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  1. Hello Ryan. Can you already give me an expected date when you think this feature (previous rating, before I1/I3/SUP/ADM as a replacement of idstatusprev) will be implemented? Thanks a lot and best regards Mike
  2. @Ryan Bentley Alright, then disregard the in-/active request. The only function missing for us at this moment will be the previous rating. If you could implement that during the next weeks, I‘ll be more than happy... Thanks for your efforts Ryan!
  3. @Ryan Bentley Dear Ryan, can you already tell me when we can expect the update regarding the "previous rating before service rating" ? I would also highly appreciate if you could implement a inactive/active key instead of modifying the rating - If that is not a too big change to implement. Thank you very much! Also highly appreciated - this will make the update process much easier! Thank you! Hope we get the token soon so I can implement this as well.
  4. Hello guys I'm currently working on an improved VDF-Plugin for the VATSIM-Community. The target would be, to get as close as possible to the real systems. Therefore I'd like to know, if it would be possible to push the following information during transmissions: - CALLSIGN - Transmitting Frequency - VATSIM-ID I noticed another VDF-Plugin already exists, but there is no information about the frequencies used. Do you guys think you could integrate that? Would be great! Thanks for the hard work and best regards Mike
  5. @Ryan Bentley I would also appreciate if the subdivisions could access a memberlist. That would really help to keep an up to date database. I was also wondering if we could split the activity from the atc-rating so, even if the user is inactive, he‘s still listed with the correct former rating. Maybe implementing a new field inactive since (like suspensions) would be an idea. Thank you for considering!
  6. I don't think so, just checked the return of the User with 10000011 auth-dev, he should be suspended according the documentation. I can't find any information which was requested above, or do I miss something?
  7. @Ryan Bentley Is there also a command to get the previous rating, before I1/I3/SUP/ADM as a replacement of idstatusprev? Thanks for your work and best regards Mike
  8. Great, new SSO Platform, thanks a lot for the work! Would it be possible to add the following information in the return as well? - Active/Inactive Account - Suspended Yes/No - ATC Rating (before I1/I3/SUP/ADM) - VATSIM-Registration Date - Subdivision Assignment Date (don't know if available) - ATC Hours (Total and per rating) - PILOT Hours (Total) - Last Online ATC (Date/Time Callsign) - Last Online PILOT (Date/Time Callsign) Once again, thanks for the work and for considering. Best regards Mike
  9. Hi Gianluca You would need to create a little plugin for that. Shouln't be too complicated . The SDK is located in the EuroScope-Folder (Programs\EuroScope\PluginEnvironment) Regards
  10. Not yet found them, but here is a video-link from our board:
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