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  1. Release 0.90 of the legacy proxy is now available: Searching coordinates using VAT-Spy works completely offline and without having to install VAT-Spy (the database is included within the proxy application itself). Having controller coordinates means that QuteScoop is now able to display labels for center sectors again. The configuration dialog provides several options to fine-tune the search. Those options are explained in the user manual which was split from the readme file for better readability. The Station Locator feature was supposed to offer an option to also use the list of online transceivers which is currently being propagated by VATSIM as the official method of computing the otherwise missing controller coordinates. However, I already had the VAT-Spy-based solution implemented before that method was made official and for me it has worked remarkably well so far. I just wanted to get the one nicely working feature released before so that the release would not get delayed even longer than it already had been. The roadmap for a future "version 1.0" (whenever that will be) currently includes online transceivers, general bug fixes, better usability (minimize on start, minimize to system tray) and (hopefully) more CLI options if that's of any actual use to somebody. I cannot commit on any of those features yet nor can I provide any time estimates - I mainly worked on the proxy during my vacation and public holidays with bad weather; as the weather gets better (and other projects are calling as well 😉 ) it may take a while until I can continue with those features. Nevertheless, I plan to provide monthly updates to include the latest updates from VAT-Spy database from now on. The proxy does not "phone home" which means there is no automated update notification. Please check regularly for new releases. As AIRAC/VAT-Spy updates are frequent and predictable I will not post to this thread when I release a new version that only updates the database. If I release any further changes (features or fixed bugs) I will continue to post here as I release such updates.
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  2. Could a temporary fix maybe be for vPilot to assume lights on for MSFS specifically? Might be a bit annoying on ground, but far better in the air.
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