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  1. The author is Michael Frantzesakis. His email is [email protected] (You can find it on "About ServInfo" button under SI help menu). Be advised, that it took me several attempts before I got a reply. If you don't get one, I don't think he'd have anything against either you or VATSIM doing it, or anyone else for that matter, the same way I did, since effectively they are the same method, that doesn't affect the original client in any way. Since it was included in the discussion with Ross mentioned above, it's only fair that this is mentioned as well. VAT-Spy uses the same data and similar fo
  2. Thanks, Dave. I believe it's the one that is publishing (and maybe maintaining) the updates which the users were trying to communicate with. This was my intentions. Can you give us his name (if he still is) and I'll try to address the question to him specifically? Thanks. -- L. James -- L. D. James [email protected] http://www.apollo3.com/~ljames Hello Larry, that was me. Ross Carlson did help out a great deal in regards to planning the process and making announcements and such, during his time as VATGOV5, too. Thanks for pointing out that they were perhaps tryi
  3. You'll just have to combine them yourself. Had any of these places just listened and added their updates both correctly, and when this thing was happening, as was recommended...instead of 5mins after VATSIM published its one, noone would have these issues right now
  4. Your current files probably don't contain an alias for "ZHU", only "HOU". If you are using untouched either SI2.02 or same but with VATSIM 07/08's update, then you definitely don't have it as an alias. Go to your servinfo.dat and VAT-Spy's equivalent(I forgot what it's called), and add "KZHU/Houston/ZHU/" after "KZHU/Houston/HOU/".
  5. servinfo.dat - Fixes all airspace related wounds servinfo.cfg - Saves personal preferences and such
  6. Nope. Talking about showing what division and whatnot a person belongs to, when they log in with an official callsign. eg In the observer list, anyone logged in as: VATUSAxxxx will have "VATUSA Region[sic] staff" VATSIMxxxx will have "VATSIM founder" etc, instead of "Observer". What Scott wanted to know, is if you can update SI somehow to show "VATSIM Thailand Staff", when you log in as VATTHDxxxx. None of this info is stored in any of the files, but within the program itself.
  7. Hi Scott, this would require a rewrite of the program...which according to its author is never happening again. Logging in with VATTHDxxxx will show up as "VATSIM staff" I'm afraid.
  8. A full servinfo.dat relating to Norway or some place up there was sent during the original process, but the person who sent it, didn't note what exactly was related to the update. Since I don't have the ability to read minds, and since he never responded again, nothing was updated.
  9. A question of interest. Coming from a place that has a sector file literally overflowing with data, I keep cracking my head every time I log on, on how to organize it better and have as *little* stuff turned on there as possible...Yet people here seem obsessed with having almost every possible type of a list and whatnot turned on. I have to wonder, do you REALLY need all that stuff?
  10. http://www.apollo3.com/download/download.php?id=18
  11. It's in the update already released at the start of '08.
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