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  1. The team believes they have found and fixed the issue. The issue was caused by an incompatibility between our existing exam assignment process and some recent database upgrades.
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  2. I'm probably violating about 15 internet ethical standards by making my first post on a message board being one to complain, but I guess I'm going to. It's a Saturday afternoon, and I've been watching Volanta pretty much all day, and the average coverage I've seen has been 1-2 ARTCCs, and a handful of TRACONs, in the entirety of the United States. This morning, I logged on, and decided to fly from KMEM to KMKE (in Milwaukee, just outside of Chicago) based solely on who was online, but by the time I did my plan in Simbrief, rebooted my computer (a practice I advise anyone to do before using MSFS), and got to the ramp, the controllers on both ends of my flight were gone, and both of them had only been on for about half an hour before I decided to hit the go button. Neither position has been restaffed since. The good news is that when I HAVE found controllers online, it's an amazing experience. There may be some not so good controllers out there, but the ones I've run into are, as far as I can tell, qualified to be one in real life. I basically don't ever want to fly without it again. I'm new to Vatsim (BECAUSE this exact problem kept me away), but not to aviation. I got my PP and Instrument Rating back in the 90s (which I suppose makes me officially old now), I've owned several airplanes, but learned that it's not the best investment to make for recreational flying and have even flown from one corner of the country to the other not once, but twice. First in a Cessna 172 and then in a 172RG. All on IFR flight plans, which I prefer when going from point-A to point-B. I'm not trying to brag, I only am bringing this up to show I'm not some belligerent teenager who throws their $100 controller across the room if things don't go their way, and I know my way around airplanes and ATC as a pilot. I don't have a lot of suggestions, but I do have a few. First, a friend of mine who shall go unnamed is a certified vatsim controller, but his opinion is that it is far too difficult and bureaucratic to get controller ratings, which probably turns a lot of would-be controllers off. I am not at all suggesting that be done away with, it's more important to have qualified controllers than qualified pilots, but making it faster and smoother from how it was described to me would be helpful. Another way is to offer some sort of incentives, from actual money (which could be collected from donations or even optional dues, which I for one would happily pay if it meant having coverage like another online ATC option that I won't name), software giveaways like MSFS licenses, airplanes from various makers like PMDG, Fenix, Just Flight, etc., that I'm sure many would be happy to provide because it would grow their market), and I'm sure there are a dozen other options I'm not thinking of. Another alternative is just to be out there actively recruiting. In all my travels through many different flight sim communities, I've never once seen a post that says "Vatsim is looking for controllers, if you're interested, click here", for one example. That I recall at any rate. I'm not complaining just to complain, I'm pointing out what I see as a significant problem for Vatsim, and since my experiences when controllers ARE around have been so fantastic, I really want to see it grow. The problem I've found (and this is NOT based on just what I've observed today, but on many occasions) is that far too often, nothing is staffed. Or next to nothing. Right now, only Seattle Center and Jax Center are online, and Seattle just came online. Whoever is manning it may be gone in half an hour, a situation I've seen a lot of, too. And I've been an actual user for less than a week. Anyway, I've made my point. Too much. So ban me, mock me, call me names, whatever you feel is appropriate, but I know I'm not the only person who doesn't use the service because of this. I'm really not a whiner, all evidence to the contrary. I see a problem that needs to be fixed, so I'm pointing it out. Kev
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