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  1. Many newer nvidia drivers dont support AA in FS9. Doe anyone have a hard and fast list of working and nonworking drivers/cards. I am looking to upgrade from my 7600GT to a 9800GT. I might finally have to make the move to FSX if the AA wont work in FS9. Thanks in advance.
  2. Go with a 8800GT. Much cheaper for almost the exact same performance as the gts. Check the benchmarks if you dont believe me.
  3. I have a x52 pro. The only good thing seems to be the mfd. Need to make the springs stronger to make it more realistic.
  4. I am very hopeful that what has happened in Europe, doesn't happen here. The FAA should always be funded by the Government and not by the individual pilots. It seems anymore, we have less we can do and have to pay more for everything that we do do.
  5. the academy lays the building blocks down. the ARTCC's teach you everything else you need to know.
  6. That was a fun night. We managed to get 12 citrus aircraft into the airport that night.
  7. Yes I think a few advance courses would be lovely. Best of luck on this endeavour.
  8. on Vatsim? i have no idea. in real life? i know two in California; Santa Paula and Watsonville. both have just about no actual rules and thats what makes them popular.
  9. The US is very strict with copyright and distribution laws. That why loads of illegal download sites i.e. torrent sites are hosted else where. Many contries dont give a shit if the people are distributing software, movies, etc.
  10. Ah i got my hopes up when you said you recorded it. Oh well. Ill try to catch it sometime.
  11. an 8 gigabit torrent wont be very succesful IMO
  12. I dont want to advertise or anything but Pc Aviator has a really good deal on the deluxe version
  13. looks fun since their is hardly ever controllers in hawaii ill try to fly a 747 into honolulu from japan so controllers beware
  14. at LAX a few months ago was switched to tower while taxing bravo at the time i though it was weird but i guess it is a SOP now
  15. hmmmmmmmm.......... the west server has never had any problems when ive been on never one disconnect
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