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  1. I forgot, has this been covered already? There will be times when a person calls in "DAL123 at flight level five thousand" or the like. Depending on my mood, and level of traffic, I'll either ignore the 'flight level', or I'll respond "DAL123, Indy Center, good evening sir. Flight level five thousand is above my airspace. Suggest you contact Houston Space Center. If you are actually at five thousand feet, then good evening; radar contact!"
  2. I don't think there's a range on voice. I believe that, for anyone that is able to see you, and who has you tuned on radio, and who has voice capabilities in their client, and who can connect to your voice channel, will be able to talk to you via voice. Are you maybe talking about the visibility range?
  3. The newly-redrawn Port Columbus (KCMH), as viewed in EuroScope (but it'll also work in VRC). Different colors denote different buildings: Blue for commercial terminal; teal for GA; brown for cargo: and red for airport ops, unknown, or unconfirmed.
  4. Hi Dmetrey, I think you have two options. Your first option is to use UniATIS. This site provides custom ATISes for many locations already, and it may be possible to have UniATIS modified to support your airports. Your second option is to make your own program and voice recordings. That is what I did, and I released all of the files for other people to use. Go to http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=40006 to read about it and get the files for you to experiment. You might ask me, which is best? I am not sure. I might suggest, start with UniATIS; if that does n
  5. Hi all, I've been thinking: It really annoys me when somebody makes something available, and then it disappears forever. I really dislike having that feeling of helplessness, how something you use regularly is suddenly gone. I have decided to publicly release the server-side program that converts METARs into EuroScope script. The file is available here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18635216/metar2es.cgi This is probably not going to be a simple drop-in for your FE or Webmaster. It's written in Perl (but don't let that scare you ), and it requires one Perl module (P[Mod - Happy T
  6. Wow, people were/are actually using my stuff! SHOCK! I didn't know if people still wanted the audio files, but I've moved them over to my Dropbox account. I've already modified the main post to point to the new URL. Let's see how long Dropbox lasts! Anybody else looking for airport name generation?
  7. Hi Gergely, Thanks for that! I was experiencing the same problem, and clearing Temporary Internet Files was the solution for me.
  8. It is, but you might want to do something else instead. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume that JFKArea15 and JFKArea16 are both defined in separate SECTORLINEs. If you have two different blocks of airspace, and you want to say "both of these are mine", then all you need to do is to define two SECTORs, each with a different airspace, but both with the same name. However, I can only think of one reason why you would have a single SECTORLINEs that would be used as a BORDER by two different SECTORs: If, for that block of airspace, one sector owns the airspace close to the ground, and another s
  9. I think I have seen this issue, but only intermittently. First, though, I want to verify something: When you say "realistic radar", what do you mean? Do you mean that you have the "simulate radar coverage and outage" option turned on, or do you mean something else? Anyway, although I believe I have seen this, it is not something I see very regularly. I suggest trying one thing: When you give the aircraft a new transponder code, tell the aircraft to "squawk XXXX and ident". I have found that the ident flash will cause EuroScope to properly correlate the aircraft.
  10. In my case, it was not too hard to fix this problem. It is just a matter of adding the visibility center point to the appropriate entries in the [POSITIONS] section of the .ese file. For example, you probably have entries that look like this: Port Columbus ATIS:-:124.600:PA:A:KCMH:ATIS:KCMH:ATIS Port Columbus N Approach:-:125.950:1N:N:CMH:APP:CMH:APP:7301:7377 Port Columbus S Approach:-:119.150:1S:S:CMH:APP:CMH:APP:7301:7377 Port Columbus Satellite Approach:-:118.200:1T:T:CMH:APP:CMH:APP:7301:7377 Port Columbus Tower:-:132.700:1T:C:CMH:TWR:CMH:TWR:7301:7377 Port Columbus Ground:-:12
  11. Hi Todor, I wonder, the behavior you mentioned with callsigns matching the airport name, does this behavior work with three-character airport names? In the U.S., if somebody is controlling KCVG, the tower will be using the callsign CVG_TWR. In my case, for the vZID sector file, for every position I included a latitude/longitude center point. This is not completely clear in my memory, but I think one problem I remember having was, no matter what position I connect in, the visibility centerpoint would always be FLM (FLM is the sector file default centerpoint).
  12. Hello! If I can help, just let me know. Although I am part of vZID, I live on the U.S. West coast also.
  13. I wonder, would it be possible to work around the issue by settings two vis points, one east of the International date line, and one west?
  14. Hi Luca, Here's everything I know about this type of thing: Each .asr file stores the path to the sector file that it uses. When you open the .asr file, if EuroScope can find the sector file referenced by the .asr file, then that is what will be used. If, when you open the .asr file, EuroScope can not find the sector file referenced in the .asr file, then EuroScope will display an alert, and it will ask you if you want to use the active sector file instead. When I started using the downloadable sector files, I deleted all of the other sector files I had on my computer. I want
  15. Hello! I was wondering, is there such a thing as Special VFR (SVFR) outside of the United States? While doing a training session today, I realized that the flight plan setting dialog does not have the option to make a flight plan SVFR. That is why I was wondering, does SVFR exist outside of the United States?
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