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  1. Hi Mark, As you know, VATSIM is driven entirely by its community's base. We have structures that allow our network to govern itself - rules, procedures, leadership structures etc, but ultimately our network can only succeed when our communities in local facilities drive growth and activity - as happens all over the world. Our membership base in Africa has always been smaller, but it is nevertheless significant with over 3,000 members. I am very willing to meet with anyone and everyone who has ideas of what tools you guys need, which you feel you aren't currently getting, to drive you
  2. Norman Blackburn retires from the Board of Governors After 13 years as the Vice President of Conflict Resolution, Norman Blackburn has announced his retirement from the Board of Governors. Norman joined in the BoG in June 2007 and has been a stalwart in promoting excellence in online behaviour and ensuring that when members have been referred to the Conflict Resolution process, that they have been dealt with in a fair and timely fashion. Norman has developed many Division Conflict Resolutions Managers (DCRM) during his tenure and has been an active participant in BoG di
  3. I fondly remember the airshows at Sywell, Bill, and they were excellent. I've probably got some screenshots somewhere! With some formal organisation and a heads up with the relevant people there's no reason why these couldn't be a success.
  4. Dear all, For reference the global release on what changes are coming to FSD servers is here: https://www.vatsim.net/news/current-and-future-changes-vatsim-fsd-servers First of all, I can say confidently that there was no disrespect to anyone intended. Matt and his team have been slowly consolidating our FSD infrastructure over the past 12-18 months including the closure of other servers. Had we known what an emotive subject this would be we would of course had done more to re-assure our friends Down Under and in NZ prior to the change taking place. Most people will know this, but to
  5. A number of facilities offer this feature - VATSIM UK being one. Head to https://www.vatsim.uk/airports, select any airport and scroll down for a list of free stands. I use it for Heathrow all the time
  6. A few points on this thread but particularly Simon on some of your thoughts. First of all it’s important to note that the discussion around this proposed change started as we prepared as an organisation to become compliant with GDPR. The most important component here by far for this particular topic is that VATSIM’s data servers spew out the details you enter in the “name” field and this is visible to literally anyone, and is transmitted across all manner of external online viewing tools. Whether they should do that or not is immaterial, that’s what they did at the time and that’s what th
  7. Just to say that the new forum feels much more modern and is so much easier to read - thanks to all for your efforts in the migration.
  8. Great work team - thank you!
  9. PLEASE READ THIS IN FULL IF PARTICIPATING WITH OR WITHOUT A SLOT Ensure you read the information below. If this is your first Cross The Pond event or you are a returning looking for some helpful tips, FSElite have written an excellent article which covers all elements of your planning and what to expect during the event. Airfield Briefing Docomeents All departure and arrival pilot briefings are now available to view on the CTP website. Simply head to the Pilot Dashboard, select "Airfield Docomeents" and choose the field(s) you need. We recommend printing these off or keeping them t
  10. More information, particularly for pilots flying without a slot, will be posted here later tonight.
  11. Over the past week, VATSIM has seen two huge records broken: for the first time ever, our community saw 2,500 unique members online at the same time and we also saw 10,000 different VATSIM members connect to the network over a 24 hour period. These are huge figures for the network which has seen significant and steady growth in popularity since the release of Audio for VATSIM last year. It also comes at a time when the network is ramping up for further upgrades to enhance the user experience, including a total overhaul of the pilot ratings system which will include brand new learning mater
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