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    I noticed during a flight today that the transmitting volumes of pilots are quite far apart. Some pilots are difficult to understand due to low transmitting volume while some pilots blow out your eardrums when transmitting. Would it be possible to implement in the audio software something the equalizes the volumes of all pilots to a certain level, by boosting the low volume speakers and slightly muting the high volume speakers. The controller can then decide with their computer volume at what volume they want to recieve the transmissions. DJ software already has this kind of function for equalizing the volumes of different tracks, so it should be possible somehow.
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    Disclaimer: This is a sporadic PSA from my own experiences as a beginner, controller and supervisor on VATSIM. These are my own personal opinions, and does in no way reflect VATSIM's official stance on the issue. Writing this because I don't want to get in trouble, k thanks. -- We have all been there, some just don't want to realize it. No matter who you are, how many hours you have or what the first three digits of your CID reads, we have all been through that palm-sweating frustration of not daring to press the PTT to ask for a clearance. Who hasn't felt the desperation when you couldn't understand an ATC instruction and didn't have the guts to admit it, only to mumble your way through it and hope he wouldn't catch up on it. As a supervisor I come across users with different amount of experience every session, and not once has an hour passed without me having to talk to or handle a beginner. And every time, i understand the situation they're in. A lot of people are afraid when the message from _SUP comes through, but fear not - we're only here to help. I will go to great extent to help beginners, give them advice, links, and follow them up on email afterwards if I have the time to do so. That is my duty, and my passion. Of course there are situations where a "newbie" can ruin for other users, such as departing without contacting the controller at EGKK during peak hours, where I have to take action to avoid major inconvenience for other people. If you are able to put yourself in his or her spot, you will see how frustrating, scary and nervous an experience like that might be. So from my experiences, I have some advice to other controllers on how to approach such situations. To controllers handling beginners: Out of the 1000+ hours I have gathered in my time as a controller, I can't recall how many times I've pulled my hair in frustration by beginners not following my instructions. Sometimes, it can feel like it will ruin the whole controlling session. And after walloping several times without response, you go to VATSPY, open the ATC tab, and see that…. WHAT, NO SUPERVISORS ONLINE?!?!?! My, oh my, do I remember that. But after some time, I started remembering things I had forgotten (or surpressed) from my time as a beginner on the network. From not understanding the top-down principle, not know what an IFR flight means etc... Unfortunately for me, VATSIM Stats saves all of that. 😕 Controllers; believe it or not. YOU are the face of VATSIM. Not the supervisors, not the BoG, not the people behind the scenes. YOU are the first person new pilots will talk to, and if you don't think about how you approach them - you might be the last one as well. Some controllers I've told this to tells me "it's not my job to teach pilots how to talk to ATC". And yes you are correct, BUT... Even though it's not your responsibility to teach them and hold their virtual hand through the virtual skies, how you act can be the difference between them staying and expanding their knowledge and their hobby through VATSIM, or being too scared to ever reconnect. Most of you do this very well - kudos to you. A good tip to everyone, use aliases. Whenever I talk to a beginner, I give them two links. The PRC (vats.im/prc), and the CoC (vats.im/coc). The holy grail of beginnerland. If you're like me and lacks creativity, copy this into your alias file: The great myth of the wallop If you find yourself in a position where a beginner poses a conflict, or you are unsure what to do, never be afraid to wallop for a supervisor. I have heard about vACC/ARTCC's having policies about when you can and cannot wallop, which I question - but that is a different topic. A "wallop" is simply a way to send a message to online supervisors in order to notify them for assistance. Both pilots and Controllers can utilize this, and it is the same format across all clients. In order to send a wallop, write this into your scratchpad/text Box: Far too often I see people simply typing things like .wallop help, which gives us no way of prioritizing the case before initiating contact. That leads to a lot of lost time. Try giving a brief description of what is happening along with the callsign of the user - so we can get started right away instead of you having to write it all once more. A good example of a wallop is something like this: If I get a wallop like that, I can take immediate action instead of having to assess the situation because of lack of information. TL;DR Beginners aren't all that bad. Controllers are front figures. If you haven't got time to handle it yourself - wallop.
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    There are some incompatibles with the new TCAS implementation with some plugins, ActiveSky being one. Once plugin authors begin adjusting their code, those problems should go away. As a stopgap, I’ll be adding an option to disable TCAS in xPilot. I expect to have a new build available later this evening.
