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  1. Hello, can anyone tell me if there is a Morocco vACC or where else Morocco belongs to here on VATSIM (with a link, if possible)? Thanks. Dennis
  2. Hello everyone, I recently bought the Japanese Airports vol. 7 for FS9 from Overland and I have some scenery problems: The ground vehicles don't show up nor do I have any cars in the car parks as shown on the preview pics. So far I got no reply from support. Does anyone know in what order I have to place the different sceneries (terrain, RJGG, Ground vehicles) or what else I can do? Thanks. Dennis
  3. Hello Guillermo, thank you for that insight! Things are very different where I live, but then, I believe that the internationality of our online-community is the thing that makes everything so very delightful. I wish you every success in growing, as I am sure you will. I realize now that it were Central European expectations, what I am used to, what caused my puzzlement. Thank you all for making me understand a bit better! I'm looking forward to flying in your area again! Kind regards, Dennis
  4. OK, thanks for the clarification. I've more thoroughly debriefed my flight now as there are some procedures in South America that I haven't come across in other countries and I must really admit that you did an outstanding job. How many days of sleep did you need after that? I'm glad that you see it from a constructive point of view! You're welcome. I'm sure you will. After all, I've bought a SAEZ scenery for the occasion OK, thanks for that piece of information. I saw that the ANAC seem to charge money for their charts, so they can't be interested in anyone giving them
  5. Hello everyone. I welcomed the announcement of this event very much as I like the international atmosphere of VATSIM. For someone from Europe it's always a bit difficult to get reliable information as to when an airport is staffed and in the past there were occasions when coverage was announced but none there. And if you have to fly 10 to 12 hours to get there in the first place, you think about it twice. This time, I flew SCEL-SAEZ-SCEL and was not disappointed on the Chilean side. Staffed bottom to top from DEL to CTR, already online a bit before the announced time, it was a sheer plea
  6. Thanks, Matthew and Kyle, for your insight. That'll help! Cheers, Dennis
  7. A great hint, Ernesto. Thanks. Unfortunately it only shows the terminal gate for codeshare flights. The heavies from overseas are not given with a gate. Kind regards, Dennis
  8. Hello, can anyone tell me what gate I should use at KIAD when arriving in a B747 from Europe (e.g. Lufthansa)? I've tried to find that out using Wikipedia, the official airport website, various AFCAD files, pictures from around the web, and have come to no conclusion. Those pictures which show a DLH 747 at a gate show gate numbers that I can find on no AFCAD, satellite imagery from Google Earth show A-gates at the B-terminal, and then I read something about remote parkings for international flights and "plane mates"... Can anyone give me a piece of advice, where such large aircra
  9. Hello, I flew to ZBAA during the "How to find a white hare on the snow?" event. Thanks for the ATC, I liked it! However, there seems to be a weird problem with your scenery recommendation for ZBAA (ZBAA scenery FS9 - Chinese Airports): My FS P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers reported I had flown from ZSGS to ZBAA, whereas I took off in ZBAA and gave me penalty for that. My VA-colleagues tell me that there are similiar strange problems with other airports from the pack. Just wanted to let you know... Otherwise: Thanks again for the great ATC, hope to be flying to the PR China again some t
  10. Hello, is there any news to this topic? I use Win7 64-bit with FS9 and the Wilco 737 PIC is unflyable since. Framerates on a short-haul-flight drop to an average of 10 with around 2 during approach. My graphic card drivers are up to date and it's definitely a 737 PIC - issue. Haven't found a solution yet. Have any of you? Wouldn't want to miss this aircraft... Thanks and kind regards, Dennis
  11. Super, Callum. Thanks a million! Hope VATEUD will implement a legend for everyone anyway . Kind regards, Dennis
  12. Thanks, Callum, but I think not. Just above the red EDDH-TWR CPT there is a green CTR CPT. At first I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umed that green might be reserved for CTR CPTs but group flights or single events are green, too... Kind regards, Dennis
  13. Hello everyone! I would like to thank all at VATEUD for their Event Calendar, which is a wonderful planning tool. However, it would like to ask whether it would be possible to add a legend/key regarding the colours? I have, for instance, deduced that yellow fields are multi day events but I have not yet found out what the difference between green and red (single) events is. Thank you for consideration... Dennis
  14. Yes, I could actually test a few of those. PSS still has the best Airbus 32x-family aircraft (which is sad enough as they were designed for FS2002), so I'd guess that quite a lot of Airbus pilots still use the PSS (as you can see at screenpusher and similar programs). Regards, Dennis
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