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  1. I'd be interested if you knew the company that had the issue in ORD. I was flying E170s out of ORD in this time frame. We never saw a published event on our end. Secondly here's a picture of the ZDV airspace - and yes - it does mesh up with ZLA. http://prntscr.com/kmxpti And not to dog what you were saying earlier - but I can recall a few times flying into ORD, real world, where they would change your runway at the last minute and you're expected to be able to fly it. The FMS doesn't take too long to program and if you can't take it you're able to use the one truly magic word in av
  2. So i'm controlling on a laptop and can't click with my mouse wheel. Is there an alternative way to brighten up my map? Half my controlling occurs on the road and I don't typically bring a mouse with me....
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