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  1. I am a PHP programmer (also C#) with knowledge of MySQL and Oracle databases, looking to see if anyone is in need of Web services. Send me a PM of what you are looking for help with and I'll see if I can help fill the requirements.
  2. Plenty of webhosts out there for $3-$7 a month.
  3. Player loans are available in FSE, just just need to post and ask for one. FSE doesn't use Year of the aircraft as a pricing model, just airframe hours. So you can probably find someone selling one that has 500 hours on it for that price, you just need to ask around.
  4. If you are referring to a "Simulation" that lets you own your own plane in game, this means you have to earn money in game to be able to buy a plane in game. Any group/va/club that offers this type of feature will do it along the same lines, you fly enough to earn money then you buy what you need. So do you want a group/va/club that gives you a free plane that you own and you make no money? I guess I don't get your objective. Tell you what, I'll buy any aircraft of your choice for you under 50k (on FSE), it will be part of a group and you can fly it as if it was your own (maint co
  5. Its not hard to see the logic in PHP for how it p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]s. It can be easliy tranlated to VB or any language you know well just by looking the logic. Loops, variables, cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es, parsing strings.. all should be understandable from any programming background.
  6. Only tip I can give is make sure the graphics are Nvidia and not ATI.
  7. Na, just wasnt sure you were working with older ASP or .NET, VB would be just as good.
  8. Might have better luck finding something in C# for ASP.NET
  9. The answer to your question is yes. You grab the current .txt file that has all the activity on it, p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] it for your callsign, and display it. Can all be done via PHP or ASP. Even better, you grab the data and store it in a database, then you can actually track their activity history as well.
  10. Someone can chime in, but I don't think Server Ping would affect this at all, this, to me, would appear to be all server side client performance. I would [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume that the Server only keeps track of who is where and nothing more. It shouldn't hold or push any type of livery or something big. I would guess you just get their CID, code of their aircraft, and their position. This should not affect anyone in any way unless that information was seriously delayed for whatever reason.
  11. Are you looking for a fictional or a real based one? Doesn't matter What do you like to see in a VA and what you dont't? Working ACARS, a fleet where once you download it, it actually works. A Management crew that if you post issues, they don't ignore it. Active forums. Recognition for accomplishments. No restrictions on aircraft you can fly (no ratings). What makes you want to join a certain VA? Look above
  12. Read reviews, check out warranties, etc.
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