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  1. Thanks John, Ok, i worked out how to set my division which is set to Pacific in this case.. Now all i do is Jump on the software im going to download and learn how to use it ? QF080
  2. How can i join the Oceania region in VATPAC and get [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance/learn ATC to become an observer / student ? Ive registered with VATSIM, got all the software, says next step is to register with my region which is VATPAC ... ?
  3. Hi there fellas, Im kind of new to ATC and all and dont know if this is a stupid question, but ive been trying to get onto the VATPAC.org site for 2 days now since ive registered on VATSIM to apply for ATC role. Can someone please let me know whats going on with the server or am i trying to load up the wrong site here ?? Thanks in advance...
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