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  1. Learning when to contact people is something you get to know with experience. Especially somewhere like the UK which is broken down into much smaller positions. Do you have servinfo? that can be good as a guide but again fails for things like MAN_CTR (which doesn't cover all of EGTT). for CTR positions when you are in that FIR (normally) For approach positions typically about 50nm before the airport For TWR once you are established on the ILS for GND...when your on the GND Alternativly just wait until the 'contact me' is sent. As i say, with experience you will know when the ti
  2. if your talking a real ops with real traffic levels it may end up less than an hour, Many of the real world controllers only work 15 mintues at a time due to the,m having to concentrate that much. Yes we dont have to worry about crashing planes and killing people, but it isnt an asy thing to do!
  3. Robbie, Alan is the 'boss' at Heathrow. As he says it isnt a case of just making a website, trying to sort out controllers etc and making sure they know what they are doing and also making sure they are ready for such traffic. Its no fun having an event which annoys everyone.
  4. Clik on 'Southend' on the right hand column. It will then display a list of charts. for the new pilots night you will need the aerodrome chart. If you wish to do IFR circuits on the night then you will also need the ILS chart.
  5. I guess the problem is, if one person posts 15 then the next person thinks, why shouldnt I? Yes they may be breaking it by 1 or 2, but this can soonlead to 3 or 3 or so on.
  6. You could try VATUK. They have a team of pilot mentors who will be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned to you, and will teach you the vatsim basics if thats what your after? www.vatsim-uk.org or email the head of pilot training at: new.pilots [AT] vatsim-uk.co.uk They also run pilot nights once a month where loads of new vatsimmers go to see what its like. Im afraid they arnt all real world pilots, but a couple are.
  7. I would also beg to differ. What would you cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] as 'decent'? The ones that are made for Manchester etc are far better than a lot of fields get
  8. When looking at the ATC positions, i noticed some were missing. For example on EGTT, there is none for Manchester (EGCC) and none for LON_XX_CTR or MAN_X_CTR etc. I know i can add positions, does this add positions to everyones list or just mine? If its just mine then will mre airports be added in the future?
  9. its very simple, just phraesology (which i cant spell) that changes. For instance asking for a flight information service not a flight following. We use the QNH of course not the inches of mercury, the TA and TL's change between airfields. www.vatsim-uk.org < try there. There used to be a page for people new to flying in the UK from across the pond etc, will try and see if it stll exists.
  10. When selecting EGCC, make sure the little button at the bottom right corner says search add-on, then select UK2000 then scroll to find EGCC and choose the gate you want
  11. 1) its a fault with having people using so many different machines running different versions etc. you often see people not on the runway, or not on the taxiway, not cos their cr*p but because of this. they think they are on the taxiway etc 2) no, it just caculates the easiet routes and isnt valid. the best way to do this is to use a website such as route finder or routes that are on the different vatsim divisions websites. then input the info into FSnav so you can fly that route 3) if you have the aircraft with the livery that someone has in your FS then the a/c will look better, just
  12. so are we talking fly bys etc? like the 380 has been doing?
  13. i really dont think having a go at the guy for pointing that out is going to get you very far. People aint interested in an arrogant ar*e hole. No offence So why cant you run SB3 or FSinn?
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