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  1. Hi Ross, Thank you so much and congratulations on rolling out this major new version. Installing it on my network was fast and so was setting it up, but i cannot get the PTT on the remote PC to see or read the actual PTT button used on the Host PC, being the PTT button on the Yoke (button 8 within FSUIPC) do i perhaps still need Traffic Proxy/simconnect for this to work? Thanks Peter
  2. The Board of Governors is pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas Mathieu as Regional Director for the Africa and Middle East Region. Thomas brings significant VATSIM experience to the post and we look forward to continuing working with him. Thomas-- Congratulations and welcome! all the best, Peter
  3. The Board of Governors is pleased to announce the appointment of Jackson Harding as the new Regional Director for the OCEANIA Region. Jackson brings significant VATSIM experience to the post and we look forward to working with him. Jackson -- Congratulations and welcome! all the best, Peter
  4. Does anyone from Korea understand or know how to be able to download the 3 scenery packages on this website http://vfrgo.tistory.com/56 They look very good, but its impossible to download as 1. its all in Korean and 2. there seems to be spyware embedded in some of the links. Any hints much appreciated. Tks
  5. Mr Alfred Tang has indicated he is stepping down as Regional Director of VATSIM ASIA due to real life commitments, we sincerely thank Alfred for his efforts and hope he will remain a part of the larger team for many years to come. The Board of Governors is therefore currently seeking applications for the position of Region Director VATSIM ASIA. The Regional Director is a full voting member of the Executive Committee Within VATASIA Region there are 6 divisions, VAT West Asia encomp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing the area from Pakistan in the west to Burma in the east, VAT South East Asia encomp[
  6. Hola Santiago, Si quieres te paso a estar registrado como miembro de vACC Argentina?
  7. NOTAM to all Members of VATSIM South East Asia Division It is with appreciation and sorrow that VATSIM announces the resignation of Bowen Chau from his longstanding tenure as Division Director of VATSIM ASIA. In his thirteen years as DD, Mr. Chau brought his calm expertise to members from Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malasia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. That presence will be missed, but as philosophers are given to say, "as one door closes, another opens" and we now have an opportunity to inject someone with new ideas and fresh enthusiasm into the region.
  8. Congratulations to you both, a good combination of old knowlege and new enthusiams, great choice and all the best to you both. Let me also take this chance to thank Jacques for all the hard work in the past and hope he will continue to enjoy VATSIM as a user in the future.
  9. Hi Sam, welcome back Have reactivated your account
  10. Welcome back. I have reactived the account
  11. Well what can I say? except to join in. congratulations Thomas
  12. Dear Kyp, You must have been dreaming if you thought you could sneak out on us like this after giving 10 years to the community. One of the last things I squeezed through as VATEUD1 with the team was a unanimous agreement to offer you (and you accepted) an Honorary Position for as long as you wish on the VATEUD staff team. You are now an amb[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ador at large or if you prefer a consultant for the European Division with call sign VATEUD15 a new email has been set up for you k.biris(at)vateud.net so you are joining the crew in the same capacity as Ton Out another old
  13. Gents, Welcome on board you all make VATEUD collectively proud, all the best. Training is the heart and spirit of all vACC's and every single training person, be a mentor, trainer, instructor or examiner dedicates time and above all knowledge. Good luck and turn up some great ATCO's
  14. I am sure she is over 13 But can we please tune this one down a bit... remove Barbi and replace with Olga....
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