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  1. i've solved this issue. what you have to do is: replace LLBG line in [AIRPORT] with: LLBG 132.100 N032.00.10.191 E034.52.47.206 C ; Ben Gurion replace runways with: 03 21 000 000 N032.00.16.603 E034.53.27.986 N032.01.10.681 E034.54.02.529 LLBG Ben_Gurion;- 08 26 000 257 N032.00.49.600 E034.51.36.956 N032.01.11.139 E034.53.59.140 LLBG Ben_Gurion;- 12 30 118 000 N032.00.55.378 E034.52.00.121 N032.00.01.267 E034.53.44.318 LLBG Ben_Gurion;- Enjoy!
  2. yeah thanks, i'm just reading this part in the PDF right now by theway, owesome program!
  3. i need to set up ATIS and i get that error how do i set the airport in my sectorfile? Thanks
  4. in addition to that, as i know, to book a preflight in vatsim, you need the user number and the personal p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word for vatsim and i don't think that nor the pilots neither vRoute want to deal with sensitive info like p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]words
  5. i don't think so. as i checked vRoute made some nice work to secure their stuff. of course i already have an idea how to "break" it, but i don't really want to, and don't have time for it i just fly not in full screen because of the charts issue (yeah, i don't print them. my dad doesn't work in a paper factory )
  6. well i wrote an email to euro-book.net but why don't you try again too?! anyway i hope we'll be able to enjoy the whole potential of the possible merge soon.
  7. ok... here we go: you have the built in kneeboard, right?! you have some buttons like radio history, some other stuff and... BRIEFING! it is usually NOT empty, when you take a flight from the default ready flights in the FS. or a lesson from the learning center. it contains the briefing about the lesson or mission. now when you build your own flight, of course it has no briefing, and the page it loads is the "nobrief.htm" and since your flights are always custom, the page the kneeboard loads is the nobrief.htm ======== - What can be done with nobrief.htm? ANYTHING! it's a usual h
  8. is there any data sharing between? it would be nice to join both inforamtion about booked flights and currect active flights and so on
  9. hey people, why to make it difficult?! why gauges?! you simply can put it into: Flight Simulator 9\Uires\nobrief.htm which is the intergated page in the kneeboard of Flight Simulator
  10. hi! anyone knows a soft or app for broadcast you screen on the net? so anyone could see what you see. or a soft for recording your screen and audio, to create a movie? Thanks
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