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    Statistics for April 2020 Statistics for May 2020. May has been our highest amount of hours ever conducted since operation in February 2020. We've also seen an increase of 283% of online activity across the approved regions compared to April 2020. Great work all. Regards.
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    Petter, I have already tried to help you, but you are not willing to do the things I recommend and that I know works. You cannot request help, be stubborn and refuse to do the things you are recommended to do, and then complain that you aren't getting any help. This community is great and very helpful, but please; don't waste other people's time like that. Thank you.
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    VATSIM Indicators are back! The url for the new images is... https://my.vatsim.net/indicators/<CID> So, to view my indicator, I would type... https://my.vatsim.net/indicators/1217663 And we see this... There may be a few bugs and we are still making a few improvements to the software and (for now) you won't be able to customise things. That will happen .... soon! 😄 Thanks to @Matan Budimir who did the bulk of the work to get this running again. 👏
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    We can assure you, 100%, that this is not an FNO.The F in FNO stands for Friday.This event is on a Thursday.and as you know, Thursday begins with a T... Not an F.So even though this may smell like an FNO, it is in fact, not
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    Hi everybody! I am flying a lot between LOWW and LROP and I noticed something relatively bothering. On both airports, at night, there are many pilots performing takeoffs and landings without communicating over UNICOM (or tower). I am usually monitoring tower on my secondary radio and there, there was also no communication. I think the usage of UNICOM reports in such situations should be more encouraged. Also I would like to take the opportunity to ask the community what is the position regarding controllers that log in to quickly depart a friend, and the log off? I mean, while everybody is here to have fun and in their free time, this happened to me a couple of times already, when I already had my flight plan submitted, and just getting ready to get my clearance. Regards!
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    Vatsim Germany and Emirates vACC invite you to take part in our adventure deep into the Arabian Peninsula. Take off from one of the busiest airports at lunchtime and be greeted 5 and a half hours later by the warm sunset in the Middle East in the ultra-modern city of Dubai.From 0900z to 1200z on June 20, when you fly from Frankfurt to Dubai, you will enjoy full ATC coverage for both EDDF departure and arrival in OMDB and hopefully as much route coverage as possible. The expected flight time is about 6 hours. Use our official routing below and we look forward to seeing you in the sky on June 20th. Route: CINDY Z74 LAMPU Z54 NOMBO Y161 RIDAR UZ98 MIQ UL605 ESEGA DCT STEIN DCT TEGRI L605 NEKUL P975 ARTAT UP975 EZS UL614 SRT UG8 OTKEP UM688 SIDAD UP975 SESRA M677 RABAP UM677 OBNET M677 VUTEB Charts and Briefing: EDDF OMDB
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    This is what the CoC says about it: The last iteration of the CoC had the word "should", so people thought it was optional. But here you see that if another pilot may benefit, UNICOM usage is mandatory. 🙂 A good practice is to just do it all the time to get into the habit. It's like using the blinkers on your car; other cars don't always benefit from you doing it, but it's good to do it all the time so you remember to do so when you come across a situation where other cars benefit 🙂
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    Congratulations on a successful event!! Regards,
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    One of the most ambitious events organized by our division has come to its end. I want to express my deep gratitude to Division Event Manager, Maxim Tsygankov, VATRUS 4, who became the mastermind, co-author and the main organizer of this event. Thanks to Ilya Pyankov, who quickly created the event page with all the relevant information needed for the pilots. During 10 days, 678 flights were made, in which more than 200 pilots from both our division and our foreign friends took part. I hope that acquaintance of pilots with the VATRUS division airports that participated in the event will give enlarge the amounts of flights on an ongoing basis, as well as increase the ATC coverage. I would like to express special thanks to the VATRUS ATC team, who has been working tirelessly throughout the event: Anastasia Lokotaeva, Kristina Zhukova, Julia Goryacheva, Akmal Idrisov, Alexander Schelganov, Alexey Vorobyov, Alexey Dobronravov, Alexey Dovbenko, Alexey Zimin, Alexey Kaznakov, Alexey Lysenko, Alexey Nevzorov, Alexey Stelmakh, Alexey Khokhrev, Anatoly Bazhenov, Andrey Viter, Andrey Zaitsev , Andrei Prokhorov, Andrei Tarasov, Anton Agayev, Anton Myglan, Arman Maksatov, Artyom Smorchkov, Artyom Smychkov, Artyom Somok, Ashot Akopyan, Bahruz Nabiev, Begench Ataev, Vadim Drachev, Vadim Kotelenets, Valery Polostyanoy, Vitaliy Alekseev, Vitaly