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  1. Can't remember the exact situation, but it wasn't on vatsim, another network, something like... ATC "xxx000, confirm you are able to fly via [waypoint] under own navigation" Pilot "roger, I confirm, I am able" Small pause Pilot "can you provide vectors" ATC "xxx000, confirim you are able to fly via [waypoint] under own navigation" Pilot "I am not able to fly via [waypoint] under own navigation" ATC "xxx000, turn left 220....." Very funny moment
  2. Well I wouldn't connect to anyones Teamspeak server without knowing who they are and why the are running Teamspeak anyway. Seems to me like a why to steal files or something from someone NO IT A WAY OF MAKING IT A MORE REALISTIC PLACE
  3. Download Teamspeak Client at www.goteamspeak.org. 1. After installed click Connection >>> Quick Connect, 2. Enter your Nickname (Preferably your FS2004 name e.g BAW123), and the IP Address (current IP Address is') these are the only boxes you will need to fill in, 3. No p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word required, 4. Click Connect and your done, select the appropriate room and begin chatting with pilots from your area! FAQ: Question: When I try to connect, im getting an error message saying: [**:**:**] Connecting to [iP ADDRESS] [**:**:**] N
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