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  1. Hello there, Recently my Voice ATIS on VRC has NOT been working. However, it has been working previously succesfully! It has only stopped working a couple of days ago. The error is: "Error saving Voice ATIS Recording: could not delete previous recording." Not that i use the voice ATIS all the time, but i'm just curious why it has suddenly stopped working. I am running Vista. Any ideas anybody? Cheers, Jamie.
  2. Ok would like to thank all for your replies... also i have fixed the problem and all is back to how it should be. All i did was download a even newer ATI display driver and bob's your uncle, problem solved!!! Many thanks, Jamie Long.
  3. yes i agree im not going to toy with it, so will leave it for now. Hopefully next release of VRC will be compatible wen is VRC 4 ect going to be released and will it be compatible with vista?
  4. em well above ive listed stuff if tht helps?
  5. Em im not really a computer expert, could you drop me a hint as to where i could download a video driver for free (if possible). My graphics card is a "ATI Radeon Xpress 1100" which is 32 bits and 256mb graphics. I am also using Windows Vista Premium with a 32bit OSystem & 1gb RAM.
  6. please delete this post, all sorted.
  7. Hmm no i dont have a newer/older video driver available, i notice your saying DRIVER so i could download a new or older video driver???
  8. firstly - thanks for your reply ross. secondly - so is there anyway around this problem as i cannot control without fixing it?
  9. Hello all, Please help me out on this prblem if you can: Ok, my VRC is not working correctly, shall we say with my new vista premium laptop. I have good grpahics card also. Anyways, here is my problem - The text that shows on the sector files is kind of in a different language or some symbols! Its hard to explain so just take a look at the below screenshot and take note of the text, the screen is the sector file of Biggin hill (EGKB). Yeh so there is the pic im sure the text shouldnt be displayed like that. Now its not just that sector file ive installed and tried loads and th
  10. Hello, Having some probs with my computer and internet connectivity, could someone please tell me if the Vatsim-UK website is currently down? Posted at 2:00PM GMT or ZULU. Many thanks, Jamie Long
  11. Hello, What is this ATC training software, i would love to get it, where can i find it and what do i need to use it?? jamie.
  12. Sorry about that, did it with the best intentions just didnt know which forum to post in. Thanks anyways. Jamie.
  13. Hello There, I would like to announce the release of a new global flying club, operating on Vatsim, FSAir - also know as the FSA flying club... We have been working on it for a while but it is still not complete - the site is located at : www.fs-air.co.uk it is a club that welcomes all types of pilots flying IFR/VFR, commercially, general aviation ect. Please check it out, hopefully it will be a great success! Here is a opening para about the club... Hello and welcome to the home of FSAir Flying Club, Also known as "FSA" or "F.S.A". The club is a group of Flight Sim enthusiasts from
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