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  3. Hello, any words on Stream deck compatibility with AFV? Myself and few other colleagues use the Stream Deck MK2 and it is not working. Is it an issue with firmware? Thanks Jason Vezina I3 CZUL FIR
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  5. I'm assuming this request is in regards to ATC training, but it would also be helpful for pilot clients to have this ability, especially for multi-pilot home cockpits. In the latter case, we would need not only separate output devices per frequency, but also separate microphone devices, and separate PTT settings per frequency/transceiver.
  6. I get the requirement! In RW, a student is right next to the instructor, and intercom allows two-way chat. Very important! But also in RW, there is no way to have two radios open to your headphones at the same time. Maybe, in attempting to offer "as real as it gets" there should be some "virtual intercom" associated with a training flight. Or maybe with any flight... I'm aware, of course, of Discord but that is definitely not a private world! I simply do not know anything about how AfV works or if intercom, associated with a flight and which could be connected to by a nominee, would even be possible. Nice idea, though!
  7. Fillippo. So in your example. I can possibly get behind that. As you are talking about a single rating and only 8 hours of instructor time expended. So in that case, should you then wish to transfer somewhere then the division could look at waiving the requirement given the low hours used in training. Which is why that possibility exists. However, if you had attained C1, I think we would be talking MANY more hours of time investment by an instructor and thus the 200 hr requirement would be more applicable. Keeping in mind all the points already said. The instructors are volunteers and despite opinion to the contrary. It's not always "fun and enjoyable" to be training folks in their spare time. It may possibly be rewarding, however not when they see folks they have invested a lot of time into moving to other areas which do not benefit the division they were instructed in. That is demoralising to the instructor. There is always multiple angles on these things and while it is all very well to be thinking from the student angle, I think a little thought around the instructor angle is also warranted. The policy needs to be a guardrail with the potential for, in reasonable circumstances, for a division to waive the requirement, which I think it has achieved. The use of the waiver would need to be assessed on a case by case basis. Phil
  8. Even in the real world it is tricky sometimes and professional flight dispatchers are having a hard time getting a valid routing. Here at VATSIM we do have a number of good and free services: Simbrief, vroute, FlightAware, Skyvector....
  9. It's a bit like winning the lottery! I can't help thinking there must be a better way for VATSIM members to get an acceptable route for a flight plan.
  10. Thank you for the useful replies everyone. I just retried a Simbrief routing and suddenly the IFPS validation only gave me 1 error (as opposed to 10 errors when I started this topic).
  11. Cross the Land: Update #5 Welcome to Cross the Land: Eastbound 2021! There are now 640 slots available from our Departure and Arrival airports totaling to 30 different city-pairs! Book your slot now on https://ctl.vatsim.me/. Booking closes on the 1st of October @ 23:59z. For more up to date information, make sure to join the CTL Discord and follow the CTL Socials! Cross the Land Socials: Twitter: @vatsimctl Permanent Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/4b7XEpZ
  12. Just to add to what Andreas says above, I checked a couple of LL-OMDB routes from the EDI GLA site (real world flightplans) and the last three I checked at the time didn't validate - but they were filed and were used... Don't get overly hung up on validation, especially on VATSIM provided it's not throwing LOTS of errors...
  13. Hello, This must have been requested in the past. Is it possible in a future update to add the capability to route, let's say your primary frequency in your headset, and other frequencies you listen to to the speakers? This would help greatly with instruction/supervision while doing online supervised sessions. Instead of missing calls because your student/a pilot on the other frequency happens to key up the mike. Thanks.
