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  1. Dear Dominic and Ross, Thanks to you both for your replies. Ross, I thought I was connecting to VATPAC, I will try logging in via the VATPAC site next time. Regards, Grant Bailey
  2. Hello, During a flight tonight my flight controls went completely crazy in what I believe was a software issue. I was going off course and causing a headache for the controllers so, rather than spoil it for other pilots, I disconnected. Afterwards I wondered whether I should have explained the situation before going off line, as I did not want to appear rude, but this might not have been well received ... could someone please clarify how I should proceed in future. I am new to this. Thank you. Kind regards, Grant Bailey 968558
  3. Hello, Could someone please advise me whether it is possible in FS2000 to set the altimeter using the Australian convention (I believe QNH) rather than the default (US) system. For example, if ATIS advises 'Alt 1019', how can I set my altimeter to it. Thank you and regards, Grant Bailey
  4. Terry, this is a terrific service, thank you. Regards, Grant Bailey 968558
  5. Norman, Thanks for the suggestion, I tried FSInn but it did not work, apparently FS2002 is required (I'm still using FS 2000). Kind regards, Grant Bailey
  6. Dear Norman, Many thanks for your reply. I think it is time I upgraded my PC. Kind regards, Grant Bailey
  7. Hi Adrian, I'm a new pilot so I might come along for a look. Let me know if I get in the way! Regards, Grant Bailey 968558
  8. Hello, Having spent hours on the VATSIM webpages following up threads about the problem, I am posting this message in the hope that someone can help me see other aircraft properly. Currently, all other aircraft appear as Boing 737s in (what I imagine is the default) 'CSL' livery. I have checked and re-checked (and re-installed) Squawkbox and the crucial 'CSL' folder and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated files into the 'aircraft' folder of Flight Simulator (I have FS 2000), without success. I should add that everything else works fine. Could someone please offer me some further advice as I
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