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  1. Well you will be glad to know that I've located the drive that the software is stored on! The good news (as told to me by data recovery team) that the files are recoverable. I will look into get the drive restored. It costs quite a bit of money but I will get it done in a couple of months. I'm glad to see there is still interest in this software even after almost a decade. I've also started to resume work on some other promising VATSIM related software. Hopefully it all stays on track as I hope it will augment the VATSIM experience.
  2. I don't like grave digging but I kind of lost all my work on this due to hardware failure (hadn't made a backup in ages). I think only a couple of people actually got their hands on this software. I worked so hard on it too! Cheers to Ross Carlson for the much appreciated help. Maybe it the future I will consider re-writing it in a new, more efficient and improved version
  3. I don't think EuroScope recognizes initial headings.
  4. You got it. BTW quick update; I noticed that the cpu usage on the non native gui has been utilizing a lot of cpu, therefore I have been testing out the native windows interfacing system and it has reduced cpu usage by about 75%. Hopefully I'll be able to access all native interfacing cross platform once I'm done.
  5. I've also added the ability to amend and resend flight plans. As well as grab any existing flight plans from the server for the the target.
  6. Ah yes, there will be a converter tool for converting your favourite ACSim/EuroScope files to use in the program! On the other side, I am also hoping ASE can hop aboard on this.
  7. I'd like to present to you a new target generator named SweatBox Trainer oriented to CTR/APP but may also facilitate Tower Training! Pictures: Features (That i can think of right now): Flexible, Easy to use GUI. Multi-Platformed (MAC, Windows, Linux) Ability to execute commands on a command frequency. Ability to execute commands via GUI. Squawk Standby/Normal/Ident. Squawk a code [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned via a radar client. Turns (Left, Right or Fly Heading). Ability to fly LOC, GS or ILS (independently) as well as execute visual approaches. Ability to adju
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