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  1. Good luck with the event tomorrow Moncton...I'm sure you'll do us proud!
  2. You may resume using oceanic(at)vatcan.org or my VATCAN1 email address regarding anything to do with Gander Oceanic. My apologies for the disconnect and for any inconvenience caused - Gander Oceanic is open for business, always was actually - we just weren't aware that the lack of correspondence was not caused by the winter doldrums.
  3. There appears to be a disconnect with the emails to Gander Oceanic. Any potential Oceanic controllers are invited to direct inquiries for Oceanic certification and training to myself, vatcan1(at)vatcan.org until further notice. Thanks
  4. Thanks for your feedback, no there is nothing prejudicial about naming the only virtual Canadian airline that consistently flies/organizes in our airspace...it has been a very long time since pilots using the CVA callsign have graced our skies (I know as I was a member of that VA for years) and we still see virtual Air Canada callsigns even though they have long since stopped sponsoring/hosting/organizing events in Canada. I am in error of omitting the very strong virtual Westjet presence in Canada, but didn't mention them as there seems to be issues with exactly how many of them there ar
  5. Hi Aaron, Been a long time...are you volunteering to organize these twice monthly events? As you may not be aware of, VATCAN have tried to "put" on events in the past with mixed results, much depends on the pilots actually flying during an event. Each FIR has hosted weekly event nights, unfortunately due to poor or non-existent traffic flying during these nights most are no longer run each week. I noticed in your post that you forgot to mention the weekly Moncton and Montreal nights that are still ongoing. Also missing from your "stats" is the twice annual VATCAN participation in Cross the
  6. Hi Matt, Bryan has covered everything that I would have told you fairly well. We will try to do everything we can to deliver your ATC request, but as mentioned you haven't left us much time, especially as we are starting to get into the Holiday Season. To [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist you further please contact Gander Oceanic directly through their website http://www.ganderoceanic.com/site/ the good news is that Saturday is usually a good day to catch Gander Oceanic online most weekends. You may wish to contact Moncton/Gander FIR Events Co-ordinator (Mike Avila) and the Montreal Events Co-or
  7. I have edited Tim's post to reflect the new location for charts in CZEG (and most of Canada)...check out the updated site here
  8. We had a service outage on Tuesday, but the site was operational again Wednesday morning...apologies to anyone affected - unfortunately that is the nature of hosting web services, compounded by the fact that they only seem to occur when the IT staff have gone to bed or are out of town.
  9. I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Tim Barber as Director of Communications, VATCAN5. Tim comes to us with a background in commercial aviation and an impressive resume of activity on the VATSIM network in VA management and is CEO of a successful VATSIM Partner VA. He has been the manager of the very successful VATCAN Flight Academy for the past 6 months and is very familiar with management tasks and goals. His real world experience and his VATSIM presence are the tools needed to develop the newly created position, Director of Communications. I hope you will all join me in welc
  10. this what you're after? Several FIR sites are being re-vamped at the moment...it is getting to be a chore to keep track where they are "hiding" this stuff. click the text above and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  11. Greenland ATC was originally part of VATNA and by LOA is now part of the "Open Sky Area" between VATNA & VATEUD. The low airspace now falls under VACCSCA (BGGL) control, but by terms of Open Sky is open to all controllers of VATNA and VATEUD, high airspace falls under Gander Radio and Iceland Radio, in all honesty it would be difficult to find anyone to control this airspace for your event but you could try VACCSCA or VATEUD and see if there are any controllers able & available to cover this area for you.
  12. Welcome aboard, Maxim. Just noticed that your signature banner is for Novajet...are you planning to start up a Novajet virtual? Novajet.com is used by a real Air Charter group in Toronto http://www.novajet.com/
  13. Hi Celestyn, If you contact VATCAN through [email protected] I'm sure we could arrange some ATC for you. Not all of our controllers and FIR Staff frequent the VATSIM forums so in future an email to the aforementioned address would more than likely get a faster response...or you are welcome to visit us at http://vatcan.org Mike has alerted Jean-Francois on this instance, so you can expect to see ATC coverage for your event, but due to the size of Canada and it's northern Territories I won't be able to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ure you of coverage right to Greenland, but we'll do our best.
  14. like this it hasn't been updated in a while but it still shows these three weekly events. If you see any changes or would like to add a weekly event please email [email protected]
  15. Thanks Randy, I'll remove your name from the schedule and you can reschedule. If by chance you find out that you do have the time available later on Friday night...drop by anyway and we'll squeeze you in.
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