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  1. Hi there, My name is Emmanuel Gutierrez (ID 972888) I was an highly engaged pilot/controller in vatsim around 9 years ago . Due to life and responsibilities, I havent been able to be in the network for that long. Back in the day, FS9,FSX were the 2 main sims in the platform. I want to get back to the platform as a pilot and am looking to purchase the very best sim for the network. Can anyone councel me what is the best sim around these days? Thank you everyone
  2. At ZNY we simulate SWAP events and issue Playbook routes. This application provides us a medium to propagate this reroute information to our controllers. Since ZNY has 4 Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] Bravo airports in a very small area weather and volume often become a single phenomena that impacts our airspace. Severe weather reduces our capacity, limits our already limited airspace, thus reduces the amount of traffic volume we can handle. This application lets our controllers be on the same page without exhaustive communication and coordination, which helps reduce controller workload. We also hav
  3. Will do Chris BTW make sure you appear in the noreaster tomorrow.
  4. Well this might get me a bad post from some people. But the reason i think she got the job is probably because she does an outstanding job at coordinating events. This goes out to all the people who are questioning Karen's position, If you are not willing to actually do or help do something good and productive for the vatsim community (Like Karen has), and all you do is complain and have no actions, than just let the people that are willing to help do there thing. Please stop trying to secretly put karen in the bad side of every vatusa member as the only thing she is trying to do for all of us
  5. WOW. what an event. I was EWR tower for the most part of the event. Great pilots and a great amount of pilots. This has been one of the best event i am honored to control for. Great job pilots.
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