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  1. Bizarre but I hear other horror stories about the autumn major update. The prf files I have set up for euroscope will no longer auto start the program or if I select other program to find es under "open with". If I find ES through the program files (x86) route then it will start but of course doesn't use the prf file I want, so default settings instead. Anyone else having this?
  2. Just a thought - do you need a colon after the sid name e.g. SID:CYWG:13:ARKAY1: YWG FAREN KEDGE ALKOG BILNO LENIK ELVUX RORMA CARSO DEDGO NORUN DEGVA YRL YQK VBI YQV YDR
  3. In the meantime using .callsign [correctairlinecallsign] and clicking on the tag of the a/c will I believe update the ES file that stores this info which means variations can be easily updated
  4. if i remember right - euroscope can pick up selcal from the remarks section so I would imagine this idea could be fairly straightforward to implement with a similar p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] after a standard remark e.g. /callsign [name]. Also I believe controllers can amend their local list quite easily if a new callsign keeps popping up using a standard alias.
  5. You can create aliases to pick up a particular a/c dep or arr metar as long as you have the airport in your metar list, along the lines of: .ma current weather at your destination is $metar($arr) .md for info local weather at departure airport is $metar($dep) but you have to F2 (airport ICAO) before you use it if you have not already downloaded that metar into euroscope hope that is what you were after.. Matt
  6. OK Todor - next question I've got the grammar working fine - am developing the file to be more relevant for my area. Can I check the following: Sentences - syntax can include words, oneoffs, repeats and sequences in combination separated by colons? I haven't quite understood the file structure from the wiki site information but will keep at it. Is there any potential to allow the message editor to pick up the old $alias commands - as this would save time in sentence construction e.g. SENTENCE:wind:$winds:runway:etc etc Thanks
  7. Hi folks - have a problem getting the voice recognition to work - help please if you can: Running XP - have installed SDK5.1 - do I do anything else with it once installed? Dropped the example grammar file into the box in the voice dialogue and pressed the two ptt keys using test grammar (got the two boxes at the bottom) but nothing recognised at all e.g. boxes remain blank. Must be missing something here - what haven't I done! Other than that - thanks to Gergely and team for the new version - like the new options, especially on managing chat messages (one thing I would like to
  8. Some advice appreciated from those in the know about ISPs. Still having dreadful upload speeds hence poor comms when controlling typically 160kbps (good old Orange!). Good router, network card is standard with the pc but having done a bit of monitoring I suspect it is an upload speed issue via the exchange. Not being an expert in such matters I could do with some thoughts on these observations: Have checked and my local exchange at present is ADSL so 2MB download max though due to become 8MB shortly (generally getting around 1.3 most days). There are no LLU providers on our little vill
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. Perhaps if I set an observer position up in the ese with the default frequency that would allow me to select it in the ownership structure - i will give it a go. I like the idea of connecting through proxy to the student but can see it might be difficult. Related to this is that I use the logging system when mentoring to record the session for playback - however although I get transmissions on text recorded I don't get the student voice transmissions because they are not being transmitted by me! Is there a way to do this - it could be quite useful for r
  10. It would be really handy if when mentoring enroute you can set up the sector you are watching without having to set the primary frequency (which otherwise mucks up the controller list IDs for example). Not sure how this could be achieved...
  11. Hi Philip Not sure if I understand you right but you can already do this. Load up your main sector file as your overview then load up any other asr files you want open e.g. underlying fields but make sure you select no when it asks if you want to make them the active sector file. Then just switch between them using F7. It's really quick to do - I use it all the time on TT_S when doing top-down (not that I will need to soon of course )
  12. This seems to be a different problem - I had the same thing again last night. Half way through the arrival and departure runways at some airports got switched around - makes the extended centreline for active runway arrivals quite tricky if you don't notice in time! I'll try and run a log next time to see if I can track down what is triggering the change ([Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming the log will pick it up).
  13. Odd thing happens - have set up runways correctly at start of session - including centrelines. Half way through I find these have changed - this seems to happen after the metars have updated but more often than not it seems to reset to whatever the original runways were at the beginning of the session. Anyone else experienced this?
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