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  1. Havong the same porblem. Assuming its m virus protection, (Webroot) but not sure.
  2. I can't seem to receive or transmit with these a/c. (Maybe other payware as well, haven't tried) If I load up say a default C172 all is fine. Running XP11.51. Thanks, Dave
  3. Is Webroot that bad? It has served me well for years.
  4. I have been running Vatspy for years but now WebRoot will not even let me use it, it shuts it down, runs a scan and finds multiple viruses. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks, Dave
  5. Ok, thanks. I am not using X-Pilot so I did not think to look there.
  6. Hello: I seem to have AFV working fine for most of my AC. However, for some reason, I can not figure out how to transmit when using the FF320. I the VHF 1 button on and the mic set to "radio", but still no luck. Has anyone had success or have any ideas? Thanks, Dave
  7. Any thoughts on this? I would love to fly on VATSIM with XPlane, but just cant for this reason. Thanks, Dave
  8. Thanks, but not sure this is my issue because I have no problems with FSX w/ FSInn (i.e.- that works fine) it is only XPlane w/ XSquawkBox that has this problem. I would think if it was a port or firewall issue, neither would work. Would you agree? Thanks, Dave
  9. I have just started using XSquawkbox on VATSIM. It works fine for a few minutes while I am on a frequency talking to ATC then it just drops out, I can no longer then hear ATC until I switch to another frequency, then switch back. Best I can tell, ATC is always able to hear my outgoing voice, I just loose their transmissions after a couple minutes until I do the frequency switch. I am using XPlane X 64 bit; Windows 7, XSquawkbox 1.3.1 Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Dave
  10. I have this problem as well; any solutions?
  11. Hello: I installed the client and it indicated it installed correctly. However, when I try to run, I get this error in a dialog box: The following error occurred while attempting to load configuration object: Compiler executable file C:\windows\microsoft.net\framework\v2.050727\csc.exe cannot be found Thoughts?? Thanks, Dave
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