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  1. Just installed 2020 and V-Pilot. If I understand correct (and that is a huge if) the generic is what other online pilots will see my aircraft as in which case which aircraft is "produced" by this Generic Asobo please.
  2. Just wondering, does Vatsim Viewer Vatsim Viewer ATC circles show who controls what area?
  3. First off, welcome to the forums. As a Newbie may I give some friendly advice (and I do mean friendly I am not having a go at you or anything🙂). When posting please try and use a topic that represents your problem or query. In this particular case a topic heading like "Do I need Stars and SIDs to fly on the network" or the like would be better. The reason for this is so that a member in future with the same query will find it easier to locate an answer by searching the forum topics which should always be first course of action.😉Cheers Dan
  4. I think that some members whose first language is not english can come across as short or aggressive however as this is a global forum we need to be more understanding and try not to see insults or aggressiveness where there is none. If you do not like someone's attempts at assistance then best to just ignore (and by the way "mia culpa, mia culpa", I think every language can understand a bit of Latin😄) And I agree that searching the forum for existing solutions should be the first step but quite frankly when you look at some of the topic titles i.e. "I have a problem" etc it is virtually impos
  5. Is it about time that a separate sub-forum was started? As an XP11 user do I need to wade through all the MS2020 queries that are now being raised?
  6. Hi Evan, you have mentioned models for x-plane. I have looked at www.flai.app but can't see any reference to x-plane? Can you point me in the right direction please. Cheers Dan
  7. Which CSL's do you AND your friend use?
  8. Can one add comments to all flight plans? Maybe that would help where able.
  9. Just wondering if you got these links ok Justin? Not chasing a reply yet as I I understand you are doing a lot as well as having your own life to lead😉
  10. Thanks Justin. I have just again gone thru the process and again X-Plane will not start so as suggested I provide herewith a link to my Google Drive for crash report and Log.Txt files. Crash Report Log.Txt
  11. After installing x-Pilot 1.3.29 my X-Plane 11 takes up to 5 times to start. I updated x-Pilot hoping that 1.3.30 would fix but still same situation. Just to clarify, I do not start x-Pilot first, I press on desktop shortcut icon for X-Plane 11 and then get the message to send the error report to Laminar. I close down this message and have to go thru this same procedure up to 5 times and then X-Plane 11 starts. I then open x-Pilot and all works. Now I understand that whilst I am not starting x-Pilot nevertheless X-Plane 11 tries to activate(?) the x-Pilot plugin which is probably the cause. I
  12. Perhaps my query was answered some days ago Justin😉
  13. Here we go again, a not so helpful response from Andreas. I use x-Pilot to file my plans and until the recent update I did not have to enter any code so the program must have done it automatically. There is no problem now as others have provided constructive comments; thank you Robert for a most informative video😉
  14. Is the update from the x-pilot application now working or do I still ignore the update from the app and instead do it thru the x-plane site?
  15. Had something to say..decided not to so deleted it.
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