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  1. I think that is what he is asking Callum🙂 He would have to pm someone on the Board I should think? Eric I would go the the "Staff" drop down at top of page and select someone from Marketing and Communications and pm them.
  2. FS2020 for me until they do the inevitable updates. By update I do not mean new sims i.e. FS9 to FSX, but I have read that all future developments will be (?) just called Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  3. Very well explained Andreas🙂 You have renewed my interest in Swift so I will re-install and give it a go. Cheers Dan
  4. Anthony, to uninstall FSInn then FSCopilot completely run default MS remove program or CCleaner then to removed remnants in registry run REGEDIT and select FIND and search for any entries for FSFDT then deleted these FIND NEXT will go right through all of the REGISTRY until you cannot find any remnants of FSFDT.
  5. This is not true. In swift you can change the aircraft as well without a problem. And all the other clients are, like FsInn, trying to guess what aircraft they should display. Users can set their priorities, whether they prefer the correct type of aircraft or the correct airline livery to be shown, in case that the exact match of type and livery are not available. So using Swift I do not need to have the same CSL or a CSL at all. I can just generate whatever aircraft I need/want from my own Aircraft folder? (that is what happens with FSInn).
  6. Just to throw a spanner in the works, whilst FSInn is no longer officialy supported nevertheless it still works fine in FSX and imho it is the best multi-flyer matching program because all the others rely on both pilots having the same CSL which is a basic file that tries to identify what aircraft are being used. If you remember, FSInn does not rely on that, If FSInn could not match I used to just ask the other pilot what he/she was flying and then I could just load the aircraft from my own files (so long as I had the aircraft); it did not matter what info was being relayed by the other pilot. Anyway that is old news. Once you get your login sorted, and you will, try installing good old FSInn first and if you have trouble then try one of the new clients. And remember when installing FSInn or one of the otjhers RTFM four times before doing anything because that is where most problems occurred in the old FSInn😉
  7. xPilot is a multi player client, not a flightsim program so changing the sim is not a solution to this problem. If you were going to take that drastic step you would be going backwards 17 years (FS9) and 14 years (FSX). Forced type of disconnections are more probably related to Vatsim as all clients using Vatsim have now been coded to automatically disconnect when frame rates fall below 20fps for longer than 30 seconds (although in practise this disconnection is reported to occurr sometimes even when FPS are above 20 and even when fps are below 20 for less than 30 seconds. X-Plane's Log.Txt file should reveal more??
  8. Hi Garry, yes indeed everyone has their own opinion regarding X-Plane Vs P3D. One thing I would try is download the free X-Plane demo as suggested and try it in it's default form first and then download Orbx free True Earth England demo which is based on a small part of the south of England and will give you an indication of what can be achieved with X-Plane and addons.
  9. If one has two versions of xPilot does one then have two plugins in X-Plane?
  10. Hi Garry, any particular reason you want FSX? It is only a 32bit program and is getting a bit long in the tooth (old). However with respect to FSX, it is quite stable but is prone to blue screen of deaths when pushed and nearly all addons in the past few years will push it. If you must use FSX then you can either get the Steam version or the full DVD (Flight Simulator X: Acceleration). There are plenty of discussion threads on line regarding Steam Vs DVD and I will not comment further in that regard. Prior to changing to X-Plane I had no problems using FSX (DVD) with Windows 10, FSCommander, Rex or Active Sky all of which I used at some time with FSX. As far as vPilot or Swift with FSX I cannot advise and therefore leave that to other responders. But seriously, personally I would use P3D or X-Plane 11 both of which are 64bit programs and both of which will get the best out of a new PC . With regard to installation of any program and related addons, when done carefully and after RTFM four times before doing anything you should not have any problems but just remember as with life in general s%$t always happens😉
  11. So what does a pilot do whilst waiting for a response from .wallop supervisor?
  12. Which server have you selected in Settings?
  13. I agree with Richard, we have now received an acknowledgment of poor communication that is as good as it is going to get. Moderators please close this topic now as it has assumed a life not related to my original post. Thankyou.
  14. Many seem to be missing the whole point of my post. It does not concern server speeds (or whatever) it is about a lack of respect for Australian members and only that. And Matthew C and Matthew B both seem to have trouble saying a simple "sorry about the lack of notice" from the BOG. That's all that would be required in answer to my post.😐
  15. "Stay tuned for a more formal announcement from VATSIM over the coming days regarding some large-scale infrastructure changes that are in progress". Matthew you have obviously missed the point. There has not even been an informal announcement! You say you have replied to all emails received; what BOG should have done was given some timely notice before shutting down the server AND instead of replying to emails BOG should have made a public announcement in the forum Very poor effort mate!! And Andreas my friend, be honest, what would you have been saying if Germany Server was shutdown without notice?
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