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  1. Recent network conditions brought up a new issue regarding the performance of ES when a lot of traffic is online. You may also have experienced a severe lag of ES when a larger number of pilots was connected to VATSIM. This issue was analyzed also by controllers of vACC Switzerland (thanks to @Lionel Bischof 1178908 and @Luca Santoro 1306550!), and eventually the root cause was identified.The problem comes from the "FP List" Make sure to display it via "Quick SET" -> "Show Flight Plan List" In the upper heading, toogle off the "N" The lags should disappear The lag is
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  2. This week (Iron Mic Week 17) for the first time that I can remember, the VP Supervisors has been kept busy dealing with some extremely disappointing behaviour between two of the competitors. While I am not going to name and shame, I was VERY close to disqualifying both facilities from this week's competition, but as it made no difference to the final results, I have not. The results have spoken volumes that being petty is not worth the grief. Everyone; this is a fun competition that is all about encouraging ATC online, for which I, and the other members of the Board of
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  3. So just over a week ago i began actively considering to fly on VATSIM. I was practising offline hard to fly SIDs and STAR's as i was scared by SIDs and STARs just over a week ago. Then came wednesday 22 april 2020. I made the decision to start observing from the gate and tune into the various frequencys that were active on EHAM. Later in the evening i checked the bookings and i noticed there would be alot of ATC available for the flight i trained offline the most. EDDM-EHAM/EHAM-EDDM. So my VATSIM adventure started right there. When i tuned into delivery for the first time to ask for IFR clear
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  4. I agree with Richard, we have now received an acknowledgment of poor communication that is as good as it is going to get. Moderators please close this topic now as it has assumed a life not related to my original post. Thankyou.
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  5. I managed to stay connected (on USA-East) for a flight from EPWA to EDDK. On landing i disconnected to check if i can reconnect and now its the same error on all the servers. Yet again for some reason the some locations in sim for e.g. any airport in USA connection is no problem anywhere else such as Europe it keeps giving response time out errors.
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