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  1. There will be a controller practical test on Tuesday 2nd September at 1600Z. The student will be controlling TWR and below to gain his S3 promotion. All traffic is welcome. If anyone needs charts etc, you can contact me via PM.
  2. Congratulations Alfred. All the best in the new role.
  3. Hello, The log in section on the VATSEA website redirects you to the log in section of VATASIA, where you can book ATC and flights via Eurobook. If you're looking to sign up as a controller, you should contact the vACC of the area you would like to control, if there's no vACC for the area you'd like to control within VATSEA; you can contact the Training Director, Timothy Kan. His email address can be found here at the staff page. http://www.vatsea.net/?go=staff All the best
  4. have a look at the dates of the post, I think the problem is probably resolved
  5. Airport/airspace information, charts and material are incredibly hard to locate for VVTS FIR. If you're interested in controlling in Vietnam contact the staff at VATSEA. There's already some controllers who are allowed to control there. more info can be found on the VATSEA website: http://www.vatsea.net/?go=atc For charts, the only ones we can find are the ones available on the VATASIA website, but these charts are quite old.
  6. Hello all, There will be a S3 (Senior Student) controller practical test at Singapore Tower (WSSS_TWR) on the 30th December 2007 from 1200Z-1330Z. I would like to invite all pilots to fly in and out of Singapore-Changi between these times to make the controller work for his rating upgrade. All traffic welcome.
  7. are you entering the voice server and channel for the other stations you are trying to listen to?
  8. I did read the manual, but it was a rather long time ago, nearly a year now infact. I don't have that scenery installed on my FS at the moment. But it certainly worked on my laptop which is 192MB RAM, so it may work on your set up. You can always give it a try and if you don't like it, you can delete it. If that's too much effort then you can always stick with the jetways and terminals scenery. Or if you're lazy like me, you won't bother installing it (coz I always forget) and end up flying to VTBD instead. All the best mate
  9. Hi Kevin, the siamavsim scenery will work fine. You may suffer a few drops in frame rates but nothing too major. If you're using FSP[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers, I'd recommend deleting the jetways and terminals scenery. You shouldn't need it (as far as I know) with the VTBS 2006 scenery from siam avsim. The VTBS scenery is one of the best freeware sceneries I've seen. I'd recommend it anyday. All the best with your flight. Hope you enjoy it.
  10. Hi Luke, I see you live in NY, so the best time to fly in Asia for that time zone would be weekends which would suit you. India has a few short hops, Singapore offers a few to Malaysia, Indonesia. They are under 1-2hours. Vietnam and Manilla are just over 2 hours away from Singapore. Vietnam is staffed regularly with a TWR controller. Bangkok is a good flight from and to Ho Chi Minh (VVTS). Bangkok is sometimes staffed on the weekends by some visiting controllers. Hong Kong to Taipei is a popular short route favoured by some of the HK controllers.
  11. Yep there is, here's their website in English. http://www.vatkor.org/Default_eng.asp
  12. Hi Luke, The best time to get ATC would be the weekends, most likely around 0800Z-1500Z you'll see some ATC online. There was quite abit of ATC online over the weekend just been, for the VATIND event and also a fly out with pilots flying the A380. During the weekdays, I'd say the best time to find ATC would be around 1200Z-1500Z. I've been rather busy recently so I've not been too active online nor up to date with VATSIM. What sort of time do you usually fly online? or what time would be best suited for you?
  13. Taiwan gets quite fair amount of traffic regularly. Many people fly HKG-TPE and vice versa. The main sort of time for Asia to be online is around 1100Z-1500Z. Weekends would be the best days as there's often more traffic and ATC.
  14. Not entirely true, either. Many airline liveries are not in the SB modelset, and even if "listed" as an option will not display as anything other than VIP. Airline liveries not included with the original download of SB must be created and added to be recognized. Yep, thats why you need to select a livery. If it says "Generic" then there is no livery and it will display as VIP.
  15. The VIP livery is only shown when the user doesn't define their aircraft and airline livery correctly when selecting aircraft on Squawkbox.
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