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  1. The term s[Mod - lovely stuff]flight I used is not the correct term. The aircraft were leased by Martinair and will be returned to the owner/leasecompany. Martinair will start flying KLM cargo routes (and some Air France) with the ERF's owned by KLM. If I'm not mistaken they will also start service to Nairobi with the B763 (pax) besides the other pax routes to the americas.
  2. The more the merrier BTW: KTUS is not the final destination After a small break we depart from Tuscon (KTUS) to the final resting place for these birds at Pinal Airpark(KMZJ) So if you can't make the long trip, join us from KTUS to KMZJ (ete 20 minutes.)
  3. This week Martinair will fly the last two B744 freighters to Arizona for s[Mod - lovely stuff]ping. We will recreate this sad moment by performing these 's[Mod - lovely stuff]flights' from Amsterdam(EHAM) to Tuscon(KTUS). All pilots are invited to fly along and say goodbye to the last B744 freighters in Martinair colors. EHAM-KTUS Sunday 1st November 2009 Departure EHAM S-apron: 0700z-0730z (0800-0830 CET) Expected flighttime: 9 hours
  4. I never experienced any OOM crashes with FSX ('knocks on wood') and hope it will stay that way. By I must agree with Oliver that some addons are poorly coded and no top of the line PC can help with that.
  5. Do you have a 32 bit(X86) or 64 bit(X64) OS? A 32 bit system can't adress more than 3 Gigs.
  6. With 2GB RAM you expect OOMs with FSX. I would also advise to take a look a the links posted by Paul.
  7. First, make a copy of the .CFG. Edit the orginal .CFG, the copy is your backup.
  8. With those specs you'll (probably) have no problems with FS9, FSX however is whole different ballgame. Check out this extensive guide how to tweak FSX and your PC for maximum performance. http://www.simforums.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=29041 With my specs(check my signature), after applying a lot of helpful tips from this guide FSX runs smoothly with addons installed
  9. Are you using Flight environment? or any other add-on that replaces the default cloud/skytextures?? This could be why you still see (clouds) at night
  10. Haha, great stuff. I just reinstalled my LDS763 and was also looking for the TPs. I couldn't remember where I got them from the last time. Now I know, thanks guys
  11. Ok, it seems BluePrint Simulations has a payware scenery for KSMP. Still searching for KMEM.
  12. On Avsim I've found a scenery for KMEM, and on Flightsim for KSMP. But I prefer payware sceneries.
  13. Can anyone tell me if there are payware sceneries (or good freeware) available for KMEM and KMSP??
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