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  1. Hello Alfonso! As I said above we replicate the operations of the real world Spirit Airlines, including their fleet. If you take a look at any of the major flight tracking websites like FR24 or FlightAware, any current Spirit operated flight is something we operate.
  2. Hello. I've been around VATSIM long enough to know that VAs aren't quite as in vogue as they used to be, and also to know how many VAs get announced that are there and gone in an instant. I'd like to say right off the batd that we need no staff, no one to build a website, and we're already up and running. I think that puts us ahead of the vast majority of the VA announcements I've seen since the 2000s. 😉 Anywho, the point of this is just to say that there's a new Spirit virtual airline for those who might be interested, of which I am a co-founder: vspirit. As you might have guessed,
  3. Man, I haven't posted here since 2011. It's been a minute. Anywho, I'm looking for some input on historical callsigns, two in particular: PAI - Piedmont Airlines (1948–1989) USA - USAir/US Airways (1979–2008) In both cases, operators existed later under both names with different ICAO codes -- PDT is the current incarnation of Piedmont, formerly Henson, that now serves as a commuter carrier for American, and of course US Airways became AWE/Cactus in 2008. I've flown on the network recently as both PAI and USA with a "Callsign: Piedmont" or "Callsign: USAir" in the re
  4. Hey folks, I'm trying to find a free resource for Canadian sectionals, I would wish for something along the lines of skyvector.com, but I imagine it's not going to be that easy. Are there sectionals in that sense even made for Canada? If so, can they be found for free (perhaps a bit outdated)? If not, what's the equivalent? Thanks so much!
  5. Thanks! That's a great resource. As for the fleet, right now I'm looking to start out with B377s, DC-3s, and maybe Connies. I haven't decided yet. The next additions will probably be 707s and 727s. After that, things should move on toward modernization and I do plan on having Airbuses in the fleet, along with a mixed bag of a few other jets.
  6. Right, I'm cool with flight planning, I just have to have flights to plan. That's what I'm looking for now. Common route pairings, good places to go, etc.
  7. Hello, I tried at first to go seek wisdom from the Seattle ARTCC forum, but I am either blind/stupid or their forum conspicuously lacks a "Register" button. So, I figured this forum might be the next best place. I'm in search of an odd bit of help. I am at work constructing a new, fictional virtual airline based out of the Pacific Northwest (I'm thinking Seattle). Trouble is, I live in North Carolina and have never been out that way, so I know very little about the region. That makes planning routes a bit difficult. Would anyone who is familiar with the area be willing to help me
  8. My old computer ran with the side off for years. In the end, some of the hardware started acting kind of funny, but I blame that on the age, not the missing side. I say go for it.
  9. I've got... Intel Core 2 Quad E6600 @ 2.4 ghz 3GB of RAM 1 nVidia 8800 GTS Who knows what hard drive Soundblaster Live! 24 Bit external And I run FSX Acceleration in DX9 maxed out comfortably with the traffic down low and FSInn not running. I get 20-50 FPS depending on where I am.
  10. My God that game is addicting. The new addon pack, Armegeddon, is a ton of fun. So, yeah, none of the above for me, either.
  11. Oh, okay. I thought I had to take the test to get the student/observer rating. Will fill out the form, then. Thanks everyone!
  12. I don't even have a rating, I've never even started this stuff before, so do I send the letter or fill out the form?
  13. Hello I'm interested in getting my Student rating so I can begin training to be a controller. The ZTL page tells me this: "Our login certificate or what we here in ZTL call your “License to Controlâ€
  14. http://www.myairplane.com/databases/approach/pdfs/00166OHARE.PDF Look up Standard Instrument Departures. http://www.flightsimaviation.com/aviation_theory_13_Standard_Instrument_Departure_SID.html They can also be known as DPs (departure procedures)
  15. My record is 8 disconnects in 20 minutes sitting on the ramp in Charlotte on the... S3 server I think it was.
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