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  1. Already a member of a VA (Compass Airlines). My wife and I did a real life flight with Air Maroc in 2019 from Casablanca (GMMN) to Madrid after a three week trip in wonderful Morrocco. Apart from overcrowding and other inconveniences ( at train entrance at the airport with a full train load of passengers, only one of three security screens were working) the actual flight was very enjoyable with very professional flight crew. I would have no trouble recommending the real life airline.
  2. I co-ordinate some GA flights on Vatpac (World Discovery Wednesdays) and before planning a flight all I do is check out the real airport to see if in reality it accepts non-military aircraft. If it does not, then I do not fly there, if it does then I investigate the rules and requirements. EzsyPezy🙂
  3. Thanks for the education Tyler. I would think that very few of us here would be able to do what you do; I am so impressed. Tell me, how do you use FSTramp if you cannot see it? Regards Dan
  4. Talk about a wow factor!! Tyler, so I can be further educated I for one would be most interested in your process of flying i.e. take off, flying and then landing?? Maybe when you get a chance you would care to expand on the subject herein. Cheers Dan
  5. Hear what you say but one good thing about Vatsim is that it transcends politics and you can fly wherever you want.🙂
  6. Lot's of information especially related to A320 on the MSFS2020 forum https://www.flightsimulator.com/ I would be totally surprised if Vatsim connectivity would have any relationship to this problem. However with computers one can never be 100% certain.
  7. 1st post, welcome to the forums mate🙂 Maybe it's just that no-one else close by is on line at the moment? Just use one of the programs as per Mr Shearman jr suggests🙂
  8. Most of the time (if not all the time) in respect of VFR flying, ATC is not interested so long as you stay below certain altitudes. But yes just make initial contact as a matter of courtesy. At least that way ATC can confirm your position.
  9. The "game" even when installed on an external type SSD, harddrive or USB I am fairly certain that it still requires certain files that are only installed on your internal computer drive. Maybe Robert could confirm or otherwise 😉 For example my "game" is installed on my M.2 SSD called "H" drive however there are a number of files that only install on my root C drive. This restricts the playing of the game to one computer. To show your friend you will have to invite him or her around to your place.
  10. VMR files generally collect information from more than one source and it is not uncommon for there to be spelling and ICAO errors making it impossible for vPilot to match. The only solution (and I do not yet know how to do this) is to identify which aircraft you have trouble matching and then locate the information in the vmr file for editing using notepad or the like. Unfortunately this will probably have to happen on an aircraft error by aircraft error basis. This also happened sometimes in X-Plane CSL files. There were a number of this type of error even in Bluebell CSL's.
  11. Just installed 2020 and V-Pilot. If I understand correct (and that is a huge if) the generic is what other online pilots will see my aircraft as in which case which aircraft is "produced" by this Generic Asobo please.
  12. Just wondering, does Vatsim Viewer Vatsim Viewer ATC circles show who controls what area?
  13. First off, welcome to the forums. As a Newbie may I give some friendly advice (and I do mean friendly I am not having a go at you or anything🙂). When posting please try and use a topic that represents your problem or query. In this particular case a topic heading like "Do I need Stars and SIDs to fly on the network" or the like would be better. The reason for this is so that a member in future with the same query will find it easier to locate an answer by searching the forum topics which should always be first course of action.😉Cheers Dan
  14. I think that some members whose first language is not english can come across as short or aggressive however as this is a global forum we need to be more understanding and try not to see insults or aggressiveness where there is none. If you do not like someone's attempts at assistance then best to just ignore (and by the way "mia culpa, mia culpa", I think every language can understand a bit of Latin😄) And I agree that searching the forum for existing solutions should be the first step but quite frankly when you look at some of the topic titles i.e. "I have a problem" etc it is virtually impos
  15. Is it about time that a separate sub-forum was started? As an XP11 user do I need to wade through all the MS2020 queries that are now being raised?
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