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  1. Following internal tech team communications, and a discussion I had with Gunnar yesterday evening, we have extended the EOL date to the 1st March, with the potential to extend to the 31st if deemed absolutely necessary. With staff in the Development Discord, there are several solutions being created by the community that will be shared by VATSIM when they are complete, to aid in the transition and to provide a quick solution for access to the feed. These changes have full approval of the Board of Governors. I, nor anyone, can or should be expected to check or know of every singl
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  2. Thanks for the update! Any news about the AFV integrated VCCS? Any plans?
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  4. Thanks for the update. Couple of questions: What is the status of AFV? When would ATC Client for AFV get rolled (if ever)? Does VATSIM have a plan to integrate AFV into EuroScope? When would proper 25 kHz frequencies be introduced, or even 8.33 kHz? Would there be a technical option to enable custom voice files for ATIS instead of serverside text-to-speech?
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  5. A change was overdue, but I also vote for a longer transition-period during which the classic datafeed will remain available until 3rd party developers have had a chance to adapt their programs or websites. Edit: typo
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  6. The API documentation has now become accessible for me as well; there was just nothing served under that URL yesterday. I understand that the old format was inconvenient to parse and did not offer any way for safe extension without breaking all sorts of clients in very weird ways (as seen while the format version number had been incremented from 8 to 9 without any major changes earlier this year). Providing the data in a JSON format, even keeping clients a (limited) choice of the format they want to fetch, clearly is a great improvement and absolutely the right way to go. I am just not
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  7. Very interesting read, looking forward to the further improvements and projects that are on the way!
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