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  1. Just go to the "Help" menu in VRC, and there's a ton of docomeentation for it right there.
  2. Congratulations, and thanks for devoting your time - we all appreciate it.
  3. I don't think you need to concentrate on how to most easily find the answers (that's what the ctrl functions are getting at). I think you just simply need to read the material and study. The whole point of these tests is to make sure you are familiar with the material required of an air traffic controller, and if you can't p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] the test, that means you are not familiar enough with the information, and can not provide basic ATC services. If you get hooked on "the easy way" of p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing the tests, you will make for a very poor controller. You have
  4. Well done, thanks for stepping up guys - best of luck to you both and congratulations.
  5. Yusuf, The LDS 767 comes with an extensive manual. I'm certain you will find the answers to all of your questions (and more) in the manual. This is a complex aircraft, you will need to take some time to study and learn how to fly it. It's not as simple as you expect.
  6. Kevin, I had this exact same problem. I believe it was my soundcard that caused the problem, because when I unloaded the soundcard, everything worked fine with my default (onboard) soundcard. You do not need two soundcards, but I do not know the difference between DirectSound and Wave. Both of them work fine for me now with VRC and TS running at the same time. I had an extremely over-the-top professional quality sound card hooked up to my machine which was causing the problem, so I would recommend disabling your sound card if able, and either using a cheap soundcard instead, or perh
  7. Okay, you guys win. I did not like the answer, and I procrastinated, but I unloaded my sound card and all its software, which I did not want to do because of the headache involved. Then I had to re-adjust my bios so that the onboard sound card was enabled (as having the two enabled at once made problems for some reason when I originally installed it), and found the right drivers, etc. etc. Bottom line... THe "repeatable" problem has been solved. I can now request an ATIS from an adjacent controller and it comes back, and my sound still works. I have a very good feeling that this
  8. Yes, that's true. You're right, I'm not crazy about that answer. That would mean I'd have to uninstall the sound card, which is not quite like uninstalling WinZip or something trivial. But you're right. That is the proper procedure. Well, I guess I'll get back to you with a diagnosis once I feel compelled to become adventurous with my system setup. Thanks very much for the help! Dave
  9. Ouch, that wasn't the response I was hoping for. If Ross can't help me, who shall save my posessed client? Not that it'll help, but remember it's not only the ATIS that does it - it's also some other seemingly random event. Can you simulate seemingly random events on your system?
  10. Ross, et. al., I have had this issue for a long time using VRC, and I could never duplicate the problem. Every so often my perfectly working and capable VRC client with seemingly no provocation would stop letting me receive VOX. I could still transmit vox, but no rx. Further, all of my windows sounds would stop, I could not hear the 'dings' and things you'd normally hear when using other windows applications. The only solution was to log off and log back on - I figured out that I did not need to reboot my system to get it fixed. And then it woudl happen again at no specific time, or
  11. Congratulations, and thanks for stepping up and devoting your time for all of us!
  12. I can't help very much, but you can take a look in one of your ector files and see how its laid out, and maybe that will help you understand what needs to be done - it's all text. Maybe there is also some docomeentation of the VRC site, but that's all I could say.
  13. Well I got on, and went as concisely as I could through all the hoops and made sure everything was working, so for me it went well, as a pilot. It didn't seem overly busy, but everyone I talked to was on their game, for what that's worth. I'll plan on hitting you all up for ATC again I imagine between now and then. I can't imagine that half the pilots wouldn't show - I think we'll do better than that.
  14. What software are you using to connect - Squawkbox? If so, there is a TX and RX light for your comms 1 and 2 channels, and you should see them light up when you TX or RX, as appropriate.
  15. What a perfect Christmas present! More responsibilities! Congratulations on your appointments guys, we're all very excited to see your contributions. Looking forward to working with you all.
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