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  1. Sorry if it took long to reply, but I was kinda discouraged by your answer. Honestly also the fact that you thought necessary to mute me here, so it quickly wasn't a priority. I'm sorry, is there not a 'pipeline' where the sound is coming out of your application, can't you just apply a maximum volume of some sort,, you never answered that. One day I'll put myself to it and release AFVF(Audio for VATSIM Fixed), and it'll just be a binded application with a decibel limiter or something xD (joke obviously that wouldn't be legal). To me it seems like an easy fix. If it was important
  2. I do have to use voice when I control due to FIR policies obviously. When you say your motivation is going down. I've never experienced motivation going down from criticism on my projects, it means people care and want a fix. Meanwhile our instructors are deprived of secondary frequencies. We aren't able to properly cover all of our FIR because of unfair limitations on transmitters. The only thing harsh here is the number of decibel you are putting out. My motivation goes down when I CANNOT control because of said problem and I'm forced to log out shamefully as a chief in front of my mate
  3. You clearly never experienced it if you downplay it like this. When experienced for the first time, this issue will instantly make the user throw his headset into his screen. The volume becomes so high in a matter of a second or 2 and any headset/speakers cannot handle it and after going 10x the recommended number of dB for that device it just starts simply beeping weird screeches and producing silence. You are downplaying this issue. This can cause real hearing problems and I can think of 3 easy fix right now. Please fix this before someone gets permanent hearing damage, I think this is
  4. Have you tried my suggestion of capping the maximum volume this app can produce. At this point it has been almost a year with a huge problem that can cause permanent damage to hearing and no solution in sight. As a programmer I understand it can be hard to fix a problem when you can't reproduce it yourself, but at this point this is just ridiculous. I admit I am not on the project and have no insight, but a long time ago I provided a simple solution idea and I have just been ignored. I understand you would want to correctly fix the problem, but can you provide the reason for y
  5. I said "it seems" because Im 99% sure I disabled it, and im 99% that I heard the issue once. But since that day it hasn't happened once. It actually might have worked. Sorry I don't have time to control a lot these days. I wouldnt take it as My headset cost me 12$ on amazon so the volume isn't high, and I do have some tiny hearing problem, I need to listen to everything at high volume, nothing serious. I also don't have the 'boost' option somehow on my audio card.
  6. I appreciate your help I was just explaining my situation. Unfortunately my headset is also already at maximum volume. I don't know why but it seems I still had the problem after disabling the effect
  7. Is it possible to add a quick fix that would limit the maximum volume over all (like someone mentioned). Im talking about about going around the problem until we can fix the problem and before someone gets ear damage? (I LITERALLY have hearing problem and it is STILL VERY painful to my ears, I can't imagine a normal person) All fixes didn't work for me (disabling VHF simulation doesn't fix it, and decreasing volume is not possible because for me it DOES decrease volume and then I cannot hear the pilots) Thank you,
  8. Have I known this module when I started my project it could've help. I might switch to it eventually. My priority on this project is to add cache. For example if a second user loads the page or if the same user refreshes the page, it shouldn't fetch the information again for like 2-5 minutes
  9. I also use it the same way (Iframe to home page) on our FIR's website http://czulfir.com This is all the possible information given by VATSIM (https://github.com/rt-2/CZUL-Controllers-Online/blob/master/ControllersOnline/resources/api.lib.inc.php) and any of those could be implemented easily.
  10. I just connected without a primary frequency to test. For me there is a difference between -72 and 0. There is also a difference between 0 and +72 (My usual setting). I tested with my ATIS.
  11. because I can't increase AFV's volume Realistic VHF simulation is a must and I can't wait to use it again. thanks for your work and good luck
  12. @Nestor Perez I also want to keep the realistic VHF effect, but it seems to be an easier fix. Anyway AFV was at +72 in its settings, and 100% in windows mixer, and my main volume is also 100%, so I cannot increase it's volume at all. I would like to test your -72 solution for you but it's not practical for me. I have read people say the volume between 0 and -72 is the same and this might be an clue? Maybe somewhere in the VHF effect code there's a reference to the volume settings and the problem might be near that? Im only speculating/brainstorming. Good luck.
  13. I wanted to, but no atc was in range for me to test. I will deactivate ATC simulation effect next time I login and cross my finger
  14. Thanks, I'm proud I could help other FIRs. I really like https://www.vatwa.net/online where there is also logos being shown. It might be a good addition to the Github for others to enjoy, maybe as an option. Anything that you guys needed to modify in order to make it work might be a good addition to the original repository. Thanks for using my code and have a good day!
  15. Hi, This was a feature that we always had, unfortunately, not having the possibility for secondary frequencies affect training, as a instructor can ONLY set primary frequencies. I know that AFV lets us listen to multiple frequencies at once, but it's only as primary frequencies. A secondary frequency feature needs 3 things: Secondary PTT, Secondary hardware output and secondary volume. Thank you,
  16. I did another post for it, sorry for the duplicate. It is not a pilot problem IMO, because in my research, I found that if somebody listen to the frequency at the same time, they would not hear the problem while I hear it, So IMO it is a client problem on the computer of the person that hears the problem. Thank you
  17. A did more research and found this issue is the same (IDK why I didn't find it at first)
  18. Hello This problem DID NOT happen at first, it came with one of the updates. What happens is that 1/10 of communication are unreadable. What happen during THOSE is that the audio message starts at 0% volume and increase with time. after 1-3 seconds its at 100% but keeps coming up. After that it continues going up and up and up. Its dangerous for my ears and unreadable, and at some point, the volume is SO HIGH, that the codec just sends silence. Basically the communication is ONLY readable from second 2 to 4, anything before or after is too weak or too loud. So people will read back I
  19. http://www.aircharts.org/ or http://www.aircharts.org/api cant be reach from here. Is the source-code available, or has it been re-uploaded? Thank you
  20. Hi, I recently created what you are asking. This is my source code, hope this can help (not optimised) https://github.com/rt-2/CZUL-Controllers-Online
  21. Yes I don't see any reason for the data to be different, only the format is different.
  22. Im just commenting to get notifications. I know a bit of C++ but Im not familiar with Euroscope plugins. I also have my reasons to develop a plugin but I can't put my hand on a example script or some docomeentation. EDIT: I found this docomeent I think it will help: https://www.euroscope.hu/docomeents/EuroScopePlugInDevelopment.doc
  23. It seems that 'time_logon' is the zulu time in this format: YYYYMMDDHHMMSS, so make sure you take the seconds into account.
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