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  1. We had an unknown outage one day a couple months ago for approximately 20 people that had their rating change never processed. You must have been in this group, I'll upgrade you now!
  2. Hey Michael, We're in the process of having some items being move around on the website. The correct answer is on the VATSIM.net website under Documents -> Policies. I've updated the question to include this answer and any other associated items in the orientation. Thanks for bringing the discrepancy up! Alistair, that was a pretty stupid comment for someone who I have not seen volunteer to help out in my department. I'm sorry for the discrepancy, but there are a lot of moving parts and may I remind you this is a volunteer network. We've fixed the issue and moved on. I'
  3. If you are unsure if an overlying control facility does or does not provide ATC services to your towered or non-towered airport: 1. Reference your airport's aeronautical charts as they often have overlying ATC facility names and information regarding what facility covers the airport. 2. See if the controller matches any positions listed in your airport's Airport Communication information via the SkyVector World Airport Database 3. Check the controller's info in your pilot client. The controller info often lists what airports they provide towered services for
  4. Benjamin, Unrestricted and membership based ATOs have always been a thing, but as it says in the ATO Policies and Procedures Handbook section 2.3.2 ,only VAs and VSOs historically have been membership only training organizations. The Pilot Training Department has realized that we have not publicly made each ATO establish if they are and unrestricted or membership based ATO yet. In light of this short coming we are updating all active ATO's enrollment types over the next week and making sure that ATOs publicly list their Unrestricted or Membership type of enrollment in their operatio
  5. Hello Ben, Per the member news release a month or so ago, you are correct that ATOs that utilize multi engine aircraft could have had their P5s transitioned to a P3 if they went through the channels they were informed of independently. Basically we had to see all of the new P3’s multi engine criteria be met to allow the ATO to have their members transfer differently than the rest which was not the case for a majority. Many ATOs likely did not teach or examine engine out procedures which is a new and important element that is now included in the P3 and P4 Member Certification Stan
  6. +1 Been Dwell'ing blocks to know when people check in and leave freq. Would be great to have this in addition to the anchor line functionality!
  7. Tom, thanks for taking care of this. I’m not much of a forum person and never have been so I don’t see these much.
  8. This process in some shape or form has all been public knowledge for almost a year and a half now. We have worked individually with each ATO through each step of the way and adapted where we could while maintaining our intent and goals of new system. We’ve only lost a few ATOs since this process began which I consider a huge success given the large change in direction of pilot ratings. I spoke with Evan at BVA and we tried to come to an agreement but unfortunately could not. They (BVA) present a great product to the community though that I encouraged them to still provide ATO status
  9. Hello all, I will try to answer and address everyone’s questions and concerns in one response. Re: Correct, FAA or ICAO would likely do so, but also they haven’t added or changed anything regarding these items besides ATP minima for a long time. Meaning we don’t know what they would do in reality. If you have a PPL real world, you will be able to convert your license into our new system once it is live. See further new releases for updates regarding this. For the record, just because you have a certification/rating does not actually mean you may use it forever in the
  10. No, none yet. The new ratings are slated to go live September 1st. You can earn up to a P2 though by completing training under the current system.
  11. Mark, we currently are comprised of over 3/4 of our ATOs being virtual airlines who tout very strong programs. We also are doing everything in our power to assist them 1 on 1 with transitioning their programs into the new pilot rating system. The new pilot rating system is simply a step in the direct of more challenging and follows a more realistic and fundamental approach towards pilot training and learning progression.
  12. Hello all, I wanted to provide some clarification regarding the first post and some other areas. We do intend on allowing members to transfer their real-world certificates and ratings into the newly proposed pilot rating system. Information regarding the process will be coming in future news releases, so please keep an eye out for those. The pilot ratings as they existed before are in the middle of a drastic change from more of a basics approach, to more of a real-world one. The new Membership Certification Standards are modeled after their real-world counterpart's, but within reason
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