Balabanets, Vladislav Ischuk, Vladislav Savchuk, Vsevolod Scryabin, George Kalandadze, Gleb Smolkov, Grigory Adamov, Grigory Badalov, David Markaryan, Daniil Voinov, Danila Yarov, Daniel Haineala (VACC Romania), Denis Kashin, Denis Rybalykin, Dziku Stepan Birka , Evgeni Dedyaev, Evgeni Smirnov, Evgeni Teliatitsky, Ivan Aksenenko, Ivan Pevtsov, Ivan Skatov, Ivan Chernov, Ivan Chokeniuk, Igor Melnik, Igor Strebkov, Kirill Rudavin, Kirill Stepkin, Kirill Shabunin, Konstantin Bednov, Christian Ivanenko, Christian Polizov, Maxim Gerasimov, Maxim Korobko, Maxim Khromtsov, Maxim Tsygankov, Matvey Safyannikov, Mikhail Gogolev, Nikita Mikheev, Nikita Chumichev, Oleg Fedorinov, Roman Savel, Sergey Balandin, Sergey Kovalenko, Sergey Yakubovsky, Timofei Degtyar, Farrukh Ibrahimov, Shokhruz Shepelev VATRUS division staff will try to delight you with events of a kind. "Cross VATRUS" will definitely come back, in a slightly modified and more interesting format! For those who took part in our event, your feedback will be much appreciated.
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    No, once you have loaded the plugin, you will have to edit the departure list and add a column and use the button function "TopSky Plugin / Open PDC Menu". I have simply added that as a right click over the "Clearance Received Flag". Finland, Sweden and Denmark in Scandinavia has working setups using TopSky. But I suggest you don't do copy paste, but use it as references together with the developer manual. I can imagine that CPDLC only will work when connected to the VATSIM Network in order to avoid confusion, but I don't really know for sure. What I did was having a few people flying around in my airspace whilst controlling. Which can be quite fun at the same time. 😉
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    It would still probably get processed faster than Ryanair 😂
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    He means noone is paid for this. Everyone does this for free, and the staff give up their time for free to help you.
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    How much is your monthly subscription fee for VATSIM? Maybe you can get a refund... This is a volunteer project. Either the developer has time to answer your questions and to help you, or he doesn't.
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    Great Job Zach and Matan. Nice to see the indicators working again.
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    Dear all, If you would like to display the latest information in Korea, please download it from the GitHub (https://github.com/vatsimnetwork/vatspy-data-project) ! You can easily find Korea information in FIRBoundaries.dat with Ctrl + F. The information in Korea is from RKRR to RKDA-C. (RKRR, RKRR-N, RKRR-S, RKDA, RKDA-E, RKDA-C) And it can also be easily found in VATSpy.dat with Cril + F. The information in Korea is from RKJB to RKXX. If you have any question, please fell free to write it in the comments. Thank you. Best regards, VATKOR7B, Hwayong Lee Deputy Event Director, VATSIM Korea Division
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    Good evening, have you been able to complete this BOT? Also I did you connect all of our info via vatsim like such to sign in ? David Rendon
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    Despite the fact that it's not required, the vast majority of pilot use real world weather.
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    Tricky question... Usually, if a supervisor is online he will contact you as soon as possible (you can check if one is online by going to e.g. vattastic.com and navigate to the ATC tab, and look for people with a SUP rating under 'observers'). Although we aim to be online 100%, that isn't realistic for a voulentary network. If there is a serious offense made, gather all the evidence you can, including callsign, timestamps, chatlogs etc. and email it to [email protected] In this particular case though, I would not have disconnected as he is not allowed to, but I would gather the controller's details, along with a chatlog if able. Voice matters are a bit trickier, but I always advise people to use "NVIDIA Shadowplay" which has a built-in instant replay function, which automatically saves the last 15 or so minutes to your drive with the press of a button. I'm sure there are alternatives to that software as well. 🙂
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    Exactly @Samuel Rey, and a surprising amount of people don't realize that. IMO that should be taught with every rating, even from S1 level. Controlling on VATSIM isn't just knowing how to issue a pushback or taxi clearance; it's also about knowing your place, role and function, and having that attitude VATSIM is looking for amongst controllers and pilots alike. 😄
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    Published on the #VATSIMEVENTS calendar and VATSIM Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/vatsimevents/ https://www.vatsim.net/events/oslo-munich-shuttle
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    I checked and it looks like we have data loss here. My own flight plans from 2016 and even 2019 are missing too. I don't know who to ping but this should come to the attention of our technical staff.
