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  1. I tried setting Vpilots priority to high, but it didn´t do the trick.
  2. Hi Since AFV was launched, this is the message I have had from most controllers, and I can´t figure out what is causing it. Any ideas?
  3. Hi After having installed the latest update, I am unable to zoom center under the mouse on the second monitor. It zooms left and right instead. What to do? Kim
  4. Thank you for the explanations. I think I´ve got it.
  5. But it still has to be the same server as the one the controller I want to observe is using? And thanks for the swift reply.
  6. Hi! A couple of questions regarding Vox server and Vox channel. Is it enough to write f.ex EDDH_APP in both empty spaces? When I try to write anything else I get an errormessage!! Hope you can help me. Oh, I´ve looked in the manual, but no luck so far.
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