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  1. I meant that if I remove all 3 DLLs, then on next startup of Euroscope they are recreated (and ES shows something about "finishing installation"). Wondering how could I determine why it is happening?
  2. Hi there, posting in this topic to avoid creating new one, as the topic title works for my issue. So, after quite some time of not visiting vatsim forum I came here and discovered a new ES version. Gave it a try and I also have DLL issue, but not the one that have been reported in several other topics here. This is the error I am getting: The system is Windows XP Pro SP3. Tried the solutions for those other DLL issues but they do not seem to help, DLLs are being recreated but the error is still there. Reinstalled MS C++ 2010 Redistributable a few times, to no avail. Now I am
  3. First, thanks to Daniel for pointing out this thread. And, if/when there is going to be next update, there are some minor changes (no major airports involved) in EVRR: These lines should be removed: EVJA|Kuldiga|56.941619|21.990931||EVRR|0 EVTJ|Tukums|56.938833|23.221||EVRR|0 And this line added: EVJA|Tukums-Jurmala|56.938833|23.221||EVRR|0
  4. So, is this the latest update out there? And by the way, the rapidshare link does not work anymore.
  5. There is one thing about the Baltic Control 132.32 - on one hand, it is like UIR as it covers 4 FIRs, but on the other hand the UIR status is somewhat misleading to pilots, saying it covers the FIR above FL245. Really, BALT_CTR is providing service down to the tower/ground when there is no respective ATCos online. So, probably it would be better to define it as a FIR - if I understand correctly, there is the same thing with ENOR and LDZO. And while we are at it, here goes some more regional airfields: EVAA|Aizpute|56.697045|21.629099||EVRR|0 EVBA|Griva|55.889732|26.460370||EVRR|0 EVCA|Cesi
  6. Hi all, I am wondering if this got sorted out, as I recently saw something that I feel *MIGHT* be related. I was controlling Baltic sector (BALT_CTR) during Fly and see Santa 2011 and next sector was Tampere Radar (EFES_2_CTR). Most of the traffic went to Finland through the INTOR intersection and in our case, it is not defined in our sector file as COPX point, as there are no specific rules to apply. Still, the tag alternatively show me that the next controller would be EFES_2 (or relevant frequency if close enough) and after some time switches to -- and unicom frequency respectively, th
  7. Good day, I would like to propose some airports for Latvia and Lithuania, in addition to existing ones: EVTJ|Tukums|56.938833|23.221||EVRR|0 EVRS|Riga Spilve|56.988167|24.0715||EVRR|0 EVRC|Riga Rumbula|56.883333|24.2225||EVRR|0 EVPA|Ikskile|56.815667|24.523333||EVRR|0 EVDA|Daugavpils|55.940167|26.659||EVRR|0 EVAD|Adazi|57.099|24.266667||EVRR|0 EVLI|Limbazi|57.485167|24.672333||EVRR|0 EYKA|Kaunas|54.963919|24.084778||EYVL|0 EYSA|Siauliai|55.893886|23.394975||EYVL|0 EYPA|Palanga|55.973333|21.093889||EYVL|0 Thanks and Merry Christmas to all!
  8. Huh. Looks like there is going to be more than one 727. I am going to use one (-100) equipped with GNS-XLS FMC this time though (as quite a few of them are in real life).
  9. Thank you, Thomas and all involved - this was a very awaited addition! For this new Centre to show up in ServInfo, open servinfo.dat file in Notepad or other text editor and use find function to look for [uIRs] section, then add the following line to it: BALT/Baltic Control/EYVL+EVRR+EETT For VatSpy, look in vatspy.dat file for the same [uIRs] section and add following: BALT|Baltic Control|EETT,EVRR,EYVL
  10. Yeah, file names were messed up, it is fixed now. Thanks a lot, Gergely!
  11. I am not aware of particular procedures at LKPR, but it is pretty common to sq mode C when at holding point or entering runway. Some larger airports require pilots to turn it on as soon as they start taxi.
  12. Allright, here it goes: PROVIDER_NAME:Latvia vACC Sector File Provider PROVIDER_URL:http://www.lv-vacc.org/es/EVRR_FIR_sector_file.txt
  13. I am also a pilot and controller and I do not have an advanced mic, I use cheapo headphones with mic from the supermarket that costed less than 4 euro. Have been doing basic calibration tests and thats it, noone complains, mostly I am reported readability as 5 by 5. Sometimes transmission might be broken which I think accounts for my internet connection, but don't recall that someone had complained about sound level or distoritions recently.
  14. Thanks for the offer, got it published via the EuroCenter provider file (thanks, Alen!). Now can I expect it to appear in the main euroscope sector providers file after some time when the update time will arrive?
  15. Okay, I was suspecting that. And thanks for very quick reply! Now just have to find someone who will add ours
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