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    Hehe, definitely the former 😛 Check the “Plugin Settings” section in the docs. http://xpilot.clowd.io/docs
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    Thanks a lot friend Trevor Hannant, I downloaded urlsim.ini and solved the problem.
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    English On behalf of the VATSIM Paraguay team, we invite you to participate in our mega event that will feature VATSIM Bolivia and VATSIM Brasil. We will have full simultaneous control in the 3 countries. We hope! -- Espanhol En nombre del equipo de VATSIM Paraguay, lo invitamos a participar en nuestro mega evento que contará con la presencia de VATSIM Bolivia e VATSIM Brasil. Tendremos control simultáneo total en los 3 países. Esperamos!
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    @Daniel Lange Thanks for pointing that out! I'll get it fixed this evening. Cheers
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    Join the Houston ARTCC on 5/28 from 2300z-0400z as we staff up on a Thursday night. This is not an FNO. As the image above says. Actually, it would be bad if this were an FNO. So please, do not confuse this with an FNO. Because clearly, it is not.It actually takes place on a Thursday. Which is a day before Friday…and a day after Wednesday.Obviously.So, join Houston for our Thursday night event.Featured TRACONSKAUS, KSAT, KLCH, KMSY, KBTR, KLFT, KMOB, KGPT, KPOE, KAEX.Routes are available for booking on https://realops.kermout.us/events/?id=15 if you are unsure of where to fly to/from on a Thursday evening in Houston Airspace... Pilot's please note that routing information will be emailed to you after booking your slot. It is possible your routing will be filtered into your spam folder, in other words, make sure to keep an eye on your spam folder.See you Thursday.Not Friday.
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    Hey guys, I am a controller on vatsim at memphis. I dont know if this already exists or can be made. I think it would be cool if a developer could make a website or program where you can listen to vatsim frequencies without having to connect as an observer. This would be cool for people who are wanting to start vatsim but want to listen to what it is like first. If this already exists or someone could make that, that would be cool. Inspiration from LiveATC.net
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    VATSIM South East Asia Division is proud to present our bi-annual division-scaled event, Light Up South East Asia! Spanning across 13 FIRs, we aim to provide top-down ATC services within each country’s capital. During the 5-hour event, we warmly invite pilots to fly into and out of our focus city to the other capital cities in the division.Our first light-up in 2020 will focus on Ho Chi Minh City. Join us on 27th June from 1200Z-1700z as we show you our warm hospitality.
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    Subdivisions can now access a memberlist, you have to have authorization from the subdivision director to have a token for this. You can ask them to send me an e-mail (in my signature) for this.
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    Viewing all of the members in your region, division, subdivision divdb replacement Issue a GET request to one of these URLS: https://api.vatsim.net/api/regions/<region_id>/members/ https://api.vatsim.net/api/divisions/<division_id>/members/ https://api.vatsim.net/api/subdivisions/<subdivision_id>/members/ You must have the correct token permissions to use these endpoints. Returned Response: JSON object containing the following fields: id, rating, pilotrating, name_first, name_last, age, countystate, country, susp_date, reg_date, region, division, subdivision Example: curl -H 'Accept: application/json; indent=4' -H "Authorization: Token 7796bdb6b0be14ccf3f147036e133f1719d4712b" "https://api.vatsim.net/api/divisions/test/members/" Example Response: [ { "id": "1115151", "rating": 1, "pilotrating": 0, "name_first": "Test", "name_last": "User", "age": 3, "countystate": "", "country": null, "susp_date": "2020-04-24T23:16:15", "reg_date": "2020-03-13T19:51:02", "region": "USA-N", "division": "IDK", "subdivision": "" }, { "id": "1475625", "rating": 5, "pilotrating": 0, "name_first": "7", "name_last": "R", "age": 3, "countystate": "", "country": "", "susp_date": "2020-03-21T16:28:14", "reg_date": "2020-03-13T19:51:02", "region": "USA-N", "division": "IDK", "subdivision": "" } ] This endpoint will only return JSON.
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