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  1. Hello there, I enjoy flying my 'Wilco' A320, but when I'm flying IFR, nice and smoothly - it screw's up! What happens is that the aircraft suddenly banks to the right and does either a 180 degree turn or continues in circles! It's really irritating as I can't fly on Localizer! Any ideas? Thanks in advance, - Tyler
  2. Hi, I have a draft of the website. I have taken your comments into account and I value them deeply. I am going to pursue with this, and hopefully we can get permission. Take a look. http://easyva.t83.net/
  3. Hi, Doing some basic Google research, I was sad to hear that there is no current Easyjet Virtual. This I find very upsetting, I intend with a team of fellow Vatsim volunteers, to restart Easyjet Virtual. I will take place as CEO and president of the VA. I will need a 'Techie' to help me setup, and get some VA software up and running. I would appreciate any [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance anyone is willing to give. I will proceed with getting us recognized by the real Easyjet and invest a lot of time into seeing it successful. And naturally we will need pilots, to fly for us
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