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  1. Hi Marcelo, I am the developer of SimAware. Rob is correct - the website depends completely on the reliability of the data feed. If the feed is interrupted, the server cannot refresh the data and the website would be frozen in time.
  2. Names are updating now on SimAware.
  3. Hi Christoph - Sorry for the late reply. I don't frequent the VATSIM forums too often. If you can, just PM me a list of airports you would like me to add. I would need the name of the airport, and lat/lon co-ordinates in a decimal format. Cheers,
  4. That's a good approach in some circumstances, but it's not much of a hassle to ask users to specify their VA when connecting to VATSIM. It's an entirely different story when you have to rely on circumstantial evidence (is CXA201 flying from YVR-YYZ Xiamen Air or Canadian Xpress?) - the rulesets would be a mess.
  5. Thanks Mario, I'll take a look. Maius
  6. Hi Andreas, I will take a look at this for SimAware - however, some VA's currently conflict with real-world callsigns, i.e. CXA is both "Xiamen Air" and "Canadian Express", so I may not be able to implement everyone. Maius
  7. Hi Hans, As far as I'm aware, VATSIM hasn't taken any action against DutchFlyVA. What you're looking at is a flight on SimAware, and SimAware parses your callsign to determine the airline. As I don't have a database of virtual airlines, DutchFlyVA doesn't show up on SimAware, unfortunately. Hope that helps, Maius
  8. In an attempt to make things a bit easier, I've implemented a map for ZMP's airspace (click here) and I plan to have the APP splits up tomorrow. Hopefully this should alleviate some of the concerns that our pilots have raised here.
  9. Just no Terrorist attacks
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