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  1. I have now found the answer re other aircraft ID/labels - there is at present no answer!!! Over to Ross!!
  2. Thanks for that. When connected vis v{Pilot to FS2020, I was thinking that I was not seeing any other Vatsim/vPilot aircraft. However this morning I logged on, parked up over at WARR where Vatspy said there was a lot of traffic. I was seeing other aircraft flying in, landing and taxiing. When I disconnected they disappeared. I think that I was looking for labels with each aircraft identifying them. So that is my next question, should there be? Thanks in advance Peter
  3. Hello i am running vPilot and FS2020. I have disabled AI and Groups in the Sim, but I am unable to see any aircraft when connected to vPilot and I have filed a flight plan etc. Any ideas. Can any one send me a screenshot of what I should be seeing please? I suspect that I have wrong settings etc, but can’t see it at present. Many thanks. Peter
  4. thanks I've found it. The installer installed about 6 x modules. Still get wrong password etc. I know my credentials are right. I'll plod on - thanks for your help and guidance. Peter
  5. Hello most grateful for your reply. I have now in vPilot in host mode. Everything is on my PC Sim is running and flight selected. This is the screen I have. I do not seem to be connected. There is no connect button.. Second image is screen when trying host mode. Says its not recognising by login details, but they are correct Sorry to be so dim! Peter
  6. Hello, I'm new here, but used to do a lot of flight sim. Now returning with FS2020. I've installed VPilot, but cannot connect . I am being asked a Host Address. I selected to run vpilot remote. Can any one tell me what the address is please?
  7. Hi could someone tell me where I can find the download please? Peter
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