  14. VATSIM Hong Kong VACC is seeking applications for the position of Deputy Director, Hong Kong vACC (ACCHKG2) The primary responsibilities of the position include: Work with Director, Hong Kong vACC to review, monitor, develop and implement policies to achieve optimum efficiency within the Hong Kong vACC. Interact with the divisional staff members and staff members from other VACCs to foster international cooperation and the exchange of ideas Assist Director, Hong Kong vACC in appointing staff members in relation to the Hong Kong vACC and it’s policies. Holds and presides over staff meetings on a regular basis Collaborate with all staff members to ensure positive membership and training growth within the vACC. Position requirements: Be a member of the VATSIM network for no less than 12 months at the time of application Have a clean VATSIM record for no less than 12 months at the time of application Hold a VATSIM controller rating of C1 or higher Fulfil the requirements listed within the Hong Kong VACC Facility General Policy (HKVACC-P001) Have thorough knowledge of VATSIM policies and local policies of VATSEA and Hong Kong VACC Have a basic understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Have highly proficient English oral and written communication skills as English is the working language of Hong Kong VACC Have instructional experience related to aviation on VATSIM and/or in the real world Be able to dedicate an average of 30 minutes per day to this position The ideal candidate should: Have proficient written and spoken communication skills in English and ideally Chinese (Cantonese) Applications are to be sent via e-mail to Jaik Patidar, Director of the Hong Kong VACC, at [email protected], This position is open until filled, and applications will be reviewed on the 31st of October at the earliest
  15. You probably noticed that it only has b738 right now, the idea is that you can purchase more aircraft use your money but I have not get that done yet. I also want user to be able to list/rent out their aircraft so others can buy
  16. Yes, you have to disable or remove (=move plugin folder to somewhere else) all other multiplayer plugins, otherwise they will compete for those multiplayer aircraft and you won't see anyone else online. The easiest solution to manage this is using xOrganizer - disabling/enabling plugins through this program does the job perfectly and you will not have to move any plugin-folders anymore.
  17. Yeah, do not worry too much about flightplan validation. When I cannot find a valid/good routing from A to B, I check if Simbrief holds a good route from another airport C, which is located near A. In your case that would be EGLL to OMDB. Looking at the route, you could then merge it with a valid routing from EGKK to EDDF at point KONAN. That is usually a rather quick process and I use Skyvector to visualize the routes to help finding the point where they overlap.
  18. Understood. Thanks for the response, I appreciate it.
  19. Dear vPilots, This month we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Turkish Virtual Airlines. Turkish Virtual, which started in 2001, has grown into one of the rarest, most comprehensive and largest virtual airlines today; reaching a recognised and respected leadership in its field, not only for its size and number of pilots, but also for its professionalism and the friendships that its members have developed among themselves. Both its pilots and all the staff working at its administrative levels, have played a major role in bringing Turkish Virtual to this level. Turkish Virtual has taken a great place in the lives of all of its members with each and every member of Turkish Virtual having its own different story of how this hobby has affected their lives, being an unforgettable experience. As Turkish Virtual, we have come a long way since the beginning. We have crossed very difficult paths and have managed to survive together with a collective effort. Sometimes we aided schools in need, and other times we gathered the money for a small piece of jewellery that we would gift to our friends during their marriage by virtue of the team’s contributions all around the world. When in times of need, the team rushed to help, doing whatever they could for the issues at hand. Everyone used every means available to help test the coding that was created by volunteers who had never made any software, at the expense of losing by failing to complete the flights, and everyone willingly did what they could. As a result of the team’s great spirit, our families never buckled. As of today, Turkish Virtual has grown from only a couple of pilots, up to hundreds and thousands, filling the virtual skies. We have a great team comprised entirely of volunteers who are professional and dedicated to Turkish Virtual. We have a highly advanced flight recording software (our unique Flight Data Recorder), which we have developed since 2001 with our own means, with great effort, and which is open to developments, quickly adapting to the changes in the simulator world. In addition, we also have a very complex yet sophisticated website infrastructure. Unlike the software used by many virtual airlines which are no different from each other, the software we currently use allows us to customise and develop them according to the needs of virtual pilots. Our pilots have the opportunity to access one of the largest and most widespread route systems in the world among all virtual airlines, and thanks to the hard work and dedication of our operations personnel, we allow our pilots to explore every corner of the world using our own software and provide them with up-to-date route information. We also have one of the largest virtual squadrons on the internet, allowing them to fly all types of aircraft, from single-engine aircraft to the A380. We offer every field of aviation to our pilots. Even for the