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  1. I guys bring up great points! My budget isn't very big right now, so I think I should wait. Save up some more money and just build a new PC myself, starting from the computer case and then eevryhting. SO I have decided that for a year i will use this [Mod - lovely stuff]py PC but upgrade RAM to 4GB and put a Graphics card in (I have on-board right now), which only has a PCI slot so I dont have much choice. So i think for that i'll go with the Geforce FX5500
  2. Sorry, I got that link from a different website which was pretty old. Here is another one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813138122 Where is says CPU Type Quad-core / Core 2 Extreme / Core 2 Duo / Pentium, this is compatible with my PC correct, because it says slash Pentium and I have a Pentium 4?
  3. Right now I have the following: Pentium4 630 (P) HT 3.0 GHz: 800MHz Front side bus Socket LGA775 Manufacturer: Asus Motherboard Name: PTGD-LA HP Motherboard Name: Goldfish3-GL8E 200 GB SATA Hardrive 7200 rpm 16x DVD(+/-)R/RW DL LightScribe drive PCI K56flex data/fax modem Integrated High Definition audio Realtek ALC 880 chipset 8-channels for Full Dolby 5.1/6.1/7.1 surround sound support with Dolby Pro Logic IIx Integrated 10/100 Base-T networking interface Memory card reader Supports the following cards: Compact Flash I Compact Flash II SmartMedia Me
  4. There's a website called "Can I run it" http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/srtest. That said that it'll run fs9 great, with recomended requirements. And right now I didnt even install the 4GB or RAM and have no graphics card. Erhan, is ATI the same as radeon? If so, that is the link I have. I dont know much about that company so I dont know which card would be good. Can you name one that is PCI? Thanks
  5. Actually, I just foun out that this card is directX 8.1 so that kinf od sucks. I think FS9 requires version 9 right? But do you guys recomend any cards that maybe you might use, that is PCI compatible?
  6. Oh so the spec for the PC that I already have: Intel Core to Duo 1.6ghz (so there about the same?) 1GB of ram Vista Nvidia Geforce 7500LE Also which graphics card is better this one or if I buy that other one?
  7. Since my slimeline s7700y has a blue screen error so I eill have to completly reformat it. But when I do my dad wants to switch is pC with me. He have a 2005 HP m7060n. I was talking to HP, and they said this best card would be this: http://www.digitalfotoclub.com/product-features.asp?id=964691163 What do you guys think about it? I will have that card, 4GB or RAM, Pentium4 3Ghz. How do you think it'll run F9?
  8. Alright thank you guys so much for the time and the info, I will be waiting for the Recovery CD and lets see what happens.
  9. Yes I do have Vista, and a HP Slimline s7700y, 1.6GHz dual core, IGB and GeForce 7500Le . Yeah before I posted this, I did search on google and did find the Resetting solution. I have ordered a recovery disk so I am waiting for that. Just wanted to get more thoughts Thanks
  10. Ok Last weekend I was out of town for a couple of days. Before I felt, I wanted to make sure that the computer was shut down, but it was already off. (Maybe someone in my family did it of it turned off by itself) So when I got back home I turn on my PC and it boots up but it doesnt go as far as user login but istead I get a blue screen, which say; A Problem has been detected and windows has been shutdown to prevent damage to your computer. .... Check to make sure any new hardware or sodtware is properly installed... .... Technical information: **Stop: 0x0000C1f5 (0x00000000,
  11. Thank you for the explainations! Very Helpful
  12. I have a Intel Core 2 Duo, 1.8GHZ... And im thinking of also increasing the Ram to atleast 2GB... Wait for this I will need a new power suply right? Edit: I forgot to mention that I have a Geforce 7500Le right now.
  13. I am now thinking of upgrading my graphics since I have a job now! lol [first job ] I am thinking of getting the Geforce 8800, but I am not sure which one to get. Can you explain to me which one is better (or whats the difference?): the GTX and the GTS. And btw wat is SLI? and should I get one with it? Sorry I really don't have much knowledge about this kind of computer stuff...lol Thanks in advance!
  14. what do you mean by the model that is being missed matched? Like I said before, I use WOAI and thats it, for AIs. And i gave you a link for that before... BTW i was online today again to see if i worrks now but no! When im online the only aircrafts that I see are the default FSX ones or the other 3rd party a/cs that I fly...I cant even see it in the FSInn planes window...! Like i said before, This all worked fine a couple of weeks ago!
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