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  1. IIRC the left most settings are the most realistic.
  2. Wade, I don't know what the fudge factor should be. I would prefer to revert to the old setting until the problem is fixed. I would rather receive the navaids too early than too late. Thanks for helping out.
  3. Same here Shawn. Wade here are two examples that, IMO, do not need real world verification: I can't receive PGY from TANNR on V186 at 5500ft. I can't receive the localizer from the KINGS intersection on the LDA/DME-1 for runway 18 at KTVL. I have not tried these on the very latest release. I can get you my version number if you need it.
  4. I couldn't agree more with Antonio's post. The ability to practice for a real world flight using a timer and x-plane's wonderful scenery is invaluable.
  5. Control period works for me. IDK about control dash period, never tried it.
  6. Wayne, I hit enter to bring up the text message box, then press tab to cycle through the controller list and last msg sender list. So i guess my memory was not serving too good.
  7. Wayne, If memory serves, the tab key toggles the last message sender callsign and the controller callsigns in the new xsb. Memory may not be serving though.
  8. I dont mind that so much anymore since there is a key press to turn it on and off.
  9. Wayne, you've had this same thing before haven't you?
  10. I have had that before and it went away all by itself. I know others that have encountered the same thing with the same result. The last time it happened to me was after I had plugged in a new usb headset. I configured the headset in XSB, saved, exited and when i started x-plane again it was gone.
  11. Wade, the option to turn off VATSIM weather is already there (kinda). Once you are ready to taxi, you can go in to the xplane weather and set it to CAVOK, then open xsb preferences and change the "update weather every XXX minutes" to 99. We use this in our VFR flying club so that bad real world weather wont ruin a scheduled flight for 8-10 people.
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