small number of pilots that are interested, we have worked day and night to offer perhaps the best quality for the helicopter virtual airlines among the very few in the world. Turkish Virtual Airlines has always been at the forefront of pilots who want to learn more about aviation. From the very beginning, we chose to build the pilot hierarchy based on our rank, seniority, quality flight scores, written/oral exams, Checkrides with real life pilots, and control flights, rather than the traditional system based on flight hours. While the system we implement forces our pilots to learn more, it still ensures that we have some of the most knowledgeable pilots flying in Vatsim under the name of Turkish Virtual. Turkish Virtual Management is also working to bring together a brand new training program designed with our pilots in mind. If we need to reiterate some of the issues that we always express; for 20 years we walked side by side with Vatsim, we did not deviate from Vatsim at any stage and we did not allow anyone to fly offline outside of Vatsim. This is one of the most important features that makes Turkish Virtual special. As a virtual airline that has adhered to Vatsim as a rule for 20 years and never compromised, we think that only a few virtual airlines can celebrate such an important milestone. As the Turkish Virtual Airlines family, we proudly reveal the statistical data we have created over the years, without hiding it from anyone. As Turkish Virtual, for our 20th anniversary celebrations, we will be sending two of our willing pilots to the “IFTC Training Centre”, the simulator facility in Istanbul, where real pilots and pilot candidates are trained for an exciting training event. Detailed explanation on this subject will be coming soon for our pilots. We thank all Turkish Virtual pilots for everything they have done to make our community exist, get better, and develop. In the coming days, our Event department will organise a special event to celebrate the 20th anniversary. We would also like Vatsim pilots who wish to come to our event to be a part of this celebration. Happy 20th Anniversary… Kind regards, Turkish Virtual Board of Administrators www.turkishvirtual.com
  20. CRC will be Windows only. It is a .NET 5 WPF application. It probably wouldn't take much to convert it to a .NET 6 MAUI application, which will be cross-platform, but that's just the UI. The stumbling blocks will be the current lack of a cross-platform version of the AFV library usable from .NET apps, and possibly OpenGL support on some hardware. I definitely won't be spending any time worrying about getting CRC to work on Macs or Linux since I have zero experience with Mac development and my Linux experience is all server-side. Maybe I can partner with someone on those bits when the time comes. (.NET 6 MAUI is not widely available yet.)
  21. Hi guys, I have been working on a free VA/Passengers plugin that works on Mac/Linux/Windows. Check this out: https://xairline.org You can find me on discord if you have any suggestions/feedback: https://discord.gg/Es52XxTPJq
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  23. The reason why Bootcamp won't work anymore, is because Apple is moving away from x86-based CPUs (read: moving away from Intel). They are building their own CPUs and are using those in their Macs. This year's models (when they come out) are supposed to be the last batch that will come with Intel CPUs. Additionally, those will be the last to have Bootcamp available for it, as Windows requires an x86-based CPU, and while it does have support for ARM CPUs, not all drivers would be available for those Macs. For alternatives, there are a couple if you still have a Mac with an x86-based CPU: Bootcamp, as you already mentioned. run a VM. Parallels, VMWare Fusion, Virtualbox, etc., will also work for you. But again, you're basically installing Windows, so if you're going to do that, why not just go full stop and install Windows. The downside to this and #1, is that it requires a license for Windows. Use a Container. Crossover or WINE will work; in fact, that's what I do on my mid-2011 MBA. I can confirm that VRC works on CrossOver (I haven't seen if Euroscope is on the list), and I know that both work in WINE. With moving to Apple Silicon, a lot of that changes. To give developers time to rebuild their apps for Silicon, Apple released Rosetta 2 to allow them to work. Through this, you could still use Crossover. I've heard some places say that Wine would still work, but I can't confirm. I'll be finding out later this year when new Macs come out. This is just to get some semblance of being able to run any controller clients. The harder part is because of the languages used to code the clients. Most were able to get away with C or C++, but newer clients have moved to environments only supported by Windows. Making a client for the Mac would either require something that can be translated for compatibility (again, that would be if it were still on the came CPU architecture, which it will no longer be), or rewritten from scratch. There have been a number of conversations about that over the years, with valid reasons why it hasn't been done. The best I can suggest is to keep an eye on what Ross is doing, and see what comes up from there. Besides that, we have the alternatives above for connecting with a Mac, that have been tested and known to work. BL.
  24. I am experiencing the same issue myself on Firefox only (not every time).
  25. Perhaps it is only me - but it takes several minutes (if ever) for make a posting come thru using Firefox. Apparently this problem is not so noticable when using Google Chrome
  26. As the alternative SIDs are different, I wouldn't call it an editorial change. I'll notify Navigraph. New: Navigraph is investigating the problem and they'll come back to me with a responce.
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