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  1. Jonathon, could you post a screenie of your vPilot, Custom Rules page please. Maybe there is an incorrect link there?🙂
  2. Thank you for promising to NOT help me again. I do not need your sarcastic "help". Chriss on the other hand was most patient and helpful. PS: Moderator(s) just advising that I will not continue this by commenting further even if Andreas wishes to "help" again.🙂
  3. "it's an event between the VATMENA and VATEUD regions, that it happens twice a year and that the direction of travel alternates, just like the modalities of Cross The Pond. Hence "Cross The Land". See also previous editions of this event" Smart answer! Says the direction of an "event", says how often the "event" happens, asks for voting on airfields/airports for the "event" and previous editions of the "event" say the same thing except for the direction. Please Andreas do not bother answering I will send a PM to Chriss who I am certain will be more helpful. Just another example
  4. I have used the search function and found 17 pages of reference to "myVatsim" so I am being lazy. Can someone direct me to where this myVatsim is explained please. Reason d'etre, what it does, what's it's relevance etc etc?. Thank you.
  5. Is there any topic where this event is described in a bit more detail? Is it an event that starts somewhere and then continues in an easterly direction? is it localised or global? Is for all types of aircraft? etc...
  6. Are we certain that FSInn no longer works with FS9 etc? I was under the impression that it still works but is no longer supported???The difference between "Not working" and "not supported"/ I do not use any of the programs mentioned but thought it worth asking the question🙂
  7. Vatpac group of eight pilots VFR Kathmandu to Lukla via Mount Everest this evening enjoyed the ATC from Resh B Bhattarai. He said he was a student controller and we all would like to say he did a a very good job. Especially given that we are all at varying levels of aptitude when communicating with ATC.
  8. Have you selected the correct audio device in vPilot settings? I know that sounds simple but sometimes it's the simple things that get overlooked. Hope you get it sorted🙂
  9. Just to get my head around this. Am I correct when I think that to get the correct livery on another pilots aircraft that other pilot has to have a call sign relating to the livery. not just selecting the aircraft ICAO? i.e. I am a Compass pilot and use call sign YMAXXX so even when I enter aircraft type as B738 if I do not use the call sign the livery will not be seen? If that is correct it leads to another query; If I use my Compass callsign for an aircraft that does not have a Compass livery, say a C172 how does vPilot work out which C172 livery to use? Thankyou Dan
  10. Was going to say something but it has already been said well.🤪 Wish one could delete a post without having to submit a blank page or a page with a "dot". Is there a way that I am not aware of?
  11. Totally agree with Josh and Sebastian. Just wondering, I do not recall when I joined long ago having to provide any evidence of my identity or how I identify except for my email address. Is this documentation now required as part of the registration process?
  12. Thinking about it further I agree that we would still need .vmr, CSL files etc but could an additional function be created to be like FSInn so a model match could be overridden?
  13. With an FSInn type system/programming somehow it picked up what other pilots were flying (maybe a different type of .vmr or CSL file) but the point I am trying to make in my very confusing manner (lol) is that if you did not have the relevant .vmr or CSL or FSInn equivelant file you could select specific pilot's call sign and change that aircraft to whatever you wanted so long as you had the aircraft in your own library. I remember that quite often I did not see the other pilots correct aircraft and I would just ask "what aircraft are you flying?" and then I would change what I was seeing t
  14. As some will know, the old client FSInn worked on the basis of using your own aircraft library to generate how you saw other aircraft. i.e. another pilot flying a DC3 but appearing as something else with FSInn you could change how you saw another aircraft into any aircraft that you had in your own aircraft library. Also say another pilot had a Baron 58 but you did not what you could do is change the other aircraft into something similar that was in your library. I have probably got you all totally confused now but most of you "oldies" who used FSInn will know what I mean. So my query is, is t
  15. Always problems in the sub forum so thought I would just say a thank you for all the work you do Ross. Might not work all the time for all of the people but you can't please all the people all of the time😆 So, thank you. Cheers Dan
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