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  1. After seeing the e-mail this morning, I have a couple of questions to ask about the "new" FNO. While I understand that alot of planning went into the event, my first question is, why? Why are we changing the FNO system as it is? Personally, FNO has always been the big event to look forward to, the one night each ARTCCs controlling abilities get tested, and now, the traffic is going to be split between 3 ARTCCs. In my honest opinion, it's cutting back on the amount of traffic that will be seen at the ARTCCs. Secondly, why are we cutting it back to once every month instead of every
  2. Well, I can understand that the academy was closed down, but this brings up another question in my mind. Why was there no announcement ever made that they weren't planning on opening it again? I honestly was looking forward to it, and thought it would come back, and was expecting it to, since there is a link to refence it still on the training part of the website.
  3. Cornell, Thank you for your response. What was the reason that the powers to be decided to opt against the academy. During my 9 month tour there, I had a blast and felt like it was working great.
  4. Wondering what has come about with the academy. I know they took it down a few months back to re-vamp it, just wondering how that is coming along and when can we plan/expect to see it open again?
  5. Excellent question. Who defines this? I was thinking about it to myself, and what factors are we going to use to determine the diffrence between "major" and "minor." The simplest solution I came up with in my head is: Any airport that is located beneath cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] A airspace shall be considered a major airport. Just my two cents [Edit] sorry, retyped out my definition of a major airport, had a wrong word in there
  6. Perhaps someone can clear this up: By allowing S3s to work Center, what will be the point of obtaining a C3 rating since you can work everything with an S3 rating?
  7. David, About your statement in your previous post: Two questions come up in mind with this. 1. What do the Founders say about this? Have they taken a vote on yet and what conclusion have they come to? 2. If I recall correctly, there was a paragraph in the CoR 3.05 B 6 which reads as follows: According to your response, mind you now, AS I SEE IT, you just stated the fact that the ARTCC and FIRs have no choice in this. Yet, from what I quote directly from the CoR, it states that there should be no dictation of rules from the directors, and general day to day operations
  8. Kyle, Ok...however, I got this from Rolland just a few responses ago So... which one is it? It appears that Rolland has a whole set of rules ready to go for everybody to abide by. If he does, then do the local groups have any say in what they feel is needed in certifications since it appears that a policy is about to be relased on this? My other questions still stand
  9. Thanks David for you quick response, My question is, does the BoG feel that local staffs at ARTCCs, VACCs and whatever other sector seperations are, are unable to setup their own training rules and provide their own training? That is what I see coming out of this global standards. If so, is that why the BoG has to step in and setup standards for everybody? With this Global Standards, will this mean that anybody under the regional divisions (I.E VATUSA, VATUK, VATEUD ect ect...) all the sector Cheifs, ATMs and all of their staff below them will not be needed? As it appears to me, that
  10. Roland, Why is this new "Global Standards" policy being implimented? Is there something so wrong with the current system in which we have to renovate it?
  11. This post has been removed due to further facts being discovered. George, I am sorry, and I owe you a nice dinner and a pack of whatever frosty beverage you would like.
  12. Josh, I don't see how this is a bash at all, all Jason he did was ask questions. Now, if you do see bashing, please explain your logic to me so I can see it as well
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