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  1. He may have 15,000 real world hours and his CID on here means nothing. Context. Darrol, which is your real name? Your signature or your registered name with VATSIM?
  2. (Sorry to revise this yet again, I've been out of the country and busy with other matters but thought I could contribute to the discussion.) Darrol, The solicitation and acceptance of donations opens a whole new can of worms for an organization, whether they are non-profit or not. It is important to remember that non-profit does not directly translate to tax exempt status, and there are a handful of states in the US that require additional paperwork and authorization beyond the federal 501©(3) requirements. This would depend on the location of the registration of the organization, pres
  3. Paul, it's all smoke and mirrors I knew the "take it or leave it" mentality of VATSIM would pop up eventually. Haven't you guys realized that people want to see VATSIM improve, and they utilize their electrons to hopefully improve the network? You are already losing qualified volunteers right and left who no longer believe they can be effective in managing the lower levels for you, and one day you may get what you ask for and start losing members all together. It would save you money, though, not having VATSIM around any longer.
  4. Red herring... diversion... smoke and mirrors. You pick. No, puts context to the debate. I'd agree with you if the issue was simply about airspace procedure, but to me it seems the inclusion of political matters in VATSIM is the issue. It sets a precedence for future problems, and seems counter productive when VATSIM strives to remain clear of sensitive issues. David's explanation was excellent, but it still shows that politics are included in VATSIM and somehow people could potentially be suspended for flying through there, as Kyp describes. That is the issue...
  5. Red herring... diversion... smoke and mirrors. You pick.
  6. This is just another instance of VATSIM shooting itself in the foot. You can't continually create policy that is going to be enforced "sometimes", and then expect your membership base to not take issue with it. I'd really love to see what happens when a Supervisor suspends a member for responsibly flying their virtual aircraft through a section of virtual airspace, and the reason being that they "fly through there a lot". Punished for taking part in and enjoying VATSIM, that's a new one!
  7. Incorrect, although one may be issued for that purpose. However, it is not the only reason for one.
  8. The team has been in effect for years, however, there are current vacancies
  9. The event is Saturday evening. To my knowledge over $1000 USD in prizes will be given away to participants.
  10. I haven't checked exactly when you transferred into VATUSA, but it is possible that you need to just wait because CERT and VATUSA link every 12-24 hours. After this, maybe your situation will be corrected. Who knows... In the mean time, you may want to establish contact with your future ARTCC to provide for an easy transition once you do get squared away. Best of luck, Romano!
  11. I looked in the system and it appears that you need to take and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] the VATUSA Basic Exam, which should then give you the option to select an ARTCC. This confuses me because if you received the message you posted in red, then you should see the transfer option. However, you can't transfer so I'm at a loss on how to help you with this one. Try getting help from Andrew because he designed the system.
  12. Romano, The best way to receive support is through the support ticket that you said you have already sent. You should receive a response from someone quickly. Feel free to post here if you have any other questions.
  13. Hey Tim, Try checking for help in the VATUSA forums. I know for a fact that more ARTCC staff read them and can either provide [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance or send you in the right direction. Best of luck buddy!
  14. Lets first get some facts straight on some of these cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es of airspace since you seem to be confused on this matter. Ok first with cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] G airspace why in the world would you have it start and go only to 700' in oceanic airspace? It only goes up to 700' in more populated areas in the US Mainland with it going up to 1200' (if not higher) for the rest of the country. I cannot confirm what cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] G ends at that far out due to lack of charts but I have to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume its close to what it is like off the coast of Florida....If y
  15. Hello Fabian, Please read the information at the following link as well as other posts made in the FSInn forum. The issues you describe are very common and you will find solutions to solve your problem. viewtopic.php?f=43&t=20466
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