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  1. Does your VATUSA email address work? I will be sending you a couple of things. I see the post above saying you fixed them but then I got the suspended notice again this morning.
  2. You can login to this forum using just your CID and VATSIM P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word.
  3. As stated above the authorization system is secure. But according to Brian and a couple of others if its the choice of authentication why doesn't VATSIM create a standard authorization script for all to use. Then create a fail safe to determine if the authorization script has be changed and to check and the check to see if the website is an authorized "VATSIM partner" so to speak. There can also be a page on VATSIM that shows all of the authenticated sites. We could even have a little image that is displayed like the VeriSign if it meets inspection. Something like that woul
  4. Tom, It was great working with you in the southern region. You were very good at what you do becuase you thought out alot of the major decisions really well and once you make your decision it does not back fire. VATUSA has some really big shoes to fill. C ya around Brandon
  5. Yes there is. If you go to your VRC folder located in C:/Program Files you will find the VRC.INI file. If you save that file it will retain all of your settings as long as you place your sector alias and pof files in the same path as on your old computer. Good Luck!
  6. I dont think the Program went anyware. Just be advised that VATUSA is looking for a new Events Director so the program may be postponed untill a replacement is found. Take Care, BB
  7. I didnt have a chance to Control, but i did sign on to vrc and looked like Miami was fully staffed. Great job Guys
  8. Looks to me that all of the subdomains need to be recreated. When they switched the domains and hosting they cant carry over the subdomains. I am sure Brian will be able to get it up. If you guys need any help with the site, ironing out all of the bugs let me know. Brandon Bartell Webmaster Virtual Atlanta ARTCC
  9. No Problem Joe. I am glad Brian was able to get the current site backup. But soon he will have to take it down again. IRONY.
  10. You First Have to Join a Division. By going to the VATSIM site and selecting an division. I beleve if you are already a controller you can do it under members services. If you are new to controlling and this is your first time, Click new ATC's Start Here on the Main VATSIM site. I hope this can help you out.
  11. Areil, You do good up at VATUSA. I am also leaving Atlanta for the Events Cordinator Position in Oakland, But I will pop into Team Speak. Sorry Guys you can't get rid of me. Like I said Areil you will do a great job and congratz on your new position.
  12. I checked both of my email accounts and i have nothing i check spam and bulk i have no emails from training.
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