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  1. I regret that my web site was taken down by my ISP. They originally provided their customers with 20mb of free hosting space, then pulled the plug and made us all go and pay for it. And of course they dumped all of the addresses, so even if I wanted to, I couldn't use that old address any more. I hardly involve myself in the VATSIM world any more, although once every few months I will check the forums. Regards, Peter. "VSCS for VRC" Developer.
  2. Brian, In your screen shots there is no Profile name showing in the Window Title Bar, eg, '[1] VRC 1.2.0 - "" - Not Connected'. Are you saving your Profiles without any name? I am wondering if a part of your problem lies in the lack of Profile name? There normally should be the name of the Profile you are opening, showing in the Window Title Bar. Have you tried saving a setup with a different Profile Name and then when starting VRC double clicked on that new Profile? As for the "break" messages, it almost seems like there is corruption of your keyboard inputs - have you double checked your Regional settings under Windows? Ross - any thoughts why VRC might not put the Profile Name into the Title Bar? It's a long shot. Peter.
  3. Ok, we have decided to break the cost down a little by making it just $20 for one day - that is only $20 if you attend either Friday, Saturday or Sunday - otherwise its still $45 for the weekend if you attend 2 or 3 days. If you are interested, just fill in this form: http://auspilot.com/event/thunder/signup.pdf A new form with the revised costs will be up within the next 24 hours. See you there, Peter.
  4. G'day all Aussie controllers, VATPAC and I are conducting an ATC LAN party at Bankstown Airport, Sydney, from 5pm Friday 23rd February until late on Sunday 25th February. This is a great opportunity for any and all ATC to meet up with all those people whose names you see all the time, and wonder what they look like Title for the event is ROLLING THUNDER. Check out the web site http://auspilot.com/event/thunder/. 4 TAAATS-like consoles will be available for anyone to use, including my personal console, plus we will have a Tower view with FS9 projected onto a large screen for out-the-window tower controlling. Plenty of cable and wireless network connections will be available for those who can bring their own laptop or desktop PC. Some limited on the floor camping will be available for $5 per night if you wish to stay over, or 1 week out from the event we may have some individual single bed rooms available in the pilot accommodation next door ($30/night). Toilets and showers plus kitchen available in the building. BBQ dinners and hot breakfasts included along with tea, coffee, soft drinks and nibbles during the day. Should be a great event if we can get plenty of people to come along. Peter.
  5. Ross, I have updated to nVidia driver 91.47, but still only have VRC scopes working on one card. I tried re-loading the driver (making sure no anit-virus), reset the boot card in BIOS and anything else I could think of. If you'd like any more system or hardware details let me know. Peter.
  6. Ross, I have one AGP and one PCI card driving my 4 monitors - 2 each. Both are nVidia cards, and driver version I can open new windows on the second card, but can't zoom, and dragging or maximising drops parts of the scope on that second card. I will look at updating my driver again, but due to travel, won't be for a couple of weeks. Peter.
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