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  1. Hi Thomas, A huge proportion of our member base are real-world pilots and controllers, so the answer to your question is: yes. Now, what is your proposal?
  2. I'd be very much in favour of a facility including mentoring hours if that's what the facility needs when it comes to C3s. The GACP would allow for this.
  3. By the same token, if we don't have people advocating different points of view on the spectrum of "quality vs quantity", this entire conversation would be academic as VATSIM would have very few controllers.
  4. Hi Skylar Given that I thought I'd already made it clear in my very first post here that I was absolutely open to loosening the restriction in response to the feedback of you and many others, what more would you expect me to do to demonstrate that this isn't "all a show"? I agree with the principle of what you're saying. I think there is a middle ground.
  5. Gosh, 6 pages already. It's great to hear people care! Someone asked why such a global safeguard needs to exist in the first place. I can answer that - it's because we want to pursue the principle of being an accessible network for people from all walks of life. Setting a monthly activity requirement, in my view, threatens to unnecessarily put off people who may serve overseas, or have seasonal work requirements, for example. I'm firmly of the belief myself that setting a quarterly requirement is an absolute minimum in terms of time frame to be fair to everyone. For the record, I'm
  6. All members of the Board have been intimately involved in the preparation for this public review. Matt has done a great job in leading the charge. I think you will find the draft was only posted publicly a few days ago - I'm not sure what engagement we would expect from the rest of the group until the community has had a bit of time to offer their comments, given that we have already commented extensively prior to the public review. It's certainly my intention to return to this topic and engage in the conversation over the coming week.
  7. At first glance, this looks excellent and is exactly the kind of user-driven enhacenement the community needs. Well done Marcus - I have bookmarked.
  8. VRC has been a stalwart of the VATSIM community for many years and I fondly remember doing all my training with it. Thanks Ross for making it such a fundamental part of the network. I still use VRC to supervise on the network and will continue to do so until the very end!
  9. I've booked flights and will be there provided that travel is permitted from the UK.
  10. Gosh, so much interest! I think the first thing I'll say is that it's great that we this much passion and interest from so many people - without it VATSIM wouldn't exist. Thanks to Daniel for creating the tool. I bow to others in this thread who have infintely more technical knowledge than I, but it looks to me like you have created a great temporary workaround for those who are using applications which haven't yet updated to the new format or are abandonware, so thank you for your service to the community. Those who know me know that I am not a technical expert in this or any field,
  11. Youtube, Youtube, Youtube! A very warm welcome to VATSIM.
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