and I confess, only asked for because, no matter how many times I try to rewire my brain I end up zooming in to an area instead of dragging to locate the are
  7. Pls help me practice Mumbai approach by flying this event into mumbai. #challengetheATC
  8. Event Name: Weekend PitstopEvent Date: 5th December 2020Departure: VOBL (Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, India) / VABB (Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, India)Arrivals: VOBL (Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, India) / VABB (Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, India)Time: 1230z OnwardsShort Description: India vACC Group in cooperation with the India vACC presents - "Weekend Pitstop" Join us flying to and from VABB/VOBL, with full ATC coverage on ground and enroute.Long Description: The countdown has began. Less than a week
  9. Not all STARs require RNAV. Cases in point, at KLAS: LUXOR2 KADDY3 FUZZY8 CLARR3 None of those require RNAV capabilities to be flown. RADAR and DME, yes. But RNAV, no. In fact, for most major airports with STARs requiring RNAV, there more than likely is a non-RNAV equivalent STAR that can be filed for non-RNAV-equipped aircraft. BL.
  10. And what I recommend, besides what you already have, that is for the EGLL to EGNC route, is my favorite. WiderØe. Always has been. It's just that I don't have it. This is my favorite Dash, and my favorite airline paint. Always will be.
  11. No. Not for the flight to Carlisle. Carlisle is where you go sightseeing. If you use the bigger model Flybe uses, instead of your American, the just fly out of EGLL to Dusseldorf [BPK7F BPK Q295 BRAIN M197 REDFA L620 PAM P62 UNKAR TEBRO TEBR3G]. That's what that dash model is best for. Back and forth from England to Hamburg, Dusseldorf, or Frankfurt.
  12. Concorde doesn't need to fly a STAR. It is perfectly acceptable for the pilot of an aircraft that is not RNAV capable (727, 737-200, DC-3, etc) to request vectors to final. Even if you are RNAV capable and can't meet an altitude or speed requirement, you inform ATC as soon as possible. This is not rocket science. This comes down to poor pilot skills. Nothing whatsoever to do with VATSIM or whichever authority designed a STAR 17 years after Concorde was retired.
  13. Thanks. I'll try it sometime. What Airline would you recommend. Flybe?
  14. So with this, do you realize you just contradicted yourself, let alone this entire thread and topic that you've brought up? You claim you couldn't fly a STAR (a STAR in which you still haven't produced, by the way) because your aircraft "flies too fast to make a turn", yet here just indicated that your aircraft can fly the speeds that everyone does, allowing you to adhere to any STAR you need to fly. Sorry to say, but you just shown that the problem here is poor piloting rather than poor ATC or route generation/depiction of any STAR. Additionally, since I fly the PC-12NG, B752, A220,
  15. This was an... interesting read. Though the more I read, the less I understood what this post is about. A STAR is just that, a standard. There will always be exceptions, and the Concorde is as much of an exception as you can get. Controllers will facilitate you, but I'm not really sure what rant you're going on here...
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  17. Can you elaborate..? You are being extremely vague.. Dallas belongs to Fort Worth ARTCC, a part of VATUSA which again is a part of VATSIM Americas Region.
  18. I don't think he's very concerned with that, it seems to me he mainly wants to swing his Concorde around a little if you get my meaning. Not sure what that's accomplishing since there wouldn't be much incentive for anyone to measure their abilities against those of a complete, rambling stranger, but I think we've all read way too much into this whole thread initially.
  19. What was this entire thread about? Right, a STAR that actually was not a STAR, but just an edge in an outdated, invalid flightplan route. Jim, have you processed the information that we have delivered to you?
  20. OK, BL. My Concorde goes 240 kts., and less by the time I reach that point, BL. And I'll outmaneuver you or any buddy you have in the process as well. That is, of course, unless you're flying the highly responsive Dassault Rafale. Not that the highly responsive Dassault Rafale would be the right aircraft for you. Or your buddies. πŸ™ƒ It is for me though. You, and anybody else, can count on that fact. πŸ˜‰
  21. Is Dallas in west region
  22. That's cool. Not sure what it matters, but I'm a Dash-8 guy actually. Doesn't do much to stave off the impression that we're watching a thought process unravel in this thread.
  23. Looking at an airbus 380, let alone flying the thing, would hurt my brain at any point, dude. 😝
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