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  1. Joshua, You have me totally wrong. I am not hostile. I just say facts not fiction. I do not use hearsay, I check it out first and then make my point somewhat forcefully at times. You say you cant be bothered, well you are not the first, and thats where the problem lies. Sadly you left that attitude behind you when you left. And to correct you on one point. Yes Mahmoud did indeed ask me to come back to the Middle East on many oc[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ions because he had seen what I had achieved there before. I didn't come back then , not because I didnt want to, but because I had t
  2. Joshua, Had you joined the vatme site (which incidently I designed) you would have seen that the FIR's you refer to are still intact and accessible. From the feedback I get about the internal workings of the site, the majority of members actually like it becuase they have complete interaction with their friends. It also has an integrated ATC Academy, booking system, online exams and so on. The rest of which I am not going into. Look for yourself. If you cant be bothered then thats your choice. If you feel you can improve on it go ahead and be my guest. As far as your comment abou
  3. Mr. Robinson, I am at a loss to understand how you can make a statement like that. All of the sites authorised by VATME and VATSIM are in english or have an English verision. I do not know where you have been looking but obviously not at the official sites. As far as your comments about charts, well, there are sites where you can have a look at charts, but if I may be so bold...... You could always buy them from Jeppesen, SimCharts or others. I do know that many sites do offer chart downloads, but at VATME it is against our terms of use to upload any materials where the member does
  4. Hi Cyrus I was that controller who had the task of talking to you and I must say it was a priviledge. You are one awesome pilot. Thanks for flying in and out of Dubai. Good luck on your future trips John
  5. Hi Guys, I have the sector files from the ARTCC website but none have taxiways and gates. Does anyone have a SCT file for ABQ_GND or ABQ_TWR also same for Tuscon. Any help approeciated, or I have a long job building them. Thanks, you can email me at john.applelodge(at)virgin.net John
  6. Oh dear Paul, It looks like I have been nobbled. And I didnt get my share of the money Hehe. Maybe I should change my name to Lord Lucan and disappear again LOL. JJ
  7. Oi Paul and Jose I am OLD or at least I feel it sometimes. I feel like a 21 year old but the other half wont let me have one I am still alive and kicking ! Trust me you will hear of my whereabouts and what I am up to in due course. You know those sayings "you cant keep a good man down" and " You cant teach an old dog new trricks" well I aint down I am very much on the UP. And, I have learned a few new tricks lately too........ JJ. With a big smile on his face.
  8. Hello, Thank you Mahmoud for your help in the past and thank you Daniel for your kind thoughts. You just never know what can transpire in the future ! I shall still be flying on Vatsim from time to time (leisure time permitting) and no doubt will see one or two of my close ATC friends on the scopes. Vatame needs shaking up and waking up, so I agree with Mahmoud, the report will be important. Good luck to you all for the future. John Jones Former Director
  9. Hi, Just to give you an update in respect of ATC in Africa and the Middle East. VATAME are planning to open an ATC Academy whereby more controllers can be trained and increase the cover in the region. The training manuals are currently being put together so hopefully in the not too distant future the Academy shall be open. You will find controllers on line in Africa and Middle East but the times can be sporadic due to limited resources, hopefully this will change. Check servinfo or vroute for online atc Regards John Jones Director Emirates vACC www.emirates-vacc.org Webmaster f
  10. Hi Johnathon, As you recently transfered Region and joined Emirates-vacc you can contact me with regard to training. I can explain all that you need to know in the advancement of your current training at OMDB. I know timings are difficult due to your location, so please email me in the first instance. Regards John Jones Director - Emirates vACC
  11. Hi all, As you will see from earlier posts, the winners of the Gulf Triangle event are published. Two people have claimed their proizes, but I still need to hear from the third. If anyone knows : UAE 95 William Lutterodt PID 912245 , could they please ask him to contact me on the emirates vACC mail address [email protected] Thanks John Jones
  12. Hi again, If anyone is interested here are some screenshots of Bahrain Center taken by Daniel Doorgakant. Thanks Daniel http://www.emirates-vacc.org/picsGulf.htm Happy viewing John Jones
  13. Hello All, Congratulations to every single pilot invovled in the Gulf Triangle Event. Special thanks to all the ATC controllers who did a sterling job of keeping things under control at all three airports. These people listed are given my personal thanks for their efforts, as without them we woild have not had an Event of this type. ATC Controllers : Myself, Mohammed Elkarout, Steven Bryce, Joshua Gunn, Karan Singh, Lucasz Lubinski, Daniel Doorgakant, Ebrahim Kooheji, Amir Tavafan, Navid Hamzeloo. If I have missed anyone I do apologise unreservedly. Thanks to Iran vACC, and B
  14. Hi all, The details are now finalised for the Emirates Event. The name of the event is now "The GULF Triangle" See this link for more info http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=22928 See you all at the event John Jones Director Emirates vACC
  15. Hello Roy, The answer to your question is NO !! If you land at Bahrain for example you have to depart from there for your next Flight. Also, there will be no Touch and Go's. You have to taxi to stand/gate and park. Watch this forum for all the final details. Best Regards John Jones
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