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  1. My VATSIM CID/PW is not permitting me to access the VATUSA forums anymore. Any ideas?
  2. That's the case when there are 2 planes in the airspace. When I log on and there's 10, and I send out those things rapid-fire, I will not remember anything about anyone's position. To prevent a case where a squawk code is improperly [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned to an aircraft, or not [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned at all, the client should be configured using realistic data tag mode, using the beacon methods to establish radar identification. That was we don't run into the issue of handing aircraft off to other centers when they're squawking 2200.
  3. Agreed. What I was implying was if someone is landing at an airport and is 20 miles out -- probably not even on an approach yet -- there's nothing wrong with setting him up with vectors to final or vectors onto an approach. If the guy's on a 5 mile final, then don't bother, but 20 miles is a pretty significant distance to go hands-off on an aircraft, especially if there's traffic around.
  4. I don't know. The terminal area can be pretty dangerous. I could see conflicts happening within 20 miles. If you're addressing controllers sending multiple contact me's to pilots over the numbers, then I completely agree. There's no reason anyone should be complaining about a controller wanting to provide service to a pilot when the pilot is near/within 20 miles of the destination airport.
  5. I made this a while ago. We compile a .zip file for new students that includes a myservers.txt file, and then we tell them how to put it in the right spot. It completely eliminates that frustration. http://www.denartcc.org/docs/tiki-index.php?page=TRN%3A+New+Student+Package&structure=Training
  6. Oh really...like which ones? Being an S3 who has controlled a limited number of facilities, I don't know what your qualifications are to make such a statement like that. The GRP is in place to prevent what you say is prevalent throughout the division.
  7. Thinking of ways to attract more pilots to the network is hardly damning the controllers. Bryan, There is simply no evidence to support the idea that pilots want more en-route coverage. Like I said, Denver Center, Minneapolis Center, Chicago Center -- whatever VATUSA center -- on VATSIM is what I like to call a breaks facilitator. Day to day duties and responsibilities include facilitating pilot bathroom and lunchtime/dinnertime (sometimes breakfast) breaks, the occasional satellite approach, calling SUPs for NORDOs about to enter a terminal environment, and handoffs. Once in a blue moon
  8. BP, you and your kingdoms... This barely involved Gary. The person who invented it won't even come forward and say why he wants to implement it. That's all I'm saying.
  9. There are a lot of negatives involved with this proposal, but the worst of them all is that not one creator of it has stepped forward either publicly in this forum or privately in our staff forum and explained the reasoning behind it. Instead, they left it up to 44 ATMs and DATMs to apparently hammer out, leaving us with no choice but to base our opinions on our own predispositions with regard to our breadth of experience in VATUSA. An overwhelming majority of ATMs in the division oppose this proposal, and being one of them, I can say there has been no solid evidence presented to any of us
  10. What happens if the trial is a failure? When's the last time we had a "trial" of anything on the ATC-side of this network? It's either we have it or we don't.
  11. That's using the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umption that humans are required to execute the training, which is not the case in this online age.
  12. AKA PilotEdge, online, which is procedurally not much different than ZLA on VATSIM. Sorry, but I have to call it as I see it. That's an interesting workaround. But how is it different than "as filed," and having tower issue a heading? Alternatively, without a tower controller online, the pilot could fly an ODP or just go direct to the waypoint, whatever they see necessary to avoid terrain.
  13. 1.) Pilots are tired of being switched to UNICOM. Yeah, so how does this help? Unless there's an airport whose elevation is FL240, I don't really know how this alleviates anything whatsoever. What are controllers tired of? Oh... 2.) People take a long time to get fully certified. This is an objective fact. In this economy, people are taking on extra duties at work, switching jobs, joining the military, and going back to school. Those are the issues that have succinctly prevented ZDV from certifying people in the idealistic 6 months. I have 3 instructors ready to train anyone who wants it. W
  14. There's no evidence to suggest that this position is in demand by pilots. As I said in the staff forum, do a survey of active USA pilots, then get back to us with the results. Seeing that Denver Center, outside of events, becomes "Denver Breaks Facilitator," I don't see any advantage to a multi-ARTCC high altitude center. By break facilitator I mean that I just approve pilot breaks from the computer screen, and then take note when they say they're back in the deck. That and the fact that most pilots just want to go to UNICOM so they don't have to maintain a listening watch for 2 hours in my ai
  15. LOL...epic word choice, Nate. I think other ATMs will agree with me.
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