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    Let me just speak to this briefly as I am the CFI at VATSTAR. We decided to no longer offer the P3 or P5 as after the transition a P2 and P4 is sufficient to receive the new ratings. Instead we have hired additional staff and streamlined our training program to get all of our students certified within a reasonable timeframe. We currently have 1,140 members on our Discord server and in April issued 150 certifications. This is a 416% increase from the the same period last year. We are in the process of changing our offerings to the new curriculum and will be ready on September 1!
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    Disclaimer: This is a sporadic PSA from my own experiences as a beginner, controller and supervisor on VATSIM. These are my own personal opinions, and does in no way reflect VATSIM's official stance on the issue. Writing this because I don't want to get in trouble, k thanks. -- We have all been there, some just don't want to realize it. No matter who you are, how many hours you have or what the first three digits of your CID reads, we have all been through that palm-sweating frustration of not daring to press the PTT to ask for a clearance. Who hasn't felt the desperation when you couldn't understand an ATC instruction and didn't have the guts to admit it, only to mumble your way through it and hope he wouldn't catch up on it. As a supervisor I come across users with different amount of experience every session, and not once has an hour passed without me having to talk to or handle a beginner. And every time, i understand the situation they're in. A lot of people are afraid when the message from _SUP comes through, but fear not - we're only here to help. I will go to great extent to help beginners, give them advice, links, and follow them up on email afterwards if I have the time to do so. That is my duty, and my passion. Of course there are situations where a "newbie" can ruin for other users, such as departing without contacting the controller at EGKK during peak hours, where I have to take action to avoid major inconvenience for other people. If you are able to put yourself in his or her spot, you will see how frustrating, scary and nervous an experience like that might be. So from my experiences, I have some advice to other controllers on how to approach such situations. To controllers handling beginners: Out of the 1000+ hours I have gathered in my time as a controller, I can't recall how many times I've pulled my hair in frustration by beginners not following my instructions. Sometimes, it can feel like it will ruin the whole controlling session. And after walloping several times without response, you go to VATSPY, open the ATC tab, and see that…. WHAT, NO SUPERVISORS ONLINE?!?!?! My, oh my, do I remember that. But after some time, I started remembering things I had forgotten (or surpressed) from my time as a beginner on the network. From not understanding the top-down principle, not know what an IFR flight means etc... Unfortunately for me, VATSIM Stats saves all of that. 😕 Controllers; believe it or not. YOU are the face of VATSIM. Not the supervisors, not the BoG, not the people behind the scenes. YOU are the first person new pilots will talk to, and if you don't think about how you approach them - you might be the last one as well. Some controllers I've told this to tells me "it's not my job to teach pilots how to talk to ATC". And yes you are correct, BUT... Even though it's not your responsibility to teach them and hold their virtual hand through the virtual skies, how you act can be the difference between them staying and expanding their knowledge and their hobby through VATSIM, or being too scared to ever reconnect. Most of you do this very well - kudos to you. A good tip to everyone, use aliases. Whenever I talk to a beginner, I give them two links. The PRC (vats.im/prc), and the CoC (vats.im/coc). The holy grail of beginnerland. If you're like me and lacks creativity, copy this into your alias file: The great myth of the wallop If you find yourself in a position where a beginner poses a conflict, or you are unsure what to do, never be afraid to wallop for a supervisor. I have heard about vACC/ARTCC's having policies about when you can and cannot wallop, which I question - but that is a different topic. A "wallop" is simply a way to send a message to online supervisors in order to notify them for assistance. Both pilots and Controllers can utilize this, and it is the same format across all clients. In order to send a wallop, write this into your scratchpad/text Box: Far too often I see people simply typing things like .wallop help, which gives us no way of prioritizing the case before initiating contact. That leads to a lot of lost time. Try giving a brief description of what is happening along with the callsign of the user - so we can get started right away instead of you having to write it all once more. A good example of a wallop is something like this: If I get a wallop like that, I can take immediate action instead of having to assess the situation because of lack of information. TL;DR Beginners aren't all that bad. Controllers are front figures. If you haven't got time to handle it yourself - wallop.
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    Hi again, I deleted swift and reinstalled the software now it works perfectly. Hope it helps!
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    This process in some shape or form has all been public knowledge for almost a year and a half now. We have worked individually with each ATO through each step of the way and adapted where we could while maintaining our intent and goals of new system. We’ve only lost a few ATOs since this process began which I consider a huge success given the large change in direction of pilot ratings. I spoke with Evan at BVA and we tried to come to an agreement but unfortunately could not. They (BVA) present a great product to the community though that I encouraged them to still provide ATO status or not. It is important to remember that these pilot ratings are optional and will be designed for those that truly wish to challenge themselves and learn aspects of each pilot certificate/rating than a level deeper than before . This is due primarily to the world wide on-going pandemic. Didn’t think I’d need to explain that one. I’m attempting to keep my patience here guys while being transparent with answering questions and supporting our ATO community. Bottom line the changes are happening and the ship is leaving port. Either you’re on that ship or not. Obviously I hope you each are, but at this point I need to focus on the overall mission and guarantee our community received the support that it needs and is successful in the future. You’re never going to make everyone happy, and that is something I’ve learned to accept. Enjoy your weekend, Ethan
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    Thanks for the feedback; missing TCAS blips is a known issue.
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    Thanks Sean and Brant. This is what happens after a 13-hour work day.
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    VATSIM API Update 15/05/2020 Added /connections/ endpoint to member ratings. This returns paginated results detailing the users connections to the network. Added regions, divisions, subdivision APIs to allow better listing of members and future features Check out the Swagger browser to see everything!
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    It will leave existing pilots as-are; hence why you will be given a non-P0 pilot rating when the change is done (which -if any- depends on your current rating), it will just have a different name and different meaning. But why is your rating being changed? Mainly because the ratings and their "definitions" are also being changed, so if you were left with your current rating, it would "say" that you had fulfilled some requirements, when you had never fulfilled them. If that still doesn't convince you, think about it as a "percentage bar": Lets say right now the maximum pilot rating you can achieve is "P9" (in other words, P9 = 100%). After the change, the highest achievable rating will be "P4" (so P4 will = 100%). If you were left with your "P9" rating, that would mean you fulfill 180% of the requirements for what will be "P4". As you can see, this just doesn't make much sense, so therefore members will be granted an equivalent rating so that "percentage of fulfillment" stays as similar as possible to how it